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Raw Results 03/26/12

WWE Raw Results from Atlanta, GA:

Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated Randy Orton and Sheamus by pinfall.  AJ was ringside and got in the ring to stand in Bryan's way when Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick.  The distraction allowed Kane to get involved and chokeslam Sheamus behind the ref's back.  Daniel Bryan made the pinfall cover, then celebrated joyously around the ring.

Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis introduced their team captains and flag bearer - Vickie Guerrero, or mascot- Hornswoggle, before a match.

Santino Marella defeated David Otunga by pinfall after hitting The Cobra.  John Laurinaitis got in the ring to protest the decision.  The Miz rushed out to the ring and hit the Skullcrushing Finale on Santino, then was announced as the final member of Team Johnny.

They had a video package involving The Undertaker and him talking about ending HHH's career.

Michael Cole announced there will be a special Wrestlemania Press Conference on Wednesday at 2:30PM EST.

Kelly Kelly defeated Eve Torres in a quick match.  Eve dominated for a bit with Beth Phoenix at ringside for her.  However, Kelly stole a surprise win by pinfall, then escaped the clutches of Beth Phoenix.

CM Punk and Christian match didn't happen as announced.  Prior to the match, Chris Jericho appeared on the big screen and brought up how Punk's parents married after Punk's birthday, making him a bastard.  That enraged Punk to the point he snapped.  After gaining the upperhand on the outside against Christian, he beat him unmercifully around the outside area yelling "This is you, Jericho!"

Big Show defeated Primo by pinfall after a chokeslam.  Rosa Mendes got up on the apron and started to yell at Show.  Epico tried to attack from behind and got chokeslammed. As Rosa kept screaming from the bottom of the ramp, Cody Rhodes arrived out to cut a promo, mocking Show for having no success at Wrestlemania.  He promised to make a fool of Show on April Fool's day at WM28 and retain his Intercontinental Championship.

They had a new promo for Lord Tensai.  Also announced, Christian re-aggravated his neck injury and won't be a part of Team Johnny at Wrestlemania 28.

The Bellas were backstage wearing a Team Johnny and Team Teddy shirt discussing who was on which team and why that team was better.  Zack Ryder came up wearing a Team Teddy shirt saying Team Teddy has something Team Johnny will never have.  He got into a mini-argument with one of the Bellas and said "maybe you should change your face."  The other Bella got disgusted and they both left.  Eve came up and flirted with Zack, then asked him to stay at her hotel for Wrestlemania.  He went for a kiss but she stopped him saying after Wrestlemania there will be time to celebrate.

Josh Matthews interviewed CM Punk backstage.  Punk said if he wants to know how he feels, to ask Christan how he feels.  Punk said he's not a wrestler, but the best wrestler in the world.

Cole announced that John Laurinaitis replaced Christian with Drew McIntyre for his team.  Cole said Team Teddy has just 5 members while Team Johnny has 6.

Mark Henry defeated The Great Khali by pinfall.  Late in the match, Khali seemed to have control, but Henry grabbed him and hit the World's Strongest Slam for the win.  Post-match, Henry yelled out at Long from inside the ring.  Laurinaitis grabbed Teddy and shoved him into the ring for Henry to scare.  The rest of Team Johnny arrived out to guard the ring.  Henry cornered Long.  Santino and Ryder rushed down the ramp but they got quickly beat down.

R-Truth came out and jumped on them all too.  Kofi Kingston rushed down and jumped up on the apron, then tried a springboard move towards Henry.  Henry caught him and hit World's Strongest Slam.  Henry eventually picked up Long for the Slam, but all of a sudden Booker T rushed into the ring and attacked Henry.  He got the upperhand and hit the scissors kicks to lay out Henry.  Long thanked Booker and then asked him to join Team Teddy.  Booker grabbed the mic and say "Can you dig that Suckaaa??"

The Rock arrived out and waited a while before talking.  On the way to the ring he stopped to pat a kid on the head while a guy was flipping him the double bird nearby.  He gave a talk about how many thought WM20 would be his last, and he keeps getting asked when he's coming back.  He said he went to Georgia for last year's Wrestlemania 27.  He said then he knew the wait was over for him to return to Wrestlemania again.

Rock started to talk about what he was going to do at Sunday's Wrestlemania 28.  Cena's music hit and he arrived out onto the ramp, before rushing down to the ring.  Rock stood back and looked unimpressed by it all.  Cena told Rok he'll never see anything like John Cena. Cena said here he is like every single night, and then talked about how he's dealt with the hate for years, but he's rised above it and won.

He said he is going to win at Wrestlemania as well.  Cena brought up he's been a longer active member in WWE than Rock has.  Cena said he's been there in the good times and the bad times, saying this is what he does and he's proud of it.  They flashed on the screen that John Cena was now trending at Twitter.  Cena said he knows that Rock will be back to show business after their match.  He said his office won't change after the match, it'll be the ring.

Rock gave his rebuttal saying he helped build this office that Cena calls home.  Rock said he's come back after all these years to beat Cena.  Rock said nobody else can say they walked into Wrestlemania and beat Hulk Hogan, beat Stone Cold, and beat John Cena.  Rock said on a personal level he just doesn't like Cena.  He said in 6 days he's going to not just beat Cena but give him "the ass kicking of a lifetime."  He said Cena knows it, Rock knows it, and the people know it too.

Cena said he's made a living being the guy "you can't see."  However, on Sunday he'll be the guy Rock can see with his hand raised high with the headline saying "John Cena whips the Rock's ass at Wrestlemania."  Cena dropped the mic and he and Rock got face to face to close out Raw.

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