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Raw Results 01/30/12

Raw Results from Kansas City, MO:

John Laurinaitis came out to start the show, talking about how he feels he'll be kept on as permanent GM of Raw since his review is being done by one of the "greatest of all time," and a friend, Triple H.  JL ran down who will be the Raw competitors for next month's Elimination Chamber match with CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, R-Truth, and Chris Jericho.

CM Punk came out to put  down JL saying it will be his final night as Raw GM.  JL tried to get Punk to apologize or thank him for not screwing him out of the WWE title.  Daniel Bryan arrived out, as he's booked to face Punk in tonight's main event non-title match.  Bryan and Punk traded jabs with Punk claiming he's best in the biz, and Bryan saying he'll stick the pipe bomb where the sune doesn't shine.

Sheamus came out next and reminded everyone who won last night's Royal Rumble.  He teased that he could challenge for either of the two titles and reminded them the Elimination Chamber is coming up.  Sheamus wished them good luck and said he hopes Triple H kicks Laurinaitis to the curb.  Sheamus left the ring, then Bryan and Punk came face-to-face.  Punk put out his hand and Bryan shook it after thinking a moment.

Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in over 11 minutes.  Late in the match, Orton clotheslined Ziggler to the outside and tossed him into the guardrail.  He did his DDT from the ropes in the ring and then hit the RKO for the win.  Wade Barrett was shown sitting up in a skybox frowning about the result.

Laurinaitis shook hands with random WWE staff backstage before stopping at William Regal.  He asked how his son is doing and Regal said "daughters," then told him he keeps them in the attic.  Laurinaitis greeted Curt Hawkins before Raw went to break.

Brodus Clay defeated Tyler Reks in about a minute.  Late in the match, Clay withstood a dropkick to the knee, then hit his belly to belly suplex.  He followed with the "What the Funk?" bodysplash on Reks for the pinfall win.

Daniel Bryan and CM Punk had a segment backstage with Punk questioning how Bryan called himself a role model.  Bryan questioned what "straight edge" is and Punk defended his lifestyle.  He said he doesn't claim to be a role model though, just the best wrestler in the world.

Daniel Bryan defeated CM Punk by DQ in a non-title match.  The match went back and forth with great action.  Towards the end, Punk had kicked Bryan onto the apron.  Suddenly, Chris Jericho appeared ringside and tossed Bryan away to cause the DQ.  He hit a Codebreaker on CM Punk then glared as he stared down at Punk in the ring.  Lawler questioned why Jericho made that attack.

They did a video package for the latest WWE Hall of Fame inductee for 2012, Mike Tyson.  Michael Cole noted that TMZ broke the story with ESPN also covering it today.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz by pinfall.  The two wrestlers had traded near finishing moves in the finale, with Kofi suddenly hitting Trouble in Paradise for the win.  R-Truth was doing guest commentary during the match.

Beth Phoenix defeated Eve by pinfall after about 30 seconds.  Eve was distracted and nervous glancing around to see if Kane was lurking somewhere.  Beth took advantage and hit the Glam Slam to retain her Divas title.

Post-match, the arena turned red with Kane appearing up on the big screen.  He talked about how everything that happened to Zack Ryder could've been avoided if John Cena had "embraced the hate."  Kane said Cena's ignoring him, looking ahead to Rock at Wrestlemania.  Kane said he plans to inflict as much pain as humanly possible on Ryder until Cena embraces the hate.  He said tonight he'll use Eve as a conduit to pass the message along.  The pyro shot off with Eve frozen in the ring.  Kane snuck into the ring scaring Eve across the ring.

John Cena's music hit and he rushed down to save Eve, battling Kane.  Cena and Kane traded strikes, eventually going to the outside where Cena whipped Kane into the steel steps.  He kept bashing Kane with the steps each time he got up, then ripped apart the commentators table.  He pulled Kane over to the table to go for the AA, but Kane slipped out of it and escaped into the crowd.  Cena's music played on as Cena celebrated in the ring.  Cole said something happened to Cena at the Rumble last night and he's snapped.

They showed Laurinaitis backstage walking on his way out for the big job review.  Various divas were seen laughing in the background.  Cole said Triple H is up next.

The main segment featured John Laurinaitis in the ring trying to convince the fans he had done a good job as the Raw GM.  He said he did a self-evaluation and gave him self 5 out of 5 on many categories.  Triple H came out to interrupt and talked about how bad a job Laurinaitis has done.  He teased the idea of JL joining the "Kiss My Ass" club like Vince had to save his job.  HHH said he wasn't going to do any of that silly stuff though, just what's been needed.  Just as Triple H prepared to speak, the gong sounded and lights went out.  Lightning and the smoke entered the arena, before the Undertaker made his big return.

Taker got into the ring and circled HHH, before looking at the big WM28 banner and doing the "slash throat" signal.  He looked back at the logo, then at HHH.  Triple H nodded and put his hand on Taker's shoulder almost to say "no" to the idea.  Triple H left the ring and walked up the ramp to go backstage.  Undertaker remained in the ring and looked at the WM28 banner, before his gong went off.  Taker looked out towards the entrance stage as Raw went off the air.

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