Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Smackdown Results 08/30/11

Super Smackdown Live Results from Wichita, KS:

John Cena came out for the opening promo, saying the show combines all of the stars of Smackdown and Raw. He was interupted by Ricardo Rodriguez who told him he won't get Alberto Del Rio until the NOC PPV. After Ricardo kept doing his "Del Riooooo" intro, Cena punched him down.

Wade Barrett arrived out to mock Cena for beating up a fat ring announcer. Barrett said it's obvious Cena learned nothing from being part of Nexus, so tonight he's going to beat some sense into.

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett by pinfall after hitting the Attitude Adjustment.

Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall after a springboard dive and moonsault. Post-match, Sin Cara offered his hand to Bryan, then kicked him in the face.

Backstage, Matt Striker talked to tag team champs Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. They talked about their success working together and about the legacy of other great tag team champs of the past. At the end of the interview, Kofi, Bourne and Striker all did the Boom hand clap signal. Cole said he was going to throw up.

A video package was shown to highlight the Randy Orton vs Christian feud for the past four months. Tonight they meet inside a steel cage in a World Heavyweight championship match.

Matt Striker interviewed Christian backstage. Christian said it's his night tonight, because he's a fighter and always fights for what's right. He talked about everyone turning his back on him, Edge, Bret Hart, the fans. He said he doesn't care what Striker or the fans think or if they like it. He said he doesn't need the World Title to validate his career, but he wants it. He said Christian always gets what he wants.

Beth and Natalya defeated Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox by pinfall after Beth hit the Glam Slam on Alicia.

They showed Smackdown GM Teddy Long walking with Triple H down a hallway. Long and Hunter were reviewing the contract for Triple H vs. CM Punk at Night of Champions. Hunter didn't seem happy with the terms of the match.

After a commercial they had the official contract signing between Hunter and CM Punk. The two engaged in a war of words, with Hunter saying Punk pushed him too far so he had to get in the ring to handle business now. Punk said he doesn't dislike the WWE, or he wouldn't be there now. Punk said he hopes the Cerebral Assassin shows up for Night of Champions. They both signed the contract, and then Kevin Nash arrived out. Triple H tried to hold Punk back from attacking Nash, but he got away and got some shots in. Triple H tossed Punk to the side. Nash hit a big boot on Punk. Hunter shoved Nash, so Nash shoved him down. Nash left the ring with Triple H and Punk still in the ring looking stunned.

Sheamus defeated The Great Khali due to DQ when Jinder Mahal interfered. Post-match, Khali and Mahal tried to attack Sheamus. Sheamus avoided their moves and caused Khali to hit the ringpost. He hit the Celtic Cross on Mahal to send him across the ring.

Randy Orton defeated Christian by pinfall in the steel cage match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton won by hitting an RKO from the top turnbuckle on Christian. Post-match, Mark Henry arrived to get inside the cage with Orton. Christian slipped out of the cage. Henry destroyed Orton inside, smashing him into the wall and eventually hitting World's Strongest Slam. The show closed with Henry yanking the championship belt from the ref and hoisting it up as if he were champ.

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