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Raw Results 06/11/12

Raw Results from Hartford, CT:

Raw opened with GM John Laurinaitis arriving to the ring.  However, he couldn't get many words out, because Vince McMahon's music hit to bring out "the boss."  Cole said McMahon hadn't been there since October 2011.  McMahon brought up all the hard facts about Johnny's performance, including signing Lesnar who lost in his PPV match, then quit and has 2 lawsuits against WWE.  Laurinaitis blamed HHH for that.  McMahon also said that the people don't seem to like JL much, nor does the roster.

Sheamus came out to confirm that fact, saying Johnny's a real friend to him, fining him $500k for speaking his mind.  He then turned his attention to asking for who his opponent will be at No Way Out (since Del Rio's out with injury).  JL said he'll find him an opponent tonight.  McMahon told JL he better make a good set of matches tonight or else he'll hear those two words "You're Fired!"

Laurinaitis hobbled backstage on his one crutch, leaving his scooter at ringside.  McMahon rode it up the ramp, then got off it and shoved it off the ramp to the lower floor.

Sheamus defeated Lord Tensai by pinfall.  Sheamus won in about 10 minutes time after connecting on the Brogue Kick.

Backstage, McMahon told Laurinaitis things aren't going so well for him so far, so that's strike one.  He asked who Sheamus will face at No Way Out.  Vickie Guerrero was there and said Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger would be good replacements.  Vince said good idea, but asked for JL's input.  JL deferred to Teddy Long who suggested a Fatal Fourway elimination match with Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Great Khali, and Christian - all former Heavyweight champs.  Laurinaitis tried to take credit for it and went for the fist bump, with McMahon ignoring him.

Back in the ring, Lord Tensai was still there.  He kept beating up his assistant Sakamoto and eventually threw him over the top rope to the outside.  Cole said Tensai is upset following his last two losses, to Cena and Sheamus tonight.

They had a backstage interview with Matt Striker talking to R-Truth about being attacked by Big Show a few weeks ago.  Truth brought up how Little Jimmy was traumatized.  He said Big Show is going to lose to Cena at No Way Out.  All of a sudden a big right hand came into the shot and knocked Truth down.  The camera revealed Big Show, standing over Truth.

Beth Phoenix and Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Santino Marella and Layla in a mixed tag match.  The match lasted about 3 minutes, and saw Beth take out Layla's knee before hitting a Glam Slam on her.  Post-match, Santino was checking on Layla with Ricardo doing a victory dance.  Santino went at him and tore off his tuxedo to reveal a Justin Bieber shirt.

Backstage, David Otunga attempted to kiss up to Vince McMahon to take JL's job if he's fired.  Kofi Kingston came in and asked for a match against Big Show.  Laurinaitis came in and said he's got the match, and it will be a No Way Out preview in a steel cage.  McMahon told Laurinaitis he liked that idea.

Daniel Bryan came to the ring and started cutting a promo with a quick Q&A session saying "Yes" to "Will I win the WWE title at No Way Out?"  CM Punk came out and the two jawed at one another about who is the bigger sellout.  Kane came out to talk about his "pipe bombs" over the years - electrifying Shane McMahon's testicles, tombstoning a priest, and setting JR on fire.

AJ came out and told them all to stop fighting.  She said when she looked into Kane's eyes she realized he has a heart.  AJ said she's still not over Daniel Bryan, her first true love.  She got flirty with Punk saying he's the "coolest guy she knows" and also added she knows "the best man will win this weekend."

John Laurinaitis came on the big screen saying in the name of "People Power" tonight there will be a tag team match: CM Punk and AJ versus Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Dolph Ziggler won a Fatal Fourway #1 contenders match for the World Championship.  He'll face Sheamus at No Way Out.  First man eliminated was Great Khali, after Christian hit a Frogsplash on him.  All three men pinned Khali for the elimination.  Next one out was Swagger, who Ziggler stole a pin on after Christian hit his finisher on him.  Ziggler managed to score the Zig Zag to finish off a hobbled Christian.

Ryback squashed Williard Fillermore and Rutherford Hayes in his latest match, after getting "Goldberg" chants on his way to the ring.  He did his move with both guys on his shoulder before slamming them back and pinning both.  Ryback chanted "feed me more" up on the ramp as he headed backstage.

They had a backstage segment with the Funkateers asking Vince if he could lift John Laurinaitis' ban of Brodus Clay from Raw.  He said no, and then they started begging and pouting.  They said they heard Vince knows how to get funky.  He acted modest for a bit, then the lights and music hit for Brodus Clay.  Vince started dancing with the Funkateers for a bit.  Once it ended they rushed off backstage with Vince looking proud of himself.

They had a lengthy backstage segment which started with Vince McMahon asking Hornswoggle for tips on how to immitate Jim Ross.  Vince gave it a try for a bit with the cowboy hat on.  He shooed Horney away and Cena came in to chat.  Cena talked about how awful John Laurinaitis is, and suggested Vince needs to get rid of him.

Vince brought up how a guy who lost to The Rock at Mania is giving him management advice.  Cena brought up Vince's losses at Mania, including Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, and his own son, Shane McMahon. Cena suggested that Vince should use his famous words tonight on John Laurinaitis.  Otunga came in after Cena had left and started to kiss up to Vince.  Vince told him nobody likes a man willing to get down and kiss someone's behind.  Vince said nobody respects a man who does that, then the camera showed William Regal looking smug on the couch.

Cole announced there will be a WWE No Way Out Pre-show match on Sunday.  The match will feature David Otunga versus Brodus Clay on YouTube and WWE Facebook online starting at 7:30PM EST.

Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston in a steel cage match.  Late in the match, Show kept yanking Kofi back in through the steel cage door to prevent his escape.  Finally, Show delivered a knockout punch on Kofi after blocking a kick.  He took a moment before walking out the cage door, and stepping onto the floor outside.  John Laurinaitis was shown watching backstage and smiling about the win.

Sin Cara defeated Curt Hawkins by pinfall.

A YouTube backstage access video package was shown to promote the WWE channel.

They posted a countdown on the screen of about 37 minutes until Vince McMahon's decision on John Laurinaitis' job as GM.

Daniel Bryan was stretching backstage, when Vince McMahon walked up to him to wish him good luck on his match tonight.  Bryan said he didn't think Vince McMahon would like him.  Vince talked about how you can't judge a book by its cover and if someone saw him walking down the street they wouln't know he was a WWE superstar.  Bryan told Vince they have something in common, both are self made successes.  Vince brought up Bryan's quick loss at Wrestlemania and said he's never finished anything in 18 seconds.  He left Bryan alone to think that over.

Cole said Laurinaitis has invited a former Raw main eventer to come back tonight in honor of the upcoming 1000th episode.  They showed a door with a star on it that said "1000."

Heath Slater was in the ring already with Justin Roberts said the following match will involve a former Raw main eventer invited to the show by John Laurinaitis.  Slater grabbed the mic saying they don't need a former main eventer, when they have a current superstar in the ring.  Slater kept rambling on when suddenly Vader's music hit to bring out the superstar.  Cole said he debuted at the 1996 Royal Rumble match.

Vader defeated Heath Slater by pinfall after hitting the Vader Bomb.  Vader basically dominated most of the match, although Slater kicked out of several pin attempts.  He finally dragged Slater over to the corner and hit the Vader Bomb.  Crowd chants included "Let's go Vader!" and "You Still Got It!"  Cole noted that "Vader Time" is the #1 trend in the world right now on Twitter.

Backstage, AJ was telling CM Punk how nervous she is about their match.  He told her nto to worry because he won't let anything happen to her.  Punk said to stay on the apron and "try not to act crazy."  AJ said "OK," looked at Punk, then gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Punk looked worried as AJ left.

AJ and CM Punk defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan by pinfall.  Late in the match, Punk had fallen to the outside.  AJ got in the ring with Kane who stood there trying to be menacing.  All of a sudden she started skipping around Kane who stood frozen in his tracks.  She stopped in front of him then jumped up on Kane, straddling her legs around his torso.  AJ looked into Kane's eyes a bit, then began kissing him for several moments.  The crowd chanted "Yes Yes!" as she kept going with it.  Punk finally got back on the apron to see what was going on.  Kane stood stunned as AJ dropped off him.  Kane walked over and slap tagged Bryan, then left the ring and walked up the ramp.  AJ backed away from Bryan and tagged Punk who punched Bryan several times, before hitting his Macho Man elbow drop on him for the win.

Post-match, AJ sat cross-legged in the ring with everyone looking bewildered at what just happened.  Punk was in the ring, Kane on the ramp, and Bryan on the outside near the commentators table.

Cole said Vince McMahon's decision about John Laurinaitis when Raw returns.  An ad for Smackdown aired during break saying that CM Punk and Sheamus will team up against Ziggler and Bryan on Friday's show for the huge main event.

For the final segment of the show, Mr. McMahon arrived out flanked by a number of security personnel who came into the ring with him.  He brought up how Connecticut has always had a special place in his heart.  Vince said his daughter Stephanie was born in Hartford.  He said it's only appropriate that since one life started there, another should end there tonight so to speak.  He called out Laurinaitis who hobbled out on crutches and saw his scooter down on the pavement below the ramp.

Laurinaitis got in the ring and told Vince he didn't appreciate him wrecking his scooter earlier.  Vince apologized for that, and then Laurinaitis said he wouldn't lay a hand on Vince, so he doesn't need security.  Vince said they're not for him, but for JL when he's escorted from the building.

Laurinaitis made his case to remain as the man in charge running "People Power," so he can continue to make WWE successful.  Vince said those two words are synonymous with JL, but Vince has two words that are synonymous with him as well.  Just as Vince was about to tell Laurinaitis he's fired, Big Show's music hit, to bring him to the ring.

Show talked about all the silly costumes he's had to wear over the years, all the gimmicks and SportsCenter appearances.  Show brought up how he's done everything Vince asked him to over the years.  He started yelling down at Vince.  Show said with his no ironclad contract, he's no longer part of Vince's "dog and pony show," he's now what he really is, a "giant."

Show told Vince to be concerned about the other John, his golden goose, his "cash cow."  Show said at No Way Out, the golden goose is going to get his feathers plucked.  As Show was about to continue talking, Cena's music hit to bring him out from backstage to a roar from the crowd.

Cena brought up how it's all Laurinaitis' fault with what's happening now.  Cena also called out Show for being a Giant for 14 years, asking "what's changed now?"  He said now, "it's all about you."  He said the odds are clearly stacked in his favor to beat him (Cena) at No Way Out.  Cena asked "what happens if you don't?"  He told Show he has no more excuses and no one left to blame if he doesn't deliver on his promise at No Way Out.

Cena asked again "What happens if you don't win Show?"  Vince McMahon stepped in and said "I'll tell you what will happen."  Vince said he'll be at ringside on Sunday and if Show fails to deliver, he'll tell his pal John Laurinaitis those famous words..Suddenly a brawl broke out with Show and Cena.  Security tried to intervene, but Show tossed them all out of the ring.  Cena started beating on Show in the corner.  Laurinaitis fell to the mat.  Vince tried to get involved near the corner.  Cena avoided a Big Show punch, which struck Vince and KO'd him instead.

Cena, Show, and Laurinaitis were all frozen, looking worried over Vince layed out on the mat.  Laurinaitis yelled for Show to leave the ring.  Cena yelled for people to come check on Vince.  Cena sold shock and worry as Raw went off the air.

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