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2012 Royal Rumble Live Results Coverage

Welcome to WWE Characters the Blog live results coverage for the 2012 Royal Rumble! This year's event takes place the evening of Sunday, January 29th, from St. Louis, Missouri at the Scottrade Center.

This is the 25th annual edition of the Royal Rumble, one of WWE's biggest Pay-Per-View events of the year. The winner of the Rumble match has traditionally received a championship match of their choice at Wrestlemania. Last year's winner was Alberto Del Rio, who challenged Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 27 and failed in his attempt at the gold. Who will win this year's Rumble?

There are at least 3 other matches on the card as well including the Triple Threat Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler, as well as John Cena finally getting to face Kane one-on-one. It's also been mentioned that any of these competitors may be eligible to enter the Rumble match as well.

The latest WWE Royal Rumble results will be presented below with match-by-match recaps. Click here to refresh this page for the latest updates!

The PPV is underway...Stay tuned for the latest Royal Rumble 2012 results update!

The PPV opened with a video package hyping the big night involving the Rumble match which gives a headline match at Wrestlemania.  Various individuals including Miz, Orton, Wade Barrett and Sheamus, talked about how winning this match is all they want.  Tonight, the Road to Wrestlemania begins starting with tonight's 25th anniversary of the Rumble.

Michael Cole welcomed fans to the silver anniversary of the PPV from Scottrade in St. Louis, with a reported 18,121 WWE fans live in attendance.  Jerry Lawler and Booker joined Cole for the event.  Kicking off the event was the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan (C)
World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

They reviewed the incident with Big Show accidentally running over AJ, and then the confrontation on Smackdown. Bryan smacked Show but ended up getting shoved down after. Lilian Garcia introduced the three competitors, first Henry, then Show and then the champ, Daniel Bryan.

Big Show took control early on with Daniel Bryan, and then flattened Henry against the cage wall with multiple running splash moves. Show was able to grab Daniel Bryan down from trying to escape the cage several times. Show kept manhandling Bryan with Henry still down, but D-Bryan managed to get a big dropkick into Show's leg to ground him. Bryan kept kicking Henry while he was down. Bryan tried to escape the door but Henry managed to get over and stop him.

Later on, Henry was down again and Show kept tossing Bryan against the cage walls. He set up for a chokeslam but Bryan kicked his way out of it and was able to land a Tornado DDT on Show for a near fall. Bryan went for LeBell Lock and got it, but before Show tapped Henry kicked Bryan to break it.

Even later, Show was once again manhandling Bryan, but somehow D-Bryan escaped from him. Bryan managed to get up the cage wall, but Big Show climbed up right after him. Bryan got on the other side and was trying to drop off, but somehow Big Show grabbed his wrist and was holding Bryan as he was hanging frantically over the side. Bryan hung there for moments before finally managing to break free of Big Show's grip and dropped to both feet on the floor.

Post-match, Show sold disappointment and frustration in the ring. Outside the cage, Bryan celebrated enthusiastically with fans ringside, standing on the barrier, and then dropping down on the ramp yelling "YES!" many times.

Winner: Daniel Bryan escapes the steel cage to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

They showed a promo video package for next month's Elimination Chamber PPV which will be on February 19th.

Next up, they hyped the big match of Rock vs. Cena for Wrestlemania 28. They showed a lengthy video package about the love/hate relationship WWE fans have regarding John Cena. Cena was profiled in his various appearances and giving thoughts on it all.

8 Diva Tag Team Match

The team of Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Alicia Fox & Eve took on the team of Beth Phoenix, The Bella Twins and Natalya in an impromptu divas tag match which wasn't announced before the PPV. Tamina and Natalya started things off with hair pulling, slaps to the face, and a big headbutt from Tamina. Eve tagged in for her Booty Pop move to get the crowd going.

Alicia Fox got in for a bit, and then Kelly Kelly who hit her airplane leg scissors spin move. Eventually a bunch of the divas got into the ring to fight, with a melee breaking out outside the ring. Left inside was Kelly Kelly climbed onto the corner and jumped off to take out all the other divas into a pile. She tossed the legal Bella into the ring and worked on her some more. The Bella got the upperhand but Beth Phoenix got onto the apron and slapped her back. Beth pulled the top rope up and yelled "Get out of my ring" then came in to do the Glam Slam on Kelly for the win.

Winners: Beth Phoenix, Bella Twins & Natalya win by pinfall over Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox & Tamina.

The commentators reviewed what Kane did to Zack Ryder last Monday on Raw, as he chokeslammed him through the stage. Eve and John Cena were on hand as Ryder was taken to an ambulance on a stretcher. Eve yelled at Cena backstage that she was going with Zack and told Cena he had done enough so he should stay out of it. Cena was enraged and slapped the mic away when Josh Matthews tried to interview him.

A man was wheeling Zack Ryder in a wheelchair backstage at the arena. Ryder was saying he needs to see Cena kick Kane's ass. Interim GM John Laurinaitis came walking up telling Zack that he had a special catering for him and then mocked Zack's catch phrase. Eve came storming up and called Laurinaitis a bunch of big words, then said she hopes Triple H fires him. JL said "that's gratitude for you" and walked off. Eve called him an "ass" then wheeled Ryder into his dressing room.

John Cena vs. Kane

Cena was introduced first and then Kane. The two exchanged momentum in the early going with Cena clotheslining Kane over the top rope. Kane landed on both feet then yanked Cena to the outside to punch him down.

Kane had control most of the match, and every time John Cena had an opportunity to gain control, Kane managed to answer back.  At one point, Kane went for the hand over the face move to make Cena pass out, but Cena escaped and slapped on STF.  Kane managed to break out and hit a sidewalk slam.  Moments later, he clotheslined Cena after jumping from the corner.

Kane set up for the chokeslam, but Cena got up and ducked it, then used his shoulder knockdowns and the slam to set up Five Knuckle Shuffle.  As he went to taunt Kane, Kane grabbed Cena's neck, but Cena fought out of a chokeslam.  Kane booted him down for a near fall.

Later, Kane sat Cena on the corner and went for a Superplex.  Cena fought out and knocked Kane down to the mat, then did the "You Can't See Me" taunt and Five Knuckle Shuffle from the top rope.  Cena couldn't get the AA as Kane elbowed out though.

From there, Kane kicked Cena to the outside, then went out and kept beating on him.  The ref counted both guys out as Kane kept beating up Cena on the ramp.  Cena started to fight back after the bell rang and hit Kane with a huge speaker or lighting piece from the set.  The fight continued backstage with Cena managing to toss Kane threw a bunch of trash cans and WWE crates.  Kane grabbed a steel chair and started smashing Cena with that as onlookers were seen down the hallway.  Kane beat up Cena til he was out, then spotted Zack Ryder's dressing room.

Kane kicked open the door and then beat up Ryder until he passed out.  Kane began to wheel Ryder out into the arena area with Ryder looking knocked out.  He wheeled him down the ramp then shoved the chair hard, with Ryder falling out of it.  Kane tossed Ryder into the ring wearing his back brace.  Eve rushed down to the ring and tossed herself down begging Kane not to do this.  Kane picked up Ryder and did the Tombstone shooting a smile at Eve as she begged him not to.

Kane turned his attention towards Eve who backed into the corner.  Just then, John Cena rushed down to make a save, and tried for an AA.  He couldn't hold Kane up, so Kane managed to chokeslam Cena down, then left the ring smiling.  Eve checked on Ryder as officials rushed to the ring to help out, eventually taking Ryder away on a stretcher again.  Cena was sitting up near the ropes looking dejected, as Eve was in tears.

Winner: Kane and John Cena fought to a double count out.

Once again, the commentators brought up the big Wrestlemania 28 match between Cena and Rock. They did a video package on The Rock, talking about his life since the WWE. It focused on Rock going around the world, his use of Twitter and Facebook, and his new celebrity entertainment career. They showed footage of him working on his new "Journey2" movie.

Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre

Cole noted that Drew was put into a match tonight by Teddy Long since he won't be in the Royal Rumble. The Funkosaurus arrived out with his dance moves and backup dancers, enraging Drew. In the match, Drew had several early moves, but Brodus shook them off, and did a German Suplex to toss Drew across the ring. He followed with a huge splash on Drew in the corner, then his flying splash move for the pinfall. Drew rolled out of the ring as Brodus and the dancers did their post-match routine.

Winner: Brodus Clay wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk (C)

John Laurinaitis was special guest referee for this matchup with a job review from COO Triple H pending for Monday Night Raw.

Justin Roberts introduced executive VP of Talent Relations and interim GM of Monday Night Raw John Laurinaitis, who walked down to the ring in a sleeveless referee shirt.  He was handed a mic in the ring so he could tell everyone who he is, then said he will oversee the officiating from the outside of the ring.  Laurinaitis called for a regular referee to come do the in-ring officiating.  Cole said this could help JL survive tomorrow night's decision by Triple H.

Vickie Guerrero escorted Dolph Ziggler to the ring as the challenger, and then CM Punk, the champion, arrived next to "Cult of Personality."

Before the match started, Laurinaitis got into the ring and then told Vickie to leave the ringside area.  She screamed as she stomped up the ramp angrily.  Cole reminded everyone that JL said Vickie and Swagger would not be ringside for the match before.

Early on, Punk and Ziggler locked up, with both going for their finishers quick but escaping from each other.  They traded more offense, with Ziggler managing to grab hold of the ropes to avoid an attack from Punk.  Ziggler did his mocking taunt moves as Punk smirked about it.  Punk went for a pinfall and then the Anaconda Vice, but Ziggler escaped to the ropes fast.

Moments later, Punk suplexed Ziggler onto the top rope causing him to fall outside.  Punk followed with the suicide dive onto Ziggler on the ramp.  Ziggler managed to swipe Punk's leg on an attempted move from the corner.  Punk hit his neck on the back of the ropes/turnbuckle, giving Dolph the advantage.

Later Punk had the Anaconda Vice, but Ziggler escaped and got the sleeper hold on Punk.  Punk escaped with Ziggler able to kick him down to the mat again.  Dolph sized him up from the corner for the Zig Zag, but Punk caught him and hit a Powerbomb for a near fall.  Punk continued with momentum, hitting his running bulldog and trying for GTS, but Ziggler fought out and managed to slingshot Punk towards the corner.  Punk did a reverse flying cross bodypress from the corner, with Ziggler rolling through for a near fall.  Punk kept at it, with his Macho Man elbow connecting for another near fall.  JL looked on from outside.

The ref was near the ropes and Ziggler shoved Punk right into him, knocking the ref out of the ring.  Meanwhile, Punk slapped the Anaconda Vice on Ziggler in the ring making him tap.  Laurinaitis was outside the ring checking on the fallen referee so Punk had nobody to make a decision.  Punk released the grip then walked over to the ropes and yelled at JL.  Ziggler nearly stole a pinfall with Punk able to reverse it, but he still had nobody to count it.

Laurinaitis rolled the ref into the ring, but then Punk got in his face.  Laurinaitis yelled back as Ziggler went at Punk.  Punk grabbed him on his shoulders and swung Ziggler so his leg kicked JL in the back of the head.  Punk got the GTS and had another pin but once again there was no ref to count it.  Punk went for a 2nd GTS, but Ziggler countered with Zig Zag from there.  The original ref was back to, and made a very close near fall count.

Punk fought off Ziggler's attacks in the ring, and managed to hoist him up for another GTS.  He connected again and made the cover.  The original ref went to count the pinfall and Laurinaitis slid over to count it with him.  JL grabbed the WWE championship belt and handed it over to the other ref to give to Punk.  JL walked carefully up the ramp looking back towards the ring where Punk stared at him.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Championship.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

The Miz will enter this match at #1 due to his loss to R-Truth on Raw, per GM John Laurinaitis' stipulation.  Justin Roberts gave the rules for the Rumble match reminding fans the winner gets a championship match at Wrestlemania.  The Miz came to the ring as competitor #1.  Cole talked about how The Miz will go "coast to coast" in the match to earn the match.  Miz cut a promo on the mic ahead of the match talking about all the people snickering and talking about him backstage.  He said they're the same ones who said he'd never become a champion in WWE.  He said he's always proved them all wrong, and tonight will be no different.  Alex Riley was introduced as the #2 competitor.

Riley managed to take out Miz with a huge clothesline and nearly slammed him out over the top ropes, but Miz countered and regained control.  Riley thought he tossed Miz over the top rope but Miz held on, then pulled the rope down as Riley ran at him.  Riley fell out and was the first one eliminated.  R-Truth was the third competitor and thought he tossed Miz over the top rope, but Miz held on again.

Cody Rhodes arrived out fourth.  Rhodes and Miz doubleteamed Truth with a variety of moves.  Rhodes managedto hang on from the apron area as Truth punched back and forth between he and Miz.  Justin Gabriel rushed to the ring for the 5th entry.  After Primo rushed down and attacked various people in the ring, The Miz managed to toss Truth out over the top rope.  Truth yanked Miz from the ring and hit his finisher leaving Miz on the floor out of the match.

Mick Foley arrived out at the 7 spot, and then Alberto Del Rio's music hit to surprise the crowd at #8.  A car came driving out beeping its horn, but Ricardo Rodriguez was driving it and dressed as Del Rio.  A "Ri-cardo" chant broke out from the crowd, as Foley and Gabriel pointed for him to go beat up Rhodes.  Foley and Rodriguez worked together to toss Gabriel out of the ring.

Santino arrived next for some more comic relief including a huge wedgie on Ricardo's tights before tossing him out over the top rope.  Foley and Santino went at it in the center of the ring with Marella pulling out his Green Cobra sock and Foley pulling out Mr. Socko.  Epico hit the ring next and got hit by The Cobra and Socko before Foley shoved him out over the top rope.  Miz and Rhodes finally got back into the match attacking Foley/Santino.

At #12, Lawler's theme music hit and the King stood up from his commentary spot to remove his shirt and enter the Rumble match.  He got in the match to fight off Rhodes and Miz and hit his big punch on Miz from the top rope.  Rhodes rushed over and grabbed Lawler to toss him out.  Zeke Jackson was next to the ring, with Lawler returning to his commentary position.

Khali made a big surprise return to eliminated Jinder Mahal and Ezekiel Jackson.  Rhodes managed to stay alive again on the apron.  Hunico arrived down the ramp on his lowrider bike with Comacho on back to get to the match and began pounding on various wrestlers.  Khali gave him a huge chop to the head to knock him down.  Miz and Rhodes continued to stay alive after being #1 and #4 respectively.  Booker T's music hit for the #17 spot as he undressed from the commentators spot and got in the ring to attack Cody, Kofi, Hunico, and Khali.

Kofi was nearly tossed over the top but stood on his hands on the outside floor, then walked over and landed his legs on the steps to stay alive.  That got a big cheer from the crowd.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan came in at #19 after being the winner of the first Rumble.  Michael Cole came in at the #20 spot wearing his all orange wrestling gear and headgear.  Cole did a lot of jumping around celebrating in the ring with nobody else to fight.

To the crowd's surprise, Kharma arrived soon after, making the third ever female to enter a Rumble match.  She immediately clotheslined Cole down.  Cole climbed up over the ropes and stood on the apron, then pleaded with Karma.  Booker and Lawler yanked him off to eliminate Cole.  Karma managed to hit her move on Ziggler, then tossed out Hunico.  Ziggler went over and dumped Kharma out over the ropes.

Another surprise had Road Dogg Jesse James emerging to the match wearing DX gear.  He took out Miz and Rhodes with a variety of his vintage moves drawing a "You Still Got It" chant.

Orton hit the ring at 28 to bring huge cheers from the crowd.  Orton went wild attacking everyone and hitting scoop slams on Sheamus and Barrett.  Rhodes attacked him from behind, but Orton managed to get a double DDT on he and Ziggler from the ropes.

Big Show arrived to the ring and helped Sheamus pull Swagger out of the ring, then hit a KO punch on Swagger.  He got in the ring and eliminated both Miz and Rhodes, then Ziggler.  It came down to a final four of Jericho, Big Show, Orton and Sheamus.  Show  was taking everyone out, until Orton hit the RKO on Big Show.  Orton managed to eliminate Big Show, but Jericho rushed over to shove Orton out.  It came down to Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus.

The finish saw several near eliminations by both competitors including a Walls of Jericho and then Jericho hanging with his feet barely above the ground.  Sheamus went for a Superplex with Jericho fighting it off.  Jerich had a Codebreaker moments later with Sheamus blocking it and trying to drop Jericho over the top rope.  Once again Jericho hung on, but this time as he pulled himself onto the apron, Sheamus ran at him with the Brogue Kick to eliminate Y2J and win the match!  Sheamus is going to Wrestlemania!

The Celtic Warrior posed in the corner of the ring pointing towards the WM28 banner up in the rafters as pyro went off and the PPV went off the air.

Winner: Sheamus wins the 2012 Royal Rumble and will now get a championship match of his choice at Wrestlemania 28.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2012 Royal Rumble results. Remember to check out WWE Raw on Monday night starting at 9PM EST on USA for all the followup from tonight's PPV!

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