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Raw Results 07/09/12

Raw Results from Denver, CO:

The opening segment started with AJ coming out to discuss her role as special guest referee for Sunday's match between Punk and Bryan.  She introduces Punk and talks about how she saw his true feelings last week when he called her crazy.  She mentions that kissing him made her realize what she had to do, and says Punk's eyes sent love straight into her heart.  From there, AJ got down on one knee and proposed to Punk.

Daniel Bryan interrupted coming out and yelling "No No No!"  Bryan says Punk doesn't really care about her, he only cares about himself.  Punk tells Bryan to shut his mouth.  Bryan eventually gets down on one knee to propose to AJ himself.  The whole fiasco is interrupted when the lights flash and dim with the email alert sound.  It's the return of the anonymous Raw GM.  Cole goes up to the laptop on the podium, with the GM saying Punk and AJ make a great couple, so they'll fight tonight against Bryan and Eve in a mixed tag match.

Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall in a non-title match.  Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick.  Post-match, Alberto Del Rio appeared on the big screen with another fancy car.  He promises to win Sheamus' title on Sunday, then gets in his car and drives off.  Sheamus delivers another Brogue Kick to Swagger in anger.

Lord Tensai and Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyson Kidd and Christian by pinfall.  In the late stages of the match, Tensai tagged in just as Christian dumped Ziggler out of the ring.  Christian scored a huge dropkick on Tensai, but Sakamoto distracted the referee.  That allowed Tensai to take control of Christian, hitting a big back splash for the win.  Post-match, Tensai attacked Kidd outside the ring, powerbombing him against the apron and hitting a huge backsplash.

Lawler and Cole got into an argument ringside, which made the email alert go off from the anonymous GM.  Cole got up to read from the podium but then refused to.  Lawler finally stepped up and read that the GM has ordered Cole vs. Lawler tonight, but wants to know if the fans want to see it.  The fans are told to go to to vote.

Brodus Clay defeated Drew McIntyre by pinfall.  Late in the match, Drew went from the top rope for a move, but Clay hit a headbutt on him from mid-air.  From there, Brodus scored the splash to get the big win.

Backstage, Santino Marella is shown looking for the GM, when he runs into Jericho.  He accuses him of being GM, and they banter a bit, before Santino walks off.  Big Show comes into the scene and Jericho starts talking about how they used to be one of the greatest tag teams ever with JeriShow.

John Cena and Kane defeated Big Show and Chris Jericho due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Kane hit a big sideslam on Jericho, before Cena tagged in to deliver some more offense.  Cena hit the AA on Jericho and had a pin, but Show pulled him out of the ring, causing a DQ.  Post-match, Show attacked everyone and brought a ladder in the ring which he uses to smash down Kane and Jericho.  Show put Jericho in between the ladder and stood on it.  John Cena rushes into the ring and uses a ladder to attack Show, sending him out of the ring.

Backstage, Punk is getting ready for his match when Eve shows up.  She talks about AJ being spiteful and how if Punk doesn't say "I do" to her tonight, it will cost him the title.  Eve says it's one thing to be overshadowed by guys like Rock, John Cena, Triple H and Brock Lesnar, but being overshadowed by AJ must be emasculating.  She wishes him good luck before walking off.

Backstage, Santino was searching around for the Raw GM when he found a cell phone belonging to the GM.  He picked it up, but soon a big hand reached over and grabbed the phone from him.  It was Khali.  Santino and Khali went back a forth a bit with Santino asking if he's the GM, and Khali asking what that was.  Santino left, and Khali started playing with the phone.

Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater by pinfall to qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship MITB match.  Cara hit a crossbody followed by a faceplant late in the match for the pin.

Post-match, Slater gets on the mic complaining that this is unfair, and he's a future champion.  He demands they send out any former champion from the back so he can prove it.  Out comes Bob Backlund to the ring and he eventually gets a "You Still Got It" chant from the crowd.  He offers a handshake to Slater, but Slater attacks him and headbutts Backlund down.  Backlund ducks a move from Slater and puts on his crossface chicken wing.  Slater keeps tapping out but there's no ref.  Eventually, Backlund releases the hold and celebrates in the ring as the crowd goes wild.

Jerry the King Lawler defeated Michael Cole by pinfall.  Booker T and Josh Matthews were on commentary.  Cole tried to stall in the ring, but Lawler put him up in an airplane spin.  Cole fell to the mat and Lawler got the quick pinfall.

Post-match, the anonymous Raw GM sent an email which Josh Matthews got up to read.  The GM said due to the interference by Booker T in the match, the winner is Michael Cole.  Lawler and Booker were confused as Cole celebrated.  Santino Marella's music hit and he came out in his Sherlock Holmes gear, saying that he's had enough and there's only one place the GM can be - under the ring.

Santino went to get out of the ring and then was tripped down and yanked under the ring by someone.  Lawler rushed over and started to pull him out, revealing Hornswoggle on Santino's legs with a laptop.  Swoggle ran into the ring and was confronted by Lawler saying he's the one who's caused all this misery tonight.  Hornswoggle kicked Lawler in the shin then ran under Santino's legs before biting him on the backside.  Cole laughed about it and tried to offer a high five, but Hornswoggle kicked him in the leg and ran off.

CM Punk and AJ defeated Eve and Daniel Bryan by pinfall.  Late in the match, AJ unloaded on Eve with all sorts of moves including knees and forearm shots.  AJ kicked Eve in the face.  Eve tried to crawl over and tag in Bryan.  Bryan drops off the apron, refusing to tag in.  AJ scores a quick rollup pinfall from behind Eve.

Post-match, Bryan takes the mic saying he wants to get married to AJ now.  Punk takes the mic, saying he's going to lay it all on the line now.  He says he won't be marrying AJ.  AJ smacks Punk in the face.  Bryan tries to get AJ to leave with him, but she smacks him in the face.  She starts chanting YES with the crowd, and leaves the ring, skipping.  AJ celebrates on the ramp as Raw closes.

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