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Raw Results 02/06/12

Triple H arrived out and first addressed how he was all set to fire John Laurinaitis last week and fully intended to, but was interrupted.  He said that decision is currently hanging in the balance as JL made a plea to the board, so they will have the final say.

He turned his attention to Taker's request for a rematch, saying he used to get butterflies in his stomach and a nervous feeling when he looked into Taker's eyes, but not anymore.  He talked about Taker having to be carried away from their match last year, and he knows that this time around he'd have to finish it off.  Triple H said he'd prefer Taker be remembered for his impressive streak and rolled the highlight clip.

Triple H's music hit after he was done for him to leave the ring, but then stopped. His in-ring appearance was interrupted when a video cut in from The Undertaker.  It showed Undertaker watching highlight footage from his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania 27, with Hunter making comments after the match about Taker being carried out.  Taker said he won't let that be the image of him remembered through the ages.  Taker asked Hunter to give him what is his, "vengeance" as he looked at newspaper clippings of Triple H and the match.  Taker said it is not over yet.  The arena stayed dark with Triple H staring forward, looking puzzled after that all happened.

Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan by countout in a non-title match.  The finish saw Show going after Bryan outside the ring and nearly smashing AJ into the ring steps by mistake.  After a pause, Bryan grabbed AJ by the hand to flee up the ramp for safety, causing his countout.

Post-match, Bryan grabbed a mic to scream at Show that he's a freak for trying to hurt AJ again.  He said the fact Show prevented himself from hitting AJ this time showed he could've done that previously.  Bryan said his love for this woman is more important than winning or losing a match, but at the Chamber things will remain the same when he leaves as Daniel Bryan, a vegan, and still World Champion.

David Otunga came to the ring in street clothes to give his praises for John Laurinaitis.  He kneeled down to pray for JL, then Justin Roberts announced "per Triple H, Otunga will compete tonight."

Sheamus defeated Otunga in about two minutes after connecting on the Brogue Kick.

Chris Jericho came out to finally deliver a lengthy promo, saying Punk is a liar for saying he's best in the world when he's not.  Jericho said he's best in the world and didn't need it on back of his t-shirt to prove it.  He talked up his accomplishments including being first-ever undisputed champion and eliminating Orton from the Rumble in his hometown.  Now Jericho said he's back to reclaim what is his.

CM Punk's music hit to bring the champion down to the ring.  He walked up to Jericho and dropped the mic at his feet then raised up the WWE title belt for him to see.  Punk turned his back on Jericho smirking and left the ring, with Jericho all upset in the ring.  Jericho called Punk a wannabe as Cult of Personality played and Punk walked up the ramp with the title held high up.

Randy Orton & The Great Khali defeated Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett by pinfall.  Orton gained control against the heels after a scoop slam on Barrett and a clothesline on Rhodes.  He did the DDT with Rhodes from the middle rope then started to prepare for his next move.  As Orton backed up though he was near Khali who slap tagged him to get in the match.  Rhodes kicked Khali in the gut and tried to hit Beautiful Disaster kick from the ropes, but instead Khali chopped him from the air and got the pin.  Post-match, Khali and Orton faced off with Khali grabbing Orton around the neck.  Randy ducked a clothesline and hit the RKO on Khali.

They talked about the Twitter war going on between The Rock and John Cena, showing several recent tweets from the two.  From there, it was another showing of the video about John Cena.

Eight divas tag match saw Eve, Kelly, Tamina and Alicia Fox defeated Natalya, Beth Phoenix and The Bella Twins.  They had a video from Beth Phoenix saying it's getting boring for her because she's beaten everyone on the rosters, and there's nobody left to fight.  The heels worked on Eve for most of the match, but one of the Bellas started taunting Beth asking "is that good enough for you?"  Tamina tagged in during the incident allowing her to gain the advantage.  Tamina closed the match getting up on the corner and looking at Beth Phoenix before doing the Superfly Splash on one of the Bellas.

They showed a clip to promote tonight's "The Tonight Show" featuring The Rock in an interview about leaving wrestling and now going back to the ring. Rock talked about how he can't wait to go back for Wrestlemania.

Triple H was on the cell phone backstage talking about the board with a decision.  John Laurinaitis came in to interrupt him, saying he met with the board earlier today and they seem like nice, fair people.  JL said he suggested to the board that Shawn Michaels come back next week.  JL also said he suggested a match for Elimination Chamber with John Cena vs. Kane in an Ambulance Match.  HHH said it was a good idea, then asked if there was an ambulance there tonight with a heart monitor they could hook JL's career to and see when it flatlines.  HHH told him to get out of the office before he makes his career flatline.

Michael Cole announced that the decision on the future of John Laurinaitis will be announced on as of 10 AM EST Tuesday morning.

Josh Matthews caught up with Laurinaitis backstage.  He said he's made mistakes, but can admit to them and learn from them.  He brought up how Triple H is refusing to take on The Undertaker and he's not sure the board wants someone cowardly running Raw.

The main event was a six pack challenge, with the Elimination Chamber participants involved (Truth, Miz, Jericho, Punk, Ziggler and Kingston).  The winner gets to be the last participant in the Raw Chamber match at the PPV.  At one point in the match, Jericho and Miz worked together and helped Superplex Punk with Ziggler from the corner.  They each took pinfalls but Punk and Ziggler kicked out.

The close saw Jericho block Trouble in Paradise and put Kofi into a Walls of Jericho submission.  Punk kicked Jericho from behind, and tossed Y2J out of the ring.  From there Ziggler tried to steal a pinfall on Punk, with Punk kicking out and avoiding the ZigZag.  Punk hit GTS and had the pinfall, but he was close to the ropes so Y2J yanked him out of the ring.  Jericho threw Punk across the commentators table and then tossed the table cover on top of him.  From there Y2J slid into the ring to steal the pinfall on Ziggler.

As Jericho gloated in the ring holding the WWE championship belt, Punk was shown clutching his arm behind the announce table.  Female screams became audible and they cut backstage to show Kane cornering Eve who was screaming in terror.  Kane told Eve he hopes Cena embraces the hate soon, because otherwise he's afraid for Eve, Cena, and everyone.  Kane said for the first time in his life "I'm afraid of me."  Raw closed with a closeup of Kane's eyes through the mask as Eve was cowering below him in fear.

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