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WWE NXT Results 04/04/12

Here's the latest results for WWE NXT on from 04/04/12:

- Percy Watson defeated Tyler Reks by pinfall.  Late in the match, Reks had control with some power moves.  He went for a bodyslam with Percy able to reverse it and score the pinfall.

Post-match, Rex and Hawkins tried to attack Percy.  William Regal intervened and sent Rex backstage, saying if he didn't go, he could be suspended.

Natalya was in the backstage hall ironing clothes on an ironing board.  Michael McGillicutty came walking up and started talking about Tyson Kidd.  McGill said Natalya understands his gripe with Tyson because she's a third generation wrestler like him.  Natalya got upset and threatened him not to bring her family into this beef.  She threw a pair of her panties on the ground and left McGillicutty there.

Natalya defeated Kaitlyn by submission.  Tyson Kidd was on commentary during the match and told Regal that his relationship with Natalya is strictly professional.  Late in the match, Kaitlyn hit a cross body after running from off the ropes.  She had a few pinfall attempts, but Natalya reversed one and slapped on the Sharpshooter.  Kaitlyn quickly tapped out to submit. Post-match, Kidd thanked Regal and Matthews, then left to raise Natalya's arm in the ring.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil were talking backstage about Tamina.  Alicia Fox and Tamina came walking down the hall, so Young started trying to kick game on Tamina saying she's been running through his mind all day long.  He yelled after her that he's got reservations at McDonald's.  Titus came out and mocked Young then started laughing and took off.

- The Uso Brothers defeated Titus O'Neil and Darren Young for the main event tag team match.  Tamina was at ringside during the match with The Usos.  Late in the match, Titus went over to the side of the ring to yel lat Darren Young who was layed out outside the ring.  When Titus turned around he was hit by a Samoan slam, and then Jey Uso hit the Samoan Splash from the top rope for the pinfall win.

Percy Watson and Bateman were hanging out with Kaitlyn after her loss.  Maxine came walking past screaming to someone on her cell phone that she needs the stuff.  Bateman asked Percy and Kaitlyn to give them a moment to talk.  He asked why she was so stressed and she yelled at him she wasn't.  Just then, Curtis came up and said he got a text saying the kidnappers wanted them to meet in the basement.   Tyson Kidd came out and told Bateman to go out there tonight and tear apart McGillicutty.

They had Curtis and Maxine down in the basement waiting for the kidnappers.  Suddenly, Curtis got attacked by Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins was with him.  Hawkins told Maxine to get Regal off their backs, or they'll make it look like she and Curtis are the kidnappers.  Hawkins and Reks left, and Curtis told Maxine they aren't getting upstaged by those two.  He said it's about to get real weird.

-Michael McGillicutty defeated Derrick Bateman by pinfall.  Bateman hit a swinging neckbreaker late in the match, but McGill was able to kick out of a pinfall.  Bateman with a running clothesline on McGill in the corner, then he went out and climbed onto the corner.  He went for a flying move but McGill ducked it.  McGill followed with a Sharpshooter attempt to mock Tyson Kidd.  Bateman reversed to a pinfall.  McGill escaped it and moments later hit his swinging neckbreaker for the pinfall win.

Tyson Kidd arrived out on the stage post-match to mockingly applaud McGill's victory.  The two yelled some taunts from the ring to the top of the ramp as NXT closed out for the night.

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