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WWE Superstars Results 09/08/11

WWE Superstars Results 9/8/11:

JTG's theme song hit to bring out the Raw and NXT star for the opening match. J made his way to the ring as he was introduced, then Scott Stanford introduced the show along with Josh Matthews.

JTG vs. Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan came out to a new rock theme song and seemed to have the backing of the fans. Matthews mentioned that Ryan used to be a pro Rugby player in Wales. Stanford said JTG will have his hands full tonight with this "Goliath."

Late in the match, JTG tried to catch Ryan with a series of shots to the face. JTG rushed against the ropes, but then Ryan caught him in his arms and did several slams of JTG across his knee, before the powerslam. He finished with a Gutwrench-style move where he put JTG on one shoulder then slammed him down to the mat for a pinfall.

Winner: Mason Ryan wins via pinfall over JTG.

Titus O'Neil & Percy Watson vs. Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

Stanford noted these two guys are both former NFL pros, Percy with Redskins and Titus with Jaguars.

Late in the match, Percy managed to break away from Hawkins and jumped over for a hot tag to Titus. Reks also tagged in. Titus had several takedowns on Reks including an Atomic Drop and huge clothesline before revving up the crowd. Titus prepared for his Sit-out Powerbomb, but Hawkins ran in and shoved him, causing him to lose his grasp. Watson rushed in to help Titus, so the ref was distracted with that. Reks put Titus on one shoulder and then Hawkins helped with a doubleteam powerslam move.

Winners: Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks win via pinfall over Titus O'Neil & Percy Watson.

The showed a clip of Sheamus as part of "B.A. Star" initiative where he talked to young kids at school in Connecticut. The mayor of Bridgeport, CT was on hand to praise WWE and Sheamus for what they're doing in their anti-bullying campaign.

Alicia Fox vs. Tamina

The Smackdown team of Jack Korpela and Matt Striker were now on hand for the divas match. Korpela brought up the melee that Striker got involved in on NXT. They talked about the story that Beth and Natalya saved the divas division.

The match went back and forth, with Alicia gaining momentum at various spots including a jump backwards from the turnbuckle with an elbow to Tamina. Later, Tamina had Alicia down on the mat and climbed to the top rope for a Superfly splash, but Alicia moved out of harm's way. As Tamina started to get up, Alicia rushed over and hit her leg scissor kick finisher.

Winner: Alicia Fox wins via pinfall over Tamina.

Allen Turner vs. Brodus Clay

Striker said Allen better Turner around and runaway from this match fast. Brodus got off to a quick start as usual in his squash match, eventually tossing Turner across the ring with a backwards suplex. Clay hit a fishermen's suplex and then pretend to go for the winning pinfall.

He shoved Turner into the corner and hit a huge running splash on him. As Turner staggered from the corner, Brodus did his move from against the ropes with the flying crossbody for the pinfall.

Winner: Brodus Clay wins via pinfall over Allen Turner.

Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater

Early in the match, Bryan got Slater down on the mat and put him in a unique submission move with a leg pressed on Slater's arm. Bryan had a near pinfall with the move, then pulled Slater's arms behind his back. Slater stood up and seemed to get out of it, but Bryan was able to slam him backwards. Bryan looked ready to follow with a surfboard hold but then jumped on the backs of Slater's legs.

Bryan hit a huge running dropkick on Slater in the corner for a near fall. Moments later he had another near fall with Slater escaping it. He pulled Slater's arm behind his back to punish him a bit more. Bryan went for the Lebell Lock but Slater managed to get himself to the ropes and out of the ring. Superstars went to break.

Slater took control after break and at one point had Bryan in the corner to kick and punch away on. Later though, Bryan made a comeback and dumped Slater over the top rope before connecting on a suicide dive. Meanwhile, Striker asked Korpela for his prediction in the Punk vs HHH match with Korpela choosing "The Game."

Slater made a valiant comeback effort of his own with several impressive moves. Striker said the match had a "championship feel" to it. There were several near falls towards the finish. However, Bryan was able to jump up and connect on a DDT. He held a vice grip on Slater's neck to put the Guillotine on him, making Slater tap out. Superstars closed out with Bryan raising his arm up as the crowd cheered.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins due to submission by Heath Slater.

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