Monday, June 4, 2012

Raw Preview 06/04/12

Tonight's episode of Raw could see a major confrontation as one superstar makes his return to the live show.  John Cena will be back after being KO'd a few weeks ago by his latest foe, the Big Show.  Last week saw Big Show go on a rampage, not only on Raw, but on Smackdown as well, destroying multiple superstars.  However, John Cena will be back on the show.  What will Cena have to say regarding Big Show's recent attacks?  Will there be a confrontation involving the two?

Also, the WWE championship will be up for grabs in a Triple  Threat match at the No Way Out PPV.  Current champ CM Punk will have not just one opponent to worry about, but also the Big Red Monster Kane.  In recent episodes of Raw and Smackdown, all three men have got in one another's way.  During a recent title bout on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan interfered in Kane's match with CM Punk.  What will go down next between these three?  Will AJ get involved again somehow?

And finally, Raw has continued to see John Laurinaitis wielding his "People Power."  Most recently, he tried to unveil a mock cover of WWE 13 video game with his image on the cover.  That brought CM Punk to the ring to thwart his attempts and reveal the real cover.  Laurinaitis has also continued to humiliate former Smackdown GM Teddy Long, and stack the odds against various competitors.  Will someone stand up to JL and his "People Power" on tonight's show, or will he continue to flex his corporate muscle?

Check out Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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