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2011 Vengeance Match Results Coverage

Sunday night marks WWE's second Pay-Per-View of the month with the 2011 Vengeance show.  This event will take place live from AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.  Full match results coverage and recap updates will be provided here tonight.

Tonight's show features a card of at least eight matches with nearly all the championships on the line.  Vengeance is headlined by the return of Triple H to the ring as he teams up with former foe, CM Punk.  These two will do battle with The Miz and R-Truth in a match arranged by interim General Manager, John Laurinaitis.  John Cena will try to win back the WWE Championship from Alberto Del Rio in a "Last Man Standing" match, while Big Show returns to the ring to try to defeat Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The latest match recap updates and results for Vengeance 2011 Pay-Per-View will be provided here.  As matches finish the winners will be provided with the full card expected to finish just around or before 11PM EST.  Check back here after 8PM EST to start getting the latest results!

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The Pay-Per-View opened with a promo video starting with a definition for the word "Vengeance."  It showed a highlight video featuring narration and sound bytes from Triple H, CM Punk, Big Show, and John Cena as they are looking for retribution for previous wrongs committed.

The pyros exploded to kick off the live show in San Antonio, Texas.  Michael Cole started off commentary as the cameras panned the crowd.  Cole noted five championships are on the line tonight.  He was joined by Booker T and Jerry Lawler for commentary.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs. Air Boom
WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Justin Roberts introduced the opening bout, but was interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who introduced both Swagger and Ziggler as the next tag team champs. Air Boom made their entrance next before all competitors were in the ring for the bell. Air Boom worked well together early on Ziggler, including a double leapfrog followed by a huge dropkick on Ziggler. Swagger tagged in and Bourne nearly got the winning pinfall fast. More double team moves ensued on Swagger. However, Swagger managed to turn the tables in favor of he and Ziggler.

 Kofi managed to get a hot tag to Bourne who came in with a slew of fast paced moves. Bourne went for Air Bourne after shoving Swagger into Ziggler who was on the apron. Swagger got both knees up to block, then Ziggler tagged in for the near fall broken up by Kofi. Later, Bourne managed to toss Swagger out of the ring. Evan went for a tag, but Ziggler distracted the ref and Swagger yanked Kofi off the apron. 

The heels kept up on Bourne but Kofi finally got in to hit a flurry of moves including his double leg drop. Kofi set up for Trouble in Paradise as Ziggler got up, but Dolph blocked. Kofi hit the SOS instead and got the pinfall, but Swagger came in to break it up. Bourne took Swagger to the outside, and then Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise. Bourne tagged in to hit Air Bourne for the win. Winners: Air Boom wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler
United States Championship Match

Just as Kofi and Bourne were celebrating their win, Zack Ryder's music hit and the challenger came out to fight Dolph for the US Championship. As soon as the bell rang, Zack Ryder started on Ziggler, pounding away in the corner. He dropped Ziggler to the mat for a near fall, then whipped Dolph hard to the corner for another attempt. At one point, Ziggler was on the outside, so Air Boom tossed him back into the ring. The referee threw them out, telling them to leave ringside. Ziggler managed to gain control and started to wear down Ryder with a hold while Vickie and Swagger watched from ringside. Ziggler managed to get the Zig Zag late in the match, with Ryder escaping the pinfall attempt. Swagger grabbed Ryder's leg from outside the ring, but Ryder kicked him away. He held onto the ropes as Ziggler tried to hit Zig Zag. Swagger went after Ryder again, but was dropkicked down. Ryder turned to eat a superkick from Ziggler who finally got the win. Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall to retain the United States Championship.

CM Punk was talking to Ted Dibiase backstage in the locker room. Triple H walked in and Dibiase nodded, then left. HHH and Punk talked over their situation with them agreeing they have a common goal, so no "rah rah" speeches.

Cole said there was an incident earlier back in the locker room with Kelly Kelly during an interview. They showed footage from earlier with Kelly being interviewed about Eve's chances tonight. Natalya arrived and started choking Kelly against a door. Beth was there also, so Eve rushed in to fight them off. Refs came in to break things up. Bella Twins were also around for the incident. Cole said John Laurinaitis banned Kelly and Natalya from ringside tonight.

Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix
WWE Divas Championship Match

Eve showed early athleticism including a flip over Beth's back and a kick to the back of her head.  Eve handcuffed Beth Phoenix to the ropes using her own leather outfit, then started to kick her in the back.

Beth escaped the ring and then managed to clip Eve's leg on the apron to knock her on her back.  Beth pressed Eve overhead and tossed her onto the crowd barrier.

Eve had a combo of an abdominal stretch and figure four leglock to bring Beth down to the mat.  Beth managed to crawl over to the ropes to break it after suffering some damage.  Eve then bashed Beth's head against the turnbuckle, but Beth snapped Eve down against the ropes.  She got back in for the Glam Slam, with Eve countering to a near fall.

The close saw Eve go for her moonsault off the corner, but Beth rolled out of harm's way.  Beth took advantage of Eve's mistake by grabbing her for a finishing Glam Slam to pin her.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins via pinfall over Eve Torres to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Backstage, Big Show talked to Matt Striker in an interview over the World Championship match.  Show put his fist near Striker's face and said "Vengeance will be mine and so will the World Heavyweight Championship."

Sheamus vs. Christian

Sheamus took control early by knocking Christian down with a big shoulder block.  He punched away on Christian in the corner for more punishment.  Christian staged a comeback which he completed with a neckbreaker.  He settled into a chinlock but Sheamus got to his feet.  Christian elbowed him right back down.  

Sheamus managed to stand up with Christian on his back and drop onto him backwards.  Christian gained control back with his standing on the bank move near the ropes and punch from ringside.  Christian had Sheamus down on the mat, but missed a diving headbut from the corner.

Sheamus started to drop Christian with numerous take downs as he gained momentum.  He caught Christian on a move coming off the corner and tossed him backwards for a near fall.  Moments later, Christian managed to drop down as Sheamus charged causing Sheamus to fall outside.

Sheamus countered Killswitch and went for Celtic Cross, but Christian ran to the corner to escape.  Sheamus managed to gain momentum back in the ring with a backbreaker for a near fall.  Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick to finish Christian, but Christian countered with a Spear for a very near fall.

The close saw Christian set up in the corner for the Spear.  As he ran he got hit by Sheamus' Brogue kick instead.  Sheamus with the win!

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Christian.

CM Punk and Triple H vs. R-Truth and The Miz

Truth and Miz arrived out performing their "You Suck" remix song finishing in the ring with "Texas sucks!"  CM Punk made his entrance to "Cult of Personality" next.  Cole announced that Survivor Series arrives on November 20th at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  Next, Triple H made his anticipated return to the ring with the crowd on its feet for the COO/wrestler.

CM Punk and The Miz started things as the bell rang.  Punk chased Miz to the corner early, with Miz ducking out through the ropes and Punk slapping him.  Triple H made a quick tag in and Miz ran over to tag in R-Truth.  HHH took a swing at Miz who jumped off the apron to avoid it.  HHH quickly knocked down Truth who asked the ref for a timeout.  Punk came back in and managed to regain control against The Miz.  Punk and HHH had a great doubleteam move to drop Miz, allowing Hunter to take control.

HHH put a figure four on Miz with the crowd "wooing" it in honor of Ric Flair.  Punk held onto Triple H's hands to help him out as the ref was distracted with Truth across the ring.  Cole talked about how much perserverance Miz is showing, but Punk tagged in to dish out more punishment.  Later in the match, Triple H cleared the ring of Truth and Miz by clotheslining them over the top rope.  He went out and tossed Truth back in the ring, but Miz tried to fight HHH.  HHH knocked him down only to get dropkicked by Truth into the barrier.

The heels began wearing down Hunter with various holds to keep him from tagging Punk.  Truth hit a spinning clothesline on HHH to drop him before tagging in Miz.  The Game managed to escape a hold from Truth by falling backwards.  Truth managed to crawl over and tag Miz, with Hunter in the corner.  Miz went for his running clothesline move but HHH avoided it.  Truth tagged back in and went for the scissors kick, but HHH avoided that and hit a DDT, allowing the hot tag to Punk.

Punk hit a springboard clothesline on Miz, and then a huge kick on Truth.  From the corner, Punk hit a running bulldog on Truth while clotheslining Miz down.  Moments later, Punk fought Truth off the apron, then did the Macho Man elbow off the corner.  Triple H was battling Truth outside the ring, when Kevin Nash appeared to KO HHH ringside.  Punk went for GTS in the ring, but Truth ran into the ring and kicked Punk down.  Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale for the win.

On the outside, Kevin Nash was still beating up Triple H, throwing him into the steel steps.  He kept beating up HHH in the ring, hitting a Jackknife Powerbomb to leave him laying on the mat.  Nash walked out slowly through the crowd as he was booed.  Meanwhile, a referee eventually got HHH to his feet outside the ring to leave up the ramp.

Winners: R-Truth and The Miz win via pinfall over CM Punk and Triple H.

Backstage, Laurinaitis was on the phone saying he saw what just happened and he'll look into it.  Alberto Del Rio came up to him with Ricardo Rodriguez to complain about having to fight Cena in a Last Man Standing match.  Laurinaitis reminded Del Rio he won his first ever Hell in a Cell match to become WWE champion.  Del Rio thanked him and said he'd find a way to win because he's WWE Champ.  Laurinaitis wished him luck on the match, then got back on the phone.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Orton got control of things early, knocking Rhodes over the top rope before smashing him face first into the steel steps.  Orton got back in and avoided Rhodes' kick from the corner to knock him down again.  Rhodes gained control moments later and hit a big knee drop from the corner on Orton's face.  Rhodes kept attacking Orton and put a headlock on him as the commentators talked about his mask and the classic IC belt.  Orton escaped a near fall from Rhodes moments later.

Later still, Orton fought out of a Boston Crab and started to trade punches with Rhodes.  However, Rhodes caught Orton coming from against the ropes and hit an Alabama Slam for a near fall.  Rhodes tried to go for a moonsault off the corner with Orton rolling away from it.  Orton started to clothesline Rhodes down then hit a powerslam.  Rhodes regained control and went for a dropkick off the corner, but Orton dropkicked him mid-air for a near fall.

Orton went for a Gutwrench but Rhodes slid out and then hit his Beautiful Disaster kick from the corner for another near fall.  Orton managed to get Rhodes through the ropes and almost had the DDT.  Instead, Rhodes countered but Orton hit a backbreaker for his own near fall.

The finish nearly saw Rhodes steal a win thanks to his bagger jumping on the apron to distract Orton.  Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes but Orton kicked out of the pinfall.  Rhodes mocked the fist pounding on the mat like Orton does, but Orton dropkicked Rhodes when he came at him.  Orton followed with the DDT through the ropes.  The other bagger got on the apron, but Orton shoved Rhodes into him.  As Rhodes stumbled back, Orton hit a quick RKO to win it.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Cody Rhodes.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry
World Heavyweight Championship Match

Show and Henry collided early. Show managed to knock Henry down in the corner, then stomped away on him. Henry rolled out of the ring to recover and slammed his fists on the Spanish announcers table. Later on, Henry exited the ring and went over to get his championship belt. He tried to walk off, but Show headed him off and put him back in the ring. Henry managed to knock Show down in the ring by clipping his hurt leg, then picked him up for an impressive scoop slam.

 Henry followed with a huge elbow drop and more punishment on Show's leg. Henry put a leg hold on Show's leg, with Show able to fight out. Show tried to pick up Henry for a slam, but fell backward with Henry on him for a near fall. Henry worked on Show's leg but Show managed to use his free leg to kick Henry away from him. The two huge superstars double clotheslined each other down.

Once they were up, Show gained momentum with several headbutts and a clothesline to take down Henry. He splashed him in the corner, then managed to pick up Henry for a slam. Show signaled for the chokeslam. Henry got to his feet and Show went for it, hitting it but somehow Henry powered out of the near fall. Show prepared for his Weapon of Mass Destruction punch, but Henry kicked him in the gut. Henry hit World's Strongest Slam on Show, but amazingly Show kicked out of the pinfall. Henry was shocked that Show escaped.

Later, Henry got on the corner with Show grabbing him for another chokeslam from there. He had the pinfall with Henry once again kicking out! Show went out to the apron and got up on the corner, but this time Mark Henry cut him off. He got on the corner with Show and grabbed him for a Superplex. Henry hit the Superplex and the huge slam of the two heavy competitors made the ring collapse. Show and Henry were both laying on the mat with the ref starting up a count on them. Neither man was able to answer the count, causing a draw.

A doctor got in the ring to check on both guys, radioing to the back for help. Medical staff was called to the ring. They brought a stretcher/gurney, and then finally a driveable cart. John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long arrived to the ringside to survey the damage. They finally got Show onto a cart to drive him backstage. Mark Henry fell to the outside and tried to refuse help from the officials and medical staff. He staggered up the ramp with them helping him walk.

 Laurinaitis got on the mic to introduce himself and remind everyone of his positions as VP of Talent Relations and the interim Raw GM. He said no matter what the damage to the ring and Henry/Show is, they will still have the WWE Championship match tonight. Laurinaitis said he hopes everyone agrees with his decision.

Winner: No contest due to ring being destroyed. Mark Henry is still World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio
WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match

Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced by Justin Roberts. Ricardo was sporting a shiner around his eye as he introduced Del Rio. Del Rio shot a look at the state of the ring after the previous match. Cena came out next and got into the broken down ring asking the ref about the match. The ref told him it would go forth.

A "let's go Cena - CENA Sucks" chant started things.  The bell rang with Rodriguez in the ring.  Del Rio shoved him into Cena.  Cena went for the AA but Del Rio rushed Cena and kicked him down.  Del Rio gained the early advantage.

Cena regained the advantage on the ring and started hitting a barrage of moves including elbow drops. Del Rio got to his feet and took multiple punches from Cena before kicking him in the back to escape.  Del Rio hit a backwards slam several times to KO Cena.  He got up and told the ref to start a count on Cena.  Cena got up well ahead of it.  He managed to get back up and went for AA on Del Rio, who escaped and hit a Backstabber.  The ref began a new count on Cena which go to about 5 with Cena getting to his feet.

Del Rio went for three straight suplexes, but Cena blocked the third and suplexed Del Rio instead.  Cena got to his feet with flying shoulderblocks and a side slam, followed by a Five Knuckle Shuffle without the ropes.  He went for AA but Del Rio escaped again and hit a German Suplex.  Moments later, Cena hit a Gutwrench Powerbomb on Del Rio.

Later, Del Rio put Cena underneath one of the collapsed ringposts and then ran to jump on it.  The ref started up another count, but Cena rolled out of the corner and managed to get up at 8.  Del Rio rushed at him, so Cena was ready with the AA.  Both guys were down as Mike Chioda started a count.  Cena set up for another AA when Del Rio stood up, but Rodriguez rushed in to break it up.  Cena dropped Del Rio and booted down Rodriguez.  Del Rio managed to grab Cena from behind and locked a sleeperhold on him.

Cena got back to his feet yet again.  Del Rio and Cena grappled with Cena tossing Del Rio towards where the ropes would've been.  Instead, Del Rio went flying out and hit into the crowd barricade.  Del Rio got up before the ref's 10 count.  Moments later, Del Rio reverse-whipped Cena into the dislodged steel steps near the ring.  Back on the ring, Rodriguez got croched on the fallen ringpost, then Cena hit a drop toe hold to cause Del Rio to fall onto the post.  The ringpost hit up into Rodriguez' groin causing him to fall to the floor in pain.

Cena tried to throw the steel steps at Del Rio who moved away.  The steps crashed to the ramp.  Del Rio beat up Cena and smashed him against the steps.  Del Rio picked up the other half of the steps and smashed them against Cena to knock him out.  The ref started up another count but Cena responded and got to his feet.

The match spilled backstage with Cena throwing Del Rio across a buffet table.  The ref started a count on Del Rio backstage.  Cena tried to knock a heavy piece of set on top of Del Rio, but Del Rio rolled out of the way.  Del Rio tossed Cena on top of it, then slammed him hard on it.  The ref started a count there.  Cena staggered to his feet but fell back on the pavement.  Del Rio knocked a huge wallpiece of the set on top of Cena.  He dropped another on him and another, until four large set pieces were on top of Cena.  Chioda started up his count which got to 8 with Cena getting up.  Del Rio beat up Cena event more as they went back out into the arena fighting.

Del Rio kept punching on Cena, but Cena fought back.  Rodriguez jumped on Cena's back from out of nowhere and then Del Rio threw Cena into the huge "V" set piece for Vengeance up on stage.  Del Rio got a table and set it up next.  He placed Cena on top of the table then started to scale a set piece nearby.  Cena got to his feet and yanked Del Rio off causing him to crash through the table.  The ref's count got up to 8 with Del Rio back on his feet again.

The fight went near ringside where Cena got thrown over the commentators table into their chairs.  Del Rio ripped apart the Spanish announce table.  However, Cena was back up to fight back.  Del Rio went for a big kick on Cena but Cena ducked and Del Rio's leg hit the ringpost hard.  Cena set up the steel steps near the Spanish announced table.  He got Del Rio on his shoulders, walked up the steps and did the AA to smash Del Rio through the table.  Cena signaled that's the end and got onto the ring.

All of a sudden, The Miz and R-Truth rushed to the ring and attacked Cena.  The ref was distracted by this and didn't count Del Rio down.  Miz hit Skullcrushing Finale on Cena, then picked him back up for Truth's finisher.  Cena was flat out.  Truth and Miz took off up the ramp with their work done.  The ref began counting both Cena and Del Rio down.  Del Rio got up and somehow Cena found the strength to get to his feet.  Del Rio was shocked but grabbed his belt and smashed it in Cena's face in the ring.  Del Rio fell out of the ring with Cena falling onto the mat KO'd.

The ref counted on both guys once again.  This time around, Del Rio barely beat the 10 count but Cena couldn't after all the damage he took.  Del Rio won the match and retains the championship.  The PPV closed with Del Rio staggering backwards up the ramp raising his arm with the ref as the winner.  Cena was still out of it in the ring suffering the effects of all the attacks he sustained as he stared up towards Del Rio.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins the Last Man Standing Match to retain the WWE Championship.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2011 Vengeance results. Complete results will be here after 11PM EST on Sunday evening. Make sure to watch Monday's episode of Raw for further fallout and follow-up on tonight's big Pay-Per-View!

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