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Smackdown Results 02/10/12

Smackdown Results from Tulsa, OK:

Smackdown opens with Sheamus in the ring saying he hasn't decided which championship he'll go for yet at Wrestlemania 28 as winner of the Royal Rumble.  Out comes Wade Barrett to talk about how he'll win the Elimination Chamber and become World Champion.  Cody Rhodes comes out vowing he'll win the Chamber match to be first dual IC-World Heavyweight champion.  Big Show comes out last to talk trash on the two heels, saying he respects Sheamus.  The segment ends with Show taking out Rhodes and Sheamus taking out Barrett.

Jinder Mahal did an earlier interview saying once he beats Great Khali tonight on Smackdown, he'll take his spot in the Chamber match.  Khali won the match though with the Punjabi Plunge and a pinfall.

Backstage Teddy Long was with Aksana talking about suspending Mark Henry.  Aksana says Teddy deserves a reward.  Daniel Bryan comes in and complains Long didn't invite him to the recent BBQ he had.  Long apologizes, but Bryan ignores him saying he lives a Vegan lifestyle.  Bryan tries to pretend he's sick tonight and can't compete, but Long says he still has to.

Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall after the Glam Slam.  Post-match, Beth kept attacking Alicia, but Tamina came down for the save.  Beth and Tamina stared each other down a bit, before Beth leaves with the Divas title.

Natalya was talking to Tyson Kidd about how embarassing her problem is.  Kidd tells her don't worry about it, with Natalya saying it was she talks too much.  Kidd leaves, with Hornswoggle showing up.  Natalya farted and Hornswoggled noticed, then passed out on the floor.  Natalya tries to blame Tyson for it and runs out.

The Big Show and Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett by pinfall.  Late in the match, it was Sheamus vs Barrett.  Rhodes tried to get involved but Big Show spears him down just as Sheamus connects on a Brogue Kick for the win.

Michael Cole did an interview with AJ, eventually asking her insulting questions, and saying her relationship with Bryan is just a joke, a footnote in WWE history.  Daniel Bryan comes out and tells Cole if he doesn't stop he'll break his arms.  He says he's sick of fans being mean to AJ and is going to drive her home in his Prius.  Teddy Long stops them though, saying he'll find a ride home for AJ, but if Bryan leaves the arena, he vacates his World Championship title.

Ted Dibiase defeated Hunico by pinfall.  Late in the match, Hunico was attacking Dibiase's injured arm and wrist.  However, Dibiase got the last laugh as he grabbed Hunico for a late roll-up pin to win.

Big Show was on commentary for the main event match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.  Late in the contest, Orton was about to get the RKO but Bryan escapes the ring, to get his title, ready to leave.  Big Show confronts him ringside, then shoves Daniel Bryan down.  Bryan gets back into the ring, where Orton hits the RKO.  He thinks he has a winning pinfall, but instead he is DQ'd due to Show interfering on the outside.

Post-match, Orton and Show have words about what just happened, before they start physically fighting as Bryan heads up the ramp to end Smackdown.

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