Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Raw 1000th Episode to Feature The Rock and Brock Lesnar

It looks like the Raw 1000th episode should pack plenty of punches in terms of powerful superstar appearances.  Both Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Brock Lesnar are among the currently scheduled guests for the blockbuster historic episode.

Lesnar's appearance will be part of his ongoing feud with WWE COO Triple H, with Brock finally answering The Game's challenge for a match at SummerSlam 2012.  It was previously announced by Paul Heyman that Lesnar would show up on the big episode to make his decision.

Meanwhile, The Rock made an announcement just a day ago that he'll be part of the historic episode as well.  He tweeted out to the millions, and millions, of The Rock's followers:

"RAW's 1000th episode," Rock wrote. "The People's Champ returns.. As promised, my goal: THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP. ?#RELENTLESS"

With The Rock, his promise to once again become WWE champion is an interesting one.  However, he's got the G.I. Joe film to promote and it seems like that may be the reason behind this.  Keeping him in the headlines as a wrestler will possibly get wrestling fans interested in seeing him on the big screen battling the forces of Cobra.  Whether or not he's going to issue some sort of a challenge during Raw #1000 is what seems to be the lingering question right now.

This show will of course be three hours long, the first one to kickstart that new length for the Raw television show.  While it shouldn't be too tough to get fans to watch this first episode featuring these two former champions, and possible Wrestlemania contenders, one has to wonder if WWE will be able to keep fans coming back for more without them present.  Another interesting aspect of these two guys appearing on this one show: will they cross paths during the show as a prelude to a possible Wrestlemania matchup?

It should be interesting to see what else WWE has in store for this 1000th episode of Raw, as they've been bringing back all sorts of "blasts from the past" such as DDP, Doink The Clown, Vader, Psycho Sid, and just recently, Bob Backlund.

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