Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WWE Network 2012 & Kevin Nash Released

A few big announcements were made on Monday night's episode of Raw. First up, there was a special promotional ad which teased the first ever 24/7 WWE Network channel. The channel has no official release date other than 2012. It's unknown if it will be offered on the higest tier package of cable and satellite or if it will be a Pay-Per-View channel like HBO, etc. So at this time, it's a big mystery other than it will offer 24/7 access to WWE content.

The other big news came from Raw when Triple H not only punched his friend Kevin Nash, but also fired him from WWE. To follow up with that, Nash was reported as released from on, with the typical statement about wishing Nash the best in "all future endeavors." Nash tweeted on it saying he passed his physical but couldn't reach financial terms. He followed that with a tweet about how great it was to get to know Cena but now he's moving on with his life.

This could be a part of the story, or in fact Nash may have really parted ways with WWE again. Keep in mind that the original match for Night of Champions was scheduled to be CM Punk versus Kevin Nash. It was surprisingly changed to Punk vs. Triple H and now carries the extra stipulations that Triple H must resign as COO if he loses. It's also an anything goes, no DQ match, which WWE is hoping will sell plenty of NOC PPV's.

Will Nash be back or has he hit the road for good? It seems like a bizarre twist in the story after all that was revealed on Monday night's show. To get punched in the face and then drive off with John Lauranaitis riding shotgun seems like a strange way to finish his big return to the WWE.

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