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Raw Results 04/02/12

Raw Results from Miami, FL:

All of the WWE divas and superstars were seated in a room waiting for a meeting.  John Laurinaitis came in with David Otunga and spoke about his new role as GM of Raw and Smackdown.  He said he won't abuse his power but will give the people what they want.  He booked Santino to defend the US title in a Triple Threat against Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

CM Punk then asked a question but wasn't seen on camera.  Laurinaitis said he wasn't answering questions yet.  Punk came walking from the back with his championship and said that the majority of people in the room still think JL's a toolbox.  Laurinaitis proceeded to book Punk to defend his title against Mark Henry later tonight.

Rock arrived to the ring to a loud ovation and multiple chants including "Boots 2 Asses" and "You still got it."  He spoke about last night's epic match and how he had to thank John Cena for giving him the match they had last night.  Rock made the interesting statement that he's had a vision to be the WWE champion one day again.

Cole introduced footage of Cena stating before that if he loses the match to The Rock, he "loses everything."  Cole said Cena will be out later to discuss the aftermath.

They showed still shot images from last night's Wrestlemania 28 Pay-Per-View set to Flo Rida's theme music.

Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall to retain the US Championship.  Late in the match, Swagger and Ziggler started arguing.  Ziggler went to punch Swagger, so Swagger hit a belly-to-belly suplex on him.  Moments later, that cost them as Santino avoided both men's attacks.  He catapulted Ziggler into the corner, sending him out of the ring, then was able to avoid a running Swagger in the corner.  Santino put on the Cobra sock and hit his move for the win.

Post-match, the heels tried to grab Santino and beat him up.  Santino pointed at something behind them and then quickly fled the ring.  He started to rush up the ramp with the heels chasing.  Suddenly, Brodus Clay appeared from backstage and stood next to Santino.  Ziggler tried to rush at him but Clay headbutted him down.  Swagger stared at Brodus but didn't go at him, and instead checked on Ziggler.  Clay's music hit bringing out his dancers.  He and Santino showed off some moves.

Lord Tensai made his debut on Raw, accompanied by Sakamoto.  Tensaid went up against Riley who didn't get any ring entrance, but was already in ring.  Cole and Lawler said Tensai was dominant for years in Japan and also against Riley.  Late in the match he hit a modified "Glam Slam" which he turned into a side slam, then did elbow drops and a huge Senton bomb.  Tensaid hit a huge Power bomb and finally the ref called for the bell to give him the win, stopping the match.  Post-match, Tensai spit out some spew onto his hand, then grabbed Riley's head with a claw to put him down to the mat.

More still shots were shown from Wrestlemania including Sheamus with the championship belt, Kelly Kelly with Maria Menounos, and a dejected John Cena after his loss.

They showed another video clip of Cena talking about the importance of beating The Rock at Mania.

Mark Henry defeated CM Punk due to countout.  Late in the match, Punk scored with his Macho Man elbow from off the corner.  He followed up later with a running knee to Henry in the corner, then went for the Bulldog.  On that move, Henry picked up Punk and tossed him out over the top rope.  Punk was laying outside the ring trying to get back as the ref counted him out.  Post-match, the ref alerted Henry he didn't win the belt due to the finish.  Henry went out and picked up Punk and slammed him hard on the floor.

John Laurinaitis came out to the stage with David Otunga.  He said Punk will defend his title on a more consistent basis.  Laurinaitis said he sees dark clouds on the horizon, but not a storm, a natural disaster.  Just then, Jericho's voice was heard, and he came walking from out of the crowd with a mic.  He said last night's match was great so they need to celebrate now with a drink.

Jericho went over and grabbed a glass bottle of whisky.  Jericho proposed a toast, then poured the alcohol all over him saying he would lead Punk down the path his father took.  Jericho kept talking about his family problems.  He went to kick Punk in the head and slipped in the puddle of alcohol.  Y2J then brought a second bottle out and warned Punk that if he drinks too much it goes straight to your head.  Jericho smashed the bottle over his head, leaving Punk layed out.

Sheamus was introduced as new World Heavyweight Champion, but before he could even speak a few words, Alberto Del Rio's music hit.  Ricardo Rodriguez came to the stage and introduced Del Rio as he came out in a fancy red car.  Del Rio got in the ring and congratulated Sheamus for beating Bryan in record time.  Del Rio said now he's got a new challenger.  Sheamus finally got to speak saying he's glad Del Rio's back so he can Brogue Kick someone in the face.

Del Rio said in honor of his return, John Laurinaitis has given him a match Friday on Smackdown.  It'll be for a future World Heavyweight title shot.  Del Rio's mic kept cutting out during his speech, so he went over to get one from Ricardo.  As Del Rio turned around, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick.  Ricardo checked on Del Rio post-match as Sheamus showed off the title from the stage.

They showed Daniel Bryan and AJ watching on a TV monitor backstage.  Josh Matthews came up to ask how disappointed Bryan is after last night's loss.  Bryan just stared at him saying nothing, so Matthews said "Thank you for your time."

They showed a few more still shots from Wrestlemania including fireworks and John Cena greeting Alex Rodriguez with Torrie Wilson ringside.

MGK was shown seated in the front row of the Raw audience.  He drew boos because he performed his song "Invincible" last night in support of John Cena.

Kofi Kingston defeated Cody Rhodes by pinfall after hitting Trouble in Paradise.  Rhodes had control of things but Big Show arrived out to interrupt.  With a mic in hand, he presented a Cody Rhodes Wrestlemania moment.  They showed Rhodes getting KO'd by Show's WMD punch.  He was fuming in the ring and that allowed Kofi to get the win.

They showed a promo for Wrestlemania 29 in New York/New Jersey.  The next Mania is April 7, 2013.

Mark Henry was back in the locker room when Abraham Washington came up to him.  He offered to represent Henry and help him get things going.  He gave him a business card and left with Henry looking upset.

Cole and Lawler reviewed some of the outcomes of last night's Wrestlemania matches including Team Teddy losing to Team Johnny.

Eve Torres arrived out on stage to chants of "Hoeski."  She said everyone got their Wrestlemania moment and she got hers.  Eve talked some trash about Zack Ryder, and then supported John Laurinaitis' motto of "People Power."

More still shots from Mania matches and the fans.

The Miz arrived out with Cole saying he's still undefeated at Wrestlemania and helped Team Johnny win.  Ryder came out and Cole called him a loser.  The Miz won by pinfall after managing to throw Ryder shoulder-first into the ringpost.  He followed up with Skullcrushing Finale for the win.

Cole noted that John Cena is finally at the arena to call out The Rock after his WM28 loss.  The camera showed a shot of Cena's dressing/locker room backstage.

Raw returned with even more Wrestlemania 28 still shots including Jericho vs. Punk, fireworks, and more.  Cole said that on Friday's Smackdown Kane and Randy Orton have a Wrestlemania rematch, and there will also be Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio.  If Del Rio wins he gets a future championship match.

John Cena's theme music hit and drew a loud chorus of boos.  Cena did the salute but didn't run to the ring, but instead walked to the ring.  Cena waited out more boos and jeers before starting to talk.  Cena quoted Mohammed Ali about taking defeats in life.  Cena said anyone else in his shoes would be making excuses now, but that's not him.  He said there was never one second he thought he was going to lose, because if you think like that, you've already lost.

Cena waited out some "You're a loser" chants and asked "will this finally be a day that I lash out at the WWE Universe?"  Cena says as a man he will own up and admit to defeat.  The crowd started up Daniel Bryan's "Yes" chant after that.  Cena said last night's performance will not be his last.  Cena apologized for letting anyone down last night.  He gave a shout out to Machine Gun Kelly and pointed him out in the crowd.

Cena said it's time to address the rumor mill - he's not there to call out The Rock.  Cena said they settled things last night.  A "we want Lesnar" chant started up from the crowd with Cena reflecting on it.  Cena said he wants to invite The Rock to come back down to the ring.  Cena said Dwayne Johnson has earned his respect after all they've gone through.  Cena said after last night he can truly consider Rock the greatest WWE superstar in this industry.

A "Yes" chant started up as Cena admitted Rock was the better man last night.  Cena started to join them then said "Daniel Bryan you owe me one."  Cena asked for Rock to come out so he can congratulate him on his victory.  He waited as the crowd kept chanting.  Instead, Brock Lesnar's theme music hit and Lesnar stepped onto the stage.  The crowd went crazy as Cole said the arena has come unglued.

Lesnar paced around the ring then got on the apron as Cena applauded him.  Lesnar talked a bit then offered a handshake.  Instead of shaking, he hoisted Cena up on his shoulders, looking around at the crowd, then delivered the F5.  Lesnar's musi played on as he posed up on the ring corner.  Raw cut off with Cole going crazy about it.

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