Monday, September 19, 2011

Raw Preview 09/19/11

Tonight's episode of Raw will feature all of the fallout from an explosive Night of Champions Pay-Per-View. The results saw two new major champions crowned, including John Cena. Cena was able to fight off Ricardo Rodriguez, and defeat Alberto Del Rio with the STF to win back the WWE Championship. With that in mind though, it's clear that Del Rio will demand his rematch. Will he get one on tonight's episode of Raw, or at a later time?

Also at the Pay-Per-View, Kelly Kelly and "Air Boom" each defended their respective championships. Kelly managed to escape Beth Phoenix's clutches to get a pinfall win and keep the divas championship. Meanwhile, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston survived a close call, when the ref was late to notice a pinfall by The Miz. That resulted in Miz getting frustrated and shoving the ref down, causing a DQ. Will Miz and R-Truth be asking for another shot at "Air Boom" on tonight's show?

Finally, the biggest match of the night was the main event between CM Punk and Triple H. If HHH lost he would have to resign as the COO of WWE. The match saw Truth and Miz interrupt to try to give CM Punk a cheap win. It also saw John Laurinitis get involved, as well as the return of Kevin Nash to the scene. Triple H ultimately clocked Nash with a sledgehammer and pedigreed CM Punk for the win. That means Triple H is still in charge. What will he have in store for tonight's episode of Raw? Will he demand answers from Nash and Laurinatis?

Find out on tonight's episode of Raw at 9PM EST on USA!

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