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Wrestlemania 28 Results Coverage

Welcome to WWE Wrestlemania 28 results coverage, courtesy of WWE Characters the Blog!  Tonight's big event comes to us live from Miami, Florida, with many of the biggest names in pro wrestling on display.  They include John Cena, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, and CM Punk!

The biggest match that has been built up prior to tonight's PPV is John Cena vs. The Rock.  These are two fan favorites, but which will reign supreme?  Also, Triple H will try for his second straight year to finally defeat The Undertaker and snap "The Streak."  However, this match will be contested in "Hell in a Cell" with Shawn Michaels as the referee!

Those are just two of a total of at least nine matches on the Wrestlemania 28 card.  To get the latest results, bookmark this webpage and check below.  We'll be bringing match-by-match results and recaps as they're available, starting at 7PM EST and ending around 11PM EST!

See Wrestlemania 2012 Results Quick Version (with Match times)

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

This match is a special pre-show live stream match shown online via YouTube and featuring tag team champions Epico and Primo. They'll be defending their titles against The Usos and the team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

In this dark match shown online, the finish saw The Usos hit a huge Samoan Splash off the corner onto Justin Gabriel.  One of the Usos had the pinfall, but he was pulled off by Epico.  From there, Epico connected with the Backstabber to put the Uso down for a winning pinfall.  Rosa and Primo joined Epico in the ring to celebrate with their tag team title belts.

 Winners: Primo & Epico win by pinfall over Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd to retain their WWE Tag Team Championships.

The Wrestlemania 28 Pay-Per-View opened with a shot of American soldiers holding American flags up on the stage.  Ring announcer Lilian Garcia sang "America the Beautiful" from inside the ring.  After jets flew overhead, a U-S-A chant broke out.

From there, a video package was shown highlighting The Rock and John Cena as they grew up with their families and became star athletes.  They also covered Triple H vs The Undertaker.  The narrator said "This is life and it can only be experienced once.  Tonight paths will cross and eras will end.  Tonight happens only once in a lifetime.  Welcome to Wrestlemania."

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for World Heavyweight Championship

After the bell sounded, Daniel Bryan summoned AJ onto the ring apron for a kiss. They smooched briefly, but as Bryan turned around he got hit by The Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus made the pinfall cover for the big win. Sheamus celebrated in the ring as a dejected Daniel Bryan was comforted by AJ from the ramp. Winners: Sheamus wins by pinfall over Daniel Bryan to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

They had a Team Johnny meeting back in the locker room. Everyone was talking over one another until Miz tried to give a pep talk about how he made history at last year's Mania. Everyone shrugged him off. David Otunga came in and gave a big speech to get everyone psyched up.

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Orton had control late in the match, but as Lawler noted, Kane cut off his momentum. He hit a huge vertical suplex on The Viper for a near fall.

Later Orton tried several clotheslines to knock Kane down but couldn't. He ducked a clothesline from Kane and came off the ropes for a huge scoop slam. Orton followed by shoving Kane to the steel ring post, then grabbed Kane through the ropes for his DDT off the middle rope.

Later still, Kane countered the RKO and landed a huge boot kick for another near fall. Orton went for his punt kick, but Kane avoided it, grabbed Orton and chokeslammed him for another near fall.

The final moments of the match saw both wrestlers up on the corner. Kane got the upperhand and put his hand around Orton's throat, then jumped off the corner to chokeslam Orton for the big win. Orton layed on the mat, as Kane stumbled out of the ring holding his head.

Winner: Kane wins by pinfall over Randy Orton.

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
Intercontinental Championship Match

Big Show manhandled Rhodes early on, including sitting on his face in the corner for a bit. Moments later, Rhodes was able to ground Show by taking out his legs. He kept kicking away and stomping on Show on the mat.

Later, Rhodes went for a kick on Show but Show caught him by the foot. Rhodes managed to regain control and avoided a chokeslam, then yanked Show's arm across the top rope.

Moments later, Rhodes landed a Beautiful Disaster kick. However, Big Show clipped him when Rhodes tried for a second one. Show then lowered one of his straps to reveal half his chest, then revved up the WMD punch. Rhodes was KO'd as he stood up and Show took the pinfall. He let out tears of joy as he hoisted up his IC title for the fans to see.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Cody Rhodes to become new Intercontinental Champion.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

Beth Phoenix arrived out wearing a head dress with feathers on it and carrying her championship belt. Eve was with her talking trash on the way down the ramp. Maria Menounous and the EXTRA segment involving Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix. Phoenix showed up with Eve Torres to interrupt the Kelly Kelly interview. It ended with the match being set up for WM28.  Cole reported that Menounos has two stress fractures in her feet, but is still in second place on "DWTS."

During the match, Kelly got the upperhand on Eve in the corner. She tagged in Maria and they did a double booty rub into Maria's face in the corner. However, the ref got distracted and Beth managed to kick Maria in the side as Kelly was being escorted to the apron.

The heels continued to work over Maria, including Beth Phoenix stomping on her as the ref was holding Kelly from getting into the ring. The heels continued to doubleteam and keep her away from Kelly. Eve went for the booty pop flip, but Maria kicked her away and through the ropes. Maria finally made the hot tag to Kelly who came in and pounced on Beth, then punched Eve off the apron.

Later, Kelly managed to hit a huge move off the corner and had a near fall. Eve came in to disrupt things. Beth went for the Glam Slam but Kelly countered and bulldogged Beth. Kelly made a tag to Maria who seemed really beat up. Maria slowly climbed up the corner, but Beth rushed over to grab her and press her overhead. Kelly snuck into the ring and pulled Maria down by her feet. From there, she and Maria shoved Beth to the ropes, which knocked Eve off the apron. Maria then did a schoolboy pinfall to grab the big win.

Winners: Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly win by pinfall over Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres.

Matt Striker talked to Shawn Michaels backstage who was wearing a special referee shirt. He said it's ironic that tonight he could be the man who calls the end of an era or the end of "The Streak."

Justin Roberts made the announcement that Sun Life Stadium had a brand new record of 78,363 fans in attendance for Wrestlemania 28 tonight. Fireworks were set off as Cole and Lawler talked about it and the fans celebrated.

Justin Roberts introduced "Good Ol' JR" who came down to the ring sporting a goatee. Michael Cole offered a handshake as did Lawler, and JR joined them to give commentary on Taker vs. HHH.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker
Hell in a Cell Match

Shawn Michaels was introduced first as the special guest referee for this match.  Next to the ring was the challenger, The Game Triple H.  After he finished his poses, he turned to stare towards Shawn Michaels, and then awaited The Undertaker.  The arena became completely dark for the entrance with cell phones held up like candles.  Undertaker arrived out in some sort of spiked leather medieval outfit with the smoke surrounding him.

Before the bell rang, Undertaker revealed himself without hair and a shaved head, then stared down Triple H.  The two locked eyes at the center of the ring with HHH talking trash but Taker unphased by his words.  Both men looked up at the Hell in a Cell structure as it began to lower.  Cole noted that these two competitors have been in a total of 19 HIAC matches.

Early on, things spilled outside the ring where Taker managed to flip HHH over his back after whipping him against the cell wall.  Taker followed with multiple headbutts on The Game outside the ring.  Taker continued his dominance using the ring steps and then his "Old School" move from off the corner to take down Hunter.

Back outside the ring, Taker slammed the steps into Hunter's face.  Next up, was a huge leg drop on HHH's neck as he was draped over the apron.  However, Triple H managed to get a DDT in to cut off Taker and gain some control.  Moments later, Triple H hit the Spinebuster on Taker on the steel steps.  Taker tried for Hells Gate on Hunter from the steps, and locked it in.

HHH managed to use his strength to get up with Taker and slam him to the mat.  At this point, HHH was bleeding as Hunter used a steel chair on Taker, then tossed him face first into the steps in the ring corner.  Repeated chair shots from HHH crashed down on Taker.  Michaels tried to stop Hunter, but HHH shoved him away.  Michaels and HHH got in each other's faces, with HBK telling his pal to just cover him.  HHH yelled at Michaels "end it, or I while."  Taker refused to stop the match.

Taker kept stumbling around and kept telling Michaels not to end the match.  Triple H retrieved the Sledgehammer from outside the ring and came in to tell Michaels to end it, or I will.  Michaels begged Taker to let him ring the bell.  HHH hit a huge sledgehammer shot on Taker to knock him down.  He had the pinfall, but Taker got his shoulder up at the last possible second.

Taker prepared to use the sledgehammer to smash Taker's head, but Michaels jumped up and pulled it out of his hands.  HHH screamed at Michaels to ring the bell.  HBK threw the sledgehammer out of the ring, then went to call for the bell but Taker was still moving around.  As Michaels crouched down to ask Undertaker to stop things, Taker put HBK into Hell's Gate.  HHH saw it and rushed over to use the sledgehammer to hit Taker.  Michaels was out of it as HHH went over with the hammer, but got kicked in the gut by Taker.  Taker then locked Hells Gate onto HHH.  Hunter struggled to escape, with Taker keeping it locked until HHH passed out.  Finally, Taker released the hold.

Referee Charles Robinson rushed to the Hell in a Cell to officiate the match.  He got the cage unlocked and got into the ring just as Taker chokeslammed The Game for a pin.  Taker pinned him but HHH got out at the last possible second.  Taker stood up, grabbed Charles Robinson and chokeslammed him to the mat, incapacitating a second ref.

Moments later, Taker and HHH battled it out, with Shawn Michaels getting back to his feet.  HHH shoved Taker away and Michaels hit him with Sweet Chin Music.  Hunter hit the Pedigree and made the cover, but somehow Taker escaped a pinfall!

The closing moments saw Taker beat up Triple H unmercifully.  It came to the point where HHH was barely able to stand and tried to lift up his sledgehammer.  However, as the announcers noted, Triple H had no gas left in the tank.  Taker pulled the Sledgehammer away.  Triple H gave a DX crotch chop but then got hit by the sledgeahmmer in the head.  Taker finished him off with the Tombstone and Michaels made the final pinfall count.  Taker is now 20-0 lifetime at Mania.

The post-match saw Michaels help up Taker and raise his hand.  Moments later after Taker stumbled around, HBK and Taker both helped up HHH to his feet.  They helped him up the ramp and backstage as fans continued to celebrate the match.

Winner: The Undertaker wins by pinfall over Triple H to extend his undefeated Wrestlemania streak to 20-0.

Howard Finkel introduced the 2012 Hall of Fame inductees: Mil Mascalas, Keilani and Justin Anoia (for Yokozuna), Ron Simmons, Mike Tyson, the Four Horsemen, and Edge. As expected, Edge got the biggest ovation from the crowd and choked back tears up on the stage as his music played.

WWE showed a promo that they are giving away 100 trips to Wrestlemania 29 at Met Life Stadium. Text "MANIA29" to 59907 or to win airfare, hotel accomodations, and two tickets to Wrestlemania 29.

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny

If Team Teddy wins, Teddy Long becomes the General Manager of both Smackdown and Raw. If Team Johnny wins, John Laurinaitis becomes GM of both shows.

Brie Bella introduced the members of Team Johnny one-by-one as the Raw theme song played.  The Miz, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and David Otunga.  John Laurinaitis arrived out with Vicki as the flag bearer.

Nikki Bella introduced Team Teddy: Kofi Kingston, Great Khali, R-Truth, Zack Ryder (with Eve), Booker T and team captain Santino Marella.  Teddy Long was led out by flag bearer Hornswoggle, and accompanied to the ring by Aksana.

The early going saw various members of Team TEddy all getting into the act.

At one point, Swagger and McIntyre did a double team flapjack on Khali.  Kofi and R-Truth cleared Swagger and Truth out of the ring and then Ziggler.  They picked up Hornswoggle and tossed him out, but Mark Henry caught him mid air and tossed him to the floor.  Truth and Kofi both flew over the top rope to take out the heels on the outside.  Moments later,

In the ring, Booker crawled and made a hot tag to Santino who came in to take down The Miz.  Santino did a flying headbutt off the corner on Miz, then took out The Cobra.  Laurinaitis got up on the apron with Santino rushing at him for the Cobra.  JL dropped off the apron and Miz ended up hit by The Cobra.  The pinfall was broken up by Ziggler though.

Zack Ryder got tagged in though and had serious momentum.  He took down Miz and nearly hit Rough Ryder, but Miz tossed Ryder onto Ziggler who was hit by the move instead.  Ryder started to get revved up and Eve got in the ring to do the "Woo woo woo" with him.  The ref tried to get Eve out of the ring, and that distraction allowed Miz to grab Ryder and hit Skullcrushing Finale for the win.

Team Johnny celebrated outside the ring as Eve checked on Ryder in the ring.  The rest of Team Teddy all stood back in the corner looking at them.  Ryder got up and when he turned to face Eve, she kicked him in the groin.  As Ryder fell to the mat, Eve exited the ring and waltzed up the ramp to "Hoeski" chants.  Eve stood up on the stage and got booed as Ryder looked out through the ropes at her.

Winners: Team Johnny wins by pinfall over Team Teddy giving John Laurinaitis control of Raw and Smackdown.

WWE Extreme Rules PPV promo was shown for the next PPV which is April 29th in Chicago. Alex Rodriguez and Torrie Wilson were shown sitting in the front row of the crowd.

A recap video was shown of the various media events and Fan Axxess this past week. Included were Rey Mysterio with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, as well as various talk show appearances. There were also a reading challenge, WWE superstars playing golf and more shown.

CM Punk was backstage preparing for his championship match.  Suddenly, cheers were heard as Team Johnny came walking down the hall jubilant.  The team walked off and John Laurinaitis went up to Punk, he said he wants a clean fight out there, not a brawl.  He told Punk if he loses the match by DQ, he'll also lose his title.  Punk was fuming as Laurinaitis walked off.

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

The first man introduced was the challenger Chris Jericho. Justin Roberts let fans know of the new added stipulation that if Punk is disqualified in the match, he loses the WWE title. Cole introduced footage of comments made by Punk and Jericho leading to this "personal" championship match.

Early in the match, Jericho tried to use the stipulation to test Punk's temper and push him over the edge.  At one point, Punk grabbed a steel chair and prepared to hit Jericho, with Chris yelling "hit me in the head" and trying to taunt him with remarks about his family.  Punk managed to keep his cool though.

At one point, Punk went for his Macho Man elbow from the top rope but Jericho blocked it.  He followed with the Codebreaker but Punk's momentum threw him out of the ring.  Jericho went out and brought Punk back in.  As they got in the ring, Punk managed to surprise Y2J with the GTS, then crawled over for a pin, but Jericho got a leg on the bottom rope.

Later, on the corner Punk went for a Hurricanrana but Jericho stopped him and dropped off the corner, putting Punk into Walls of Jericho.  He held it for a while but Punk refused to the tap and got to the bottom rope to break it.

Later, Punk had Jericho up for GTS and yelled out "Best in the World!"  Jericho countered it and turned it into the Walls of Jericho locking things in.  Punk crawled to reach any rope within distance.  Jericho walked him back towards center ring.  Punk managed to grab Jericho's leg and put on a small package pinfall.  Jericho reversed it.  Punk managed to get him in the Anaconda Vice and screamed for Jericho to tap, but he wouldn't.  Y2J escaped it and tried for Walls of Jericho.  Punk got Anaaconda Vice on once again.

Jericho tried to avoid tapping out, but finally realized he had nowhere to go and gave in.  Punk retains the WWE Championship by submission!

Winner: CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho by submission to retain the WWE Championship.

They had the Funkosaurus Brodus Clay come out to kill some time. He asked everyone to reach down in their pockets. He said they're going to call somebody, their mommas! Brodus got on his phone and called his momma, then realized his momma was there. He introduced "Momma Clay" who came out from backstage and started to dance in front of him. From backstage, her bridge club came out dancing wearing similar wigs and outfits. Clay danced with them and his backup dancers.

Michael Cole fed to a preview of "GI Joe Retaliation" starring The Rock. Next they had video footage from the Cena vs. Rock special that aired before. Various wrestlers were shown speaking about the big match at Wrestlemania too.

Justin Roberts introduced Sean "Diddy" Combs who then introduced his recording artist MGK to perform "Invincible" which is one of the Wrestlemania 28 theme songs.  MGK added in a monologue at the end about how tonight an underdog will rise above the hate to defeat one of the biggest egos.  After MGK finished and walked backstage, Cena's music hit and he arrived out.

Next, Justin Roberts introduced Flo Rida to perform "Good Feeling" and "Wild Ones" before Rock's entrance.  Flo Rida had several dancers on stage with him for the performance.  After they wrapped up the second song, The Rock's theme music hit and out came "The Great One" for his entrance.  Rock walked from side to side across the stage to survey the crowd before heading to the ring.

John Cena vs. The Rock

Before the bell, the crowd exchanged "Let's Go Cena" and "Cena sucks" chants. Rock and Cena took it in, and finally the bell rang to start things off. Cena was able to shove Rock away to start things off. They locked up again and this time Rock shoved Cena away to the corner to show his strength.

Rock gained control several times early on, with Cena having to eventually roll out of the ring to recover. Back in the ring, Cena managed to gain control and rammed into Rock in the corner several times. Moments later, Cena avoided a charging Rock and pulled down the top rope to cause him to fall out. Cena went outside and picked up Rock to drop him on top of the crowd barrier. Cena dropped him on the announce table then got back in the ring.

At one point in the match, Rock hit a Spinebuster to put Cena down and prepared for "The People's Elbow." Cena grabbed Rock's leg and tried to put on STF but Rock escaped. From there, Cena hit multiple shoulder takedowns and then slammed Rock down before hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He went for the AA, but Rock escaped it. Both guys clotheslined one another down and hit the mat while the ref counted.

The Rock mocked the "You Can't C Me" taunt, and swung at Cena. Cena ducked and managed to hit the AA out of nowhere, but The Rock kicked out of the pinfall sending the fans into a frenzy. Rock and Cena grappled more with Rock able to hit the Rock Bottom for a near fall of his own.

Later, Cena hit a huge legdrop from the top rope for another near fall. Rock escaped another AA attempt by grabbing the top rope and managed to put Cena into a Sharpshooter moments later. Cena used his power and strength to refuse to tap. Cena crawled to the bottom rope and grabbed it. After it was broken, Rock punched away on Cena then put another Sharpshooter on him. Again, Cena got the bottom rope to break it.

After Rock beat up Cena outside the ring a bit, they both went back to the inside. Cena managed to trip up Rock and put on the STF. Rock tried to crawl to the ropes, with Cena briefly releasing the hold and dragging him to the center of the ring to reapply it. Rock seemed to be fading out with Cole saying that Rock might pass out before he taps. The ref raised and dropped Rock's arm twice, but on the third time he kept his arm up and then powered his way to the ropes to break the STF.

Moments later, The Rock finally hit the People's Elbow for a pinfall with Cena barely escaping that one to Rock's surprise. In the closing moments, Cena got the upperhand as he had Rock flat on his back. However, this time he decided to mock Rock's People's Elbow. Cena tore off his arm band and tossed it out to the crowd then mocked Rock as he ran the ropes. On the way back from the other side's rope, Rock got up and grabbed Cena to hit him with a final Rock Bottom to win it by pinfall.

Rocky posed from the various ring corners as fireworks exploded and the Miami crowd went crazy. Cena sat on the ramp looking dejected over the loss and nodded to a fan nearby. Cole signed off just before 11 PM EST.

Winner: The Rock wins via pinfall over John Cena.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your Wrestlemania 28 results coverage!  Full results are available here after 11PM EST!  Also, be sure to check out Monday's episode of Raw for the followup from tonight's major Pay-Per-View event!

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