Friday, September 16, 2011

Smackdown Results 09/16/11

WWE Smackdown results from Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

The latest episode opened with the Rated-R Superstar, Edge, making his return to Smackdown for "Edge Appreciation Night." He started telling Toronto how good it feels to be back home, but Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes rushed out to interrupt Edge and run him down. Cody bragged about his victory over Orton on Raw, then tried to hand a brown paper bag to Edge. Edge hands the bag back to Cody and tells him to put a paper bag on all of Smackdown instead. Edge leaves the ring.

Cody tries to go out to the crowd to give out paper bags to the audience members. Sitting in the audience is Ted Dibiase who punches Rhodes down.

Daniel Bryan won due to disqualification of Sin Cara. Sin Cara kept beating him up and wouldn't heed the referee's instructions. Post-match, the real Sin Cara came back and the two stared at one another.

Backstage, Teddy Long was talking to Smackdown assistant Zack Ryder. Ryder told Teddy he put a no contact order in place between Orton and Henry tonight. Aksana came into the scene and got Teddy to give her a massage. Trish Stratus arrives in and says she needs to talk with Teddy.

Beth Phoenix defeated AJ Lee by pinfall. Post-match, Beth vows to win the WWE Divas Championship from Kelly Kelly and then "save the divas division."

They showed Trish Stratus and Edge talking backstage. Christian walks up and apologizes to Edge for Summerslam. The two old friends hug, and Edge reminds Christian of what he said before, that Christian needs to stop whining so much. Zack Ryder enters the scene and informs Edge that on his "Cutting Edge" show tonight, his guests have a no contact order in effect.

In tag team action, Sheamus and Justin Gabriel defeat Wade Barrett and Christian by pinfall.

The Great Khali defeated Heath Slater due to disqualification. The DQ happened when Jinder Mahal came to the ring and attacked Khali. Khali chokeslammed both Slater and Mahal after the decision.

R-Truth defeated Evan Bourne in a singles match. The Miz and Kofi Kingston were providing guest commentary during the match.

The Cutting Edge hosted by Edge was the final segment for the show. Edge brought his guests Mark Henry and Randy Orton to the ring. Edge talked over Night of Champions and Henry's disappointing career. Henry gets upset over the comments but agrees with Edge. Edge suggests that maybe Orton can't defeat Henry either. Orton said he's sure he can. Henry said it's now his time for the World Title, and the Cutting Edge is over. The no contact order is now off, so Henry and Orton start to fight. Henry ends up hitting a pair of World's Strongest Slams on Orton, then poses with the World Championship belt to end Smackdown.

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