Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CM Punk vs HHH at Night of Champions

It now appears there are three matches ready for the next WWE Pay-Per-View, Night of Champions. The biggest surprise match came on Monday Night Raw and it won't be a championship match at all. It was originally looking like Kevin Nash would finally get back in the ring, but instead it'll be Triple H, facing CM Punk. HHH said that Punk pushed him just a bit too far - or was it Nash helping push him back to wrestling?

The actions of Kevin Nash on Super Smackdown set up an interesting dynamic heading into the Punk vs HHH contest. Nash got into it with both men in the ring, but took out his frustrations on Punk more. Both Triple H and Punk were left in the ring together shocked by Nash's latest interference.

Does this mean the Triple H versus Punk match is merely an elaborate way for a 2-on-1 beatdown by "The Clique"? Nash and Hunter go back a long way, so it very well could be that. There's still theories floating around that Stephanie McMahon orchestrated the whole Punk beatdown at Summerslam, and others that say it was Vince McMahon using John Lauranitis as his instrument of chaos.

Still it makes for the best mystery/story of WWE right now. With all this going on, it's almost as if John Cena is a mid-carder, and does anyone really believe Alberto Del Rio WWE Champion? WWE has really shifted the focus away from these top stars and almost made the WWE championship belt less relevant than a power struggle between two guys who want to make the WWE a better place - for the fans, of course.

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