Monday, January 30, 2012

Raw Preview 01/30/12

With the 2012 Royal Rumble now finished, there will be some interesting storylines heading into tonight's episode of Raw.  The Rumble PPV results saw John Cena and Kane battling in a fierce one-on-one matchup.  The two ended up getting counted out, leading to a draw, but the fight was far from over.  As Kane and Cena battled backstage, Kane eventually got the upperhand with a steel chair.  From there, he continued his vicious attack on an already injured Zack Ryder, bringing him to the ring for a Tombstone as Eve Torres watched.  Cena rushed to the ring to save Eve, but ended up getting chokeslammed.  By then, the damage was done, as Ryder was once again taken away by stretcher for medical attention.  What will Ryder's condition be when Raw arrives?  Will Cena call out Kane once again?

The Royal Rumble match saw Chris Jericho attempt to win the match and get a headline championship bout at Wrestlemania 28.  However, Y2J saw his plans fall through as the Celtic Warrior emerged victorious.  Jericho was one of the late entrants and one of the final four competitors.  However, he saw his vision fail, as he had vowed to change the world at the Rumble.  Where will Chris Jericho go from here having failed in his quest?  Will he call out a particular wrestler on the Raw roster?

And finally, tonight's Raw will mark the formal job performance review for interim GM John Laurinaitis.  He'll be graded on his performance as the GM by the current COO, Triple H.  Triple H has been out of action since his match against Kevin Nash at the PPV several months ago.  After last night's Rumble saw CM Punk retain the WWE championship, it appears Laurinaitis may have saved himself from being fired.  Will Triple H feel the same way when he gives the official review?

Check out tonight's episode of WWE Raw on USA starting at 9PM EST!

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