Tuesday, February 7, 2012

John Laurinaitis Job Situation & Elimination Chamber Matches

Last night's Raw let it be know that interim General Manager John Laurinaitis was still on the hot seat.  Triple H announced that the WWE Board would decide JL's fate after Laurinaitis had appealed to them about not being fired.  During Raw, they noted that WWE.com would announce the full story on Tuesday morning with the board's decision.

Well the WWE Board of Directors has spoken and according to WWE.com, Laurinaitis is not fired.  A two-minute video accompanies the story at WWE.com for fans to see last night's segment involving Triple H and Laurinaitis.  Of course this will probably irritate some fans and Triple H heading forward.  Others may want to see how this will play out.  By the way, JL announced he invited Shawn Michaels to appear on Raw for next Monday's episode, which will probably play into the Triple H vs Undertaker storyline.

Triple H actually liked one idea that Laurinaitis gave him last night too. He suggested a new Elimination Chamber match at this month's Pay-Per-View featuring John Cena vs. Kane in an ambulance match.  It's going to be interesting to see how the feud ends between Kane and Cena with this one.  Will Zack Ryder show up to make sure Kane is sent to the hospital, or will Cena do the work?  Will Cena be put on the shelf ahead of his big match with The Rock?

Also, it seems like there's a strong chance, one, or both championships could move at the Chamber PPV.  One would have to think that putting the championship on a guy like Randy Orton to defend against Sheamus makes for a better match than The Celtic Warrior vs. The Vegan Daniel Bryan.  Also, having Chris Jericho enter the Elimination Chamber last gives him the ability to ultimately get the big win and take the WWE Championship with Punk getting his rematch at Mania.

What do you think will be the outcome of the Elimination Chamber matches?  Will either title change hands?

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