Monday, August 29, 2011

Raw Results 08/29/11

Raw Results from Tulsa, OK:

The show opened with an in-ring confrontation involving COO Triple H, CM Punk and Kevin Nash. It all boiled down to Nash saying he had Lauranitis lie about the car accident to get HHH out of the building. Nash said he had to handle business with Punk. HHH asked Nash to leave, but Nash said Lauranitis also signed him to a WWE contract which is guaranteed. He said if Triple H fires him, he gets paid and can sit home and watch Raw. Nash finally asked Hunter to book CM Punk vs. Nash as a match. Punk suggested they have it at Night of Champions and Triple H obliged, making it official.

Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in the opening match. Orton hit an RKO with Ziggler after escaping his sleeperhold.

Backstage, Josh Matthews tried to interview John Cena backstage about being attacked by Del Rio last week. Cena grabbed the mic and left, prompting Matthews to say it looks like Cena will address it next.

John Cena arrived out and called out Del Rio for his cowardly attack last week. Instead of Del Rio, he ended up getting Mark Henry who talked about all the guys he's dismantled and how he'll dismantle Cena as well as whoever wins the World Heavyweight cage match tomorrow night. Christian came out to interject. Christian and Henry were about to attack Cena, but Sheamus arrived down to make a save, surprising Cena, his former foe.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis booked the tag match by talking to a referee. Triple H told Lauranaitis he already booked it and to stop stepping on his toes.

CM Punk defeated The Miz due to disqualification when R-Truth got involved. Punk managed to fight off both guys post-match and hit the GTS on R-Truth. Kevin Nash started walking down the ramp towards the ring and Punk got ready. The Miz attacked Punk in the ring, then Nash came in and hit his Jackknife Powerbomb on Punk followed by a clicking motion and his hand raised in the air.

Sin Cara defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall after a springboard moonsault. The win came thanks to the fact that Vickie Guerrero came to ringside, and then Dolph Ziggler taunted Swagger on the apron, distracting him. Post-match, Ziggler demanded Vickie leave with him saying Swagger isn't worth her time.

The new tag champions Kofi and Evan Bourne defended successfully in a rematch by David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Post-match, Otunga got in Jerry Lawler's face ringside, setting up what looks to be a new feud.

Backstage they showed divas champ Kelly Kelly talking to Eve Torres.

Brie Bella defeated Kelly by pinfall. During the match, Eve was ringside and got KO'd by Nikki. The Bellas pulled the Switcharoo during the confusion, and Nikki scored the actual pinfall on Kelly for the win. This snapped a 15 match winning streak Kelly had for TV & PPV matches. Kelly will be defending her title at Night of Champions.

John Cena and Sheamus defeated Christian and Mark Henry by pinfall. Late in the match, Sheamus took Henry to the outside and splashed onto him from the apron. In the ring, Cena kicked out of Christian's pinfall after a Spear. Cena avoided a Killswitch, then Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Christian. Cena hit the AA to finish Christian off.

Backstage, Triple H was shown watching the match on a monitor. CM Punk came walking into the scene. Hunter said he just got off the phone with the WWE Board of Directors and the Nash vs Punk match was canceled. Instead it will be Punk vs. Triple H at Night of Champions. Punk and Triple H got in each others faces as they went back to the ring where Cena and Sheamus had won. The announcers talked over the replay of the match finish and said more to come on the HHH Punk situation on Smackdown tomorrow.

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