Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WWE NXT Results 03/28/12

Here are the WWE NXT results for 03/28/12 from Atlanta, Georgia.  This latest episode only had two matches due to extra video packages on Wrestlemania 28.

Hunico defeated Derrick Bateman by pinfall.  Kaitlyn and Camacho were both ringside.  Late in the match, Bateman had control and hit a suicide dive on Camacho outside the ring.  That choice cost him as he returned to the ring and Hunico grabbed him for a modified Samoan drop for the win.

They had a backstage segment involving Maxine and Curtis.  Curtis asked her if she got the goods on Regal and she said he's apparently into some freak stuff.  Curtis said he heard WWE's trying to keep Matt Striker's disappearance a secret.  They had a mini argument with Percy Watson and Alex Riley, with Maxine accusing Watson of kidnapping Striker.

Moments later, they bumped into Titus O'Neil and Darren Young.  Titus tried to kiss Maxine and made some fish jokes before he and Young left.  Finally, Maxine received a text from whoever is holding Striker captive.  It said if Maxine gives them what they want, then she can have Striker back.

Titus O'Neil defeated Jey Uso by pinfall.  Darren Young was on guest commentary during the match.  Late in the match, Jey went for the Superfly Splash.  Titus put his knees up to block it.  Jey tried to recover, but O'Neil hit him with Clash of the Titus, then took the pinfall win.  Post-match, Tamina came down the ramp to comfort Jey.  Jimmy helped Jey up the ramp with Tamina glaring at Young and O'Neill looking disappointed at what they did.

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