Monday, February 6, 2012

Raw Preview 02/06/12

Last week's episode of Raw saw Triple H arrive to the ring in the final segment of the show, in what fans thought would be a sendoff for John Laurinaitis.  However, before Triple H could utter those famous words "You're Fired," another guest showed up to interrupt.  Fans saw the Undertaker make his return to WWE, and he had one agenda: to challenge Triple H to another Wrestlemania match.  From the way things looked, Triple H wasn't going for it though, and left the ring.  Undertaker was the last man in the ring to close out Raw, but will he look to challenge someone else, or find a new way to get HHH's attention?

Meanwhile, John Cena continues to have his hands full with the demonic and demented Kane.  After a brutal Royal Rumble match saw a double countout and further serious injury to Zack Ryder, Kane tried to go after Eve on Monday Night Raw.  John Cena was there to save the day again, and this time took his anger and "hate" out on Kane.  Cena managed to repeatedly bash the steel steps onto the "Big Red Monster."  Now the word is that these two will look to settle things, if possible, at the Elimination Chamber PPV.  What will Kane try next to make Cena "embrace the hate" on Raw?

Also on last week's show, the competitors for Raw's Elimination Chamber match were announced.  CM Punk will be defending the WWE Championship in the steel structure against The Miz, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho.  While Punk recently defeated Ziggler at the Royal Rumble PPV to retain the title, it seems Dolph will be hungry for another chance at the championship.  Meanwhile, Punk was attacked on last week's show by none other than Chris Jericho.  What reason will Y2J give for his latest attack?  Does this make Jericho among the favorites to defeat Punk in the chamber match?  How will Punk respond?

Catch Monday Night Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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