Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eve Kisses Cena, Kane Pushes Ryder

Last night's Raw started to push things further towards the upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 PPV.  One of the biggest storyline plot twists of the night involved the John Cena and Kane saga which included Zack Ryder and Eve Torres.

Fans saw Ryder back again, in a wheelchair, and a neckbrace again.  Cena tried to play the good guy and keep Ryder out of harm's way.  That all backfired as Cena had to play hero and save Eve from Kane during the show.  After Eve escaped an ambulance and jumped into Cena's arms, she kissed him.  That move right there was witnessed by Ryder and all the fans.  Right after the show plenty of hate tweets were going around Twitter about Eve, since she later told Ryder she just wanted to be friends.  Ouch.

Later in the night, Ryder came to the ring to confront and slap Cena.  Ryder ended up leaving the ring, and getting up the ramp to his wheelchair.  Kane delivered yet another promo on the big screen about how Cena sunk lower than he ever would, ruining the love of his best friend.  After that, Kane emerged from backstage to grab Ryder's wheelchair and shove him off the side of the ramp.  Last thing seen was Ryder being taken away on a stretcher from Raw, yet again.

Is this going to lead to anything for Ryder when he comes back?  He should ultimately have beef with Kane, the dude who keeps injuring him, but the heart is a delicate muscle too.  Maybe he'll go after Cena as a heel.  What about Eve?  Is she going to become Cena's ringside girl now, appearing with him for the match against The Rock at Wrestlemania?  That could be interesting.

Meanwhile, a new match was announced on Raw, which will have Tamina battling Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Title at the Chamber PPV.  Tamina makes a great opponent, but don't forget that Kharma recently appeared as the only diva in the Royal Rumble.  That's something that Beth Phoenix has done as well, so Tamina may just be another opponent, before Kharma vs. Beth happens at Wrestlemania.

The Raw Elimination Chamber match had a bit of an amusing in-ring debate, especially thanks to R-Truth's antics.  The main point of it though was to set up Jericho vs. Punk.  There's no reason to believe these two won't be in a title match at Wrestlemania 28, but the question is which of them will be holding the title then?  That right there will make the Raw Chamber match intriguing on this coming Sunday.

What did you think of the latest Raw?  Will anything happen in the aftermath with Ryder, Eve and Cena, or was it more to setup Cena's match with Kane and The Rock?

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