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2012 Royal Rumble Entries & Eliminations

The 2012 Royal Rumble was held in St. Louis, Missouri with a field of 30 participants competing this year.  Last year's event had 40 wrestlers in it, with Alberto Del Rio winning the match, and going on to a Wrestlemania 27 championship match against Edge.

See the complete 2012 Royal Rumble results including the other matches on the card.

This year's event saw all sorts of comical spots, twists, turns, and amazing feats, as well as surprise entries.  All three members of the commentary team entered the Rumble at one point or another (Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Booker T).  WWE Diva Kharma made her return to the ring to become the third diva to compete in a Rumble.  Other former WWE stars such as Mick Foley, The Road Dogg Jesse James, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were also part of the match.

However, there could only be one true winner and this year's was The Celtic Warrior Sheamus.  Sheamus arrived at the 22nd spot for the match, and managed to last until the end, facing Chris Jericho.  Jericho and Sheamus went back and forth, nearly eliminating each other.  Finally, Sheamus was able to block the Codebreaker and put Jericho over the top rope.  Despite Jericho hanging on and getting back to the apron, Sheamus' Brogue Kick sent him to the outside.

Here's a look at all 30 competitors, their entry spots and their order of elimination for the Royal Rumble 2012 edition!

01) The Miz (24th by Big Show)
02) Alex Riley (1st by Miz)
03) R-Truth (2nd by Miz)
04) Cody Rhodes (25th by Big Show)
05) Justin Gabriel (4th by Ricardo Rodriguez/Mick Foley)
06) Primo (3rd by Mick Foley)
07) Mick Foley (8th by Cody Rhodes)
08) Ricardo Rodriguez (5th by Santino Marella)
09) Santino Marella (7th by Cody Rhodes)
10) Epico (6th by Mick Foley)
11) Kofi Kingston (18th by Sheamus)
12) Jerry Lawler (9th by Cody Rhodes)
13) Ezekiel Jackson (11th by Great Khali)
14) Jinder Mahal (10th by Great Khali)
15) The Great Khali (14th by Rhodes & Ziggler)
16) Hunico (16th by Kharma)
17) Booker T (13th by Rhodes & Ziggler)
18) Dolph Ziggler (26th by Big Show)
19) Hacksaw Jim Duggan (12th by Cody Rhodes)
20) Michael Cole (15th by Booker/Lawler/Kharma)
21) Kharma (17th by Ziggler)
22) Sheamus **WINNER**
23) Road Dogg Jesse James (19th by Wade Barrett)
24) Jey Uso (20th by Randy Orton)
25) Jack Swagger (23rd by Sheamus/Big Show)
26) Wade Barrett (21st by Randy Orton)
27) David Otunga (22nd by Chris Jericho)
28) Randy Orton (28th by Jericho)
29) Chris Jericho (29th by Sheamus)
30) Big Show (27th by Orton)

It should be noted that several of the eliminations above were assisted by outside interference.  Michael Cole was technically eliminated by Kharma who was in the ring, but it was his fellow commentators, Lawler and Booker, who yanked him off the apron.  Also, Sheamus was in the middle of pushing Jack Swagger over the top rope, when Big Show made his way to the ring and pulled Swagger to the outside.

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