Monday, June 11, 2012

Raw Preview 06/10/12

On tonight's episode of Raw, a major return is in store for the WWE Universe.  Vince McMahon, who was relieved from his duties months ago, will now make his return to Raw.  According to statements last week via the WWE website, Vince will be there to evaluate John Laurinaitis' job performance as the General Manager of Raw and Smackdown.  With that in mind, will Vince have good, or bad things to say regarding Big Johnny?  Will he get warned he's close to being told "you're fired!"?

Last week also saw John Cena embarass commentator Michael Cole in the main event.  This occurred after Cena defeated Lord Tensai in a match scheduled by Laurinaitis.  Cole was humiliated as Cena made him apologize to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross for remarks he'd made before.  Meanwhile, the win came about two weeks ahead of Cena's big match against Big Show at No Way Out.  Will these two superstars cross paths on tonight's show with their match coming up?

And finally, the three men involved in the WWE Championship match for No Way Out, had an interesting confrontation last Monday.  Kane was about to defeat CM Punk, but interference from Daniel Bryan cost him the match.  In the aftermath, AJ got into the ring to check on CM Punk, and Kane looked as if he might go after her.  However, the girl who continues to display a questionable mentality, simply stood up and smiled in a flirty way at the Big Red Monster.  Kane was mesmerized for a moment, and instead of doing anything, just turned and left the ring.  Will AJ and Kane cross paths again?  What's next for WWE champ CM Punk and challenge Daniel Bryan?

Raw goes live tonight, starting at 9PM EST on USA!

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