Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Possible Over The Limit Spoilers on Raw

With last night's episode of Raw, two particular events happened which could factor into Sunday's Over The Limit results.  These involve some potential spoilers and rumors floating around, so please stop reading if this might ruin the Pay-Per-View.

First up, we saw Big Show get fired during the episode.  This came after several different instances where Show was in the ring with John Laurinaitis and Eve, between Raw and Smackdown.  It was all over the fact Big Show mocked Laurinaitis.  Despite all the apologies Show made, Johnny still wished him "best of luck" in his future endeavors.  So with that Big Show is gone, right?

Not so fast.  Something else happened at the end of Raw, with the announcement of the stipulations for John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis.  Eve brought out a piece of paper from the Board of Directors which said there can be no special guest referee, and no involvement from any other superstars in the match.  If any superstars on the WWE roster get involved, they will be terminated, immediately.

With Big Show already fired, it's looking like a possibility that he could show up at Over The Limit, make the heel turn, and allow John Laurinaitis to win this match against Cena.  If not Big Show, maybe Brock Lesnar, but that seems far fetched at this point.

The other possibility seems to be in the Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk WWE Championship match.  On Raw, Bryan's former girlfriend, AJ came up to talk to Punk.  However, Punk noted she seems rather unstable lately, and that seemed to bother AJ, as expected.  So could this mean some interference by AJ in Sunday's WWE championship match?  She may just attempt to help Bryan in a last-ditched effort to win him back!

Those are just two interesting developments which came about on Monday's episode of Raw.  There's been murmurs about the Big Show firing and spoilers of him getting involved in Over The Limit.  Some hate the idea, while others say it just makes sense now.  What do you think of these potential spoilers and results?  Will John Laurinaitis and Daniel Bryan be victorious on Sunday?

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