Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WWE NXT Results 05/02/12

WWE NXT Results from Toledo, OH:

Matt Striker and William Regal started things off in the ring, with Striker welcoming Josh Matthews back to commentary, and Regal back from talent scouting.  Regal said there will be new talent debuting in the coming weeks.

Johnny Curtis and Maxine came out to intterupt, as well as JTG.  Regal said they caused a lot of trouble for Hornswoggle last week.  An open tag team challenge was issued, with Tyson Kidd arriving out to accept, and saying that Alex Riley would be his partner.  Also shown in the crowd were recently-fired Reks and Hawkins with tickets in hand.

Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley defeated Johnny Curtis and JTG by submission.  The close saw JTG tap out to Kidd's new submission finisher.

They had a backstage segment involving Michael McGillicutty and Percy Watson.  McGill made fun of Watson, and then Percy told him they have a 1-on-1 match tonight that Regal set up.  McGill warned Percy not to cross him, and said he wasn't the one who attacked him last week.

They showed the Raw Rebound with the Lesnar and Triple H in-ring confrontation this past Monday.

They showed Reks and Hawkins on camera holding signs that said "Regal Sucks" and "Change 4 NXT."  Regal had security escort them out saying they need to go to the unemployment line since they're both fired.

Bateman and Kaitlyn were backstage with Derrick saying how excited he is to finally have a match on Smackdown.  They found Alex Riley backstage, attacked by someone.  He claimed it was Michael McGillicutty that did it, so they said they'd take him to a hospital.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson.  Matt Striker came out from backstage to the announcers table to tell William Regal something.  Regal got on the mic asking if the tassel in Percy's hand earlier belongs to him.  He said security found it near Alex Riley so they want to have a word with him.  That concluded the episode of NXT.

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