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Raw Results 07/02/12

They showed highlights from Cena vs. Jericho's match last week including Big Show interfering at the end to destroy Cena.

The opening segment started with Cena coming out to talk about last week, and his plans to win the MITB match to claim the briefcase.  Daniel Bryan comes out interrupting with a "YES!" chant, and talks about how if Cena wins MITB, he'll be the first ever to cash in the briefcase and lose.  Bryan says he's going to beat Punk at MITB for the WWE title.  Cena says he knows at least one guy disagrees, and out comes CM Punk.  Punk says more than one guy disagree.

Punk and Bryan start arguing, but then Chris Jericho arrives out to interject, calling Punk a wannabe.  As everyone in the ring starts going at it, he tells them to "shut the hell up."  Jericho says he invented MITB and will win the match.  However, Kane interrupts and arrives out.  Before Kane can even speak on the mic, Big Show's music hit and he heads to the ring.  A brawl erupts in the ring, with Show eventually laying out everyone and leaving.

Christian, Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston defeated Cody Rhodes, David Otunga, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young by pinfall.  The close of this one saw Brodus Clay arrive out.  Otunga went to the floor, where Christian attacked him, and then the tag champs got in some moves.  Clay arrived over there to toss Otunga back in the ring where Santino is waiting with The Cobra to score the win.  Post-match, Christian hits the Killswitch on Otunga, then Clay hits his huge splash on Otunga.  Clay, his dancers, and some kids all dance in the ring.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio match never got officially started.  Sin Cara ran to the ring with Del Rio already inside it, but Del Rio immediately attacked.  He unloaded on Sin Cara in the ring and then on the outside, before applying his Cross Arm Breaker.  The bell never rang and Del Rio kept the hold locked with refs finally getting him to let go.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan tried to apologize and butter up AJ, since she's special referee for his WWE title match at MITB.  He gives her a rose and says he's always cared about her and is frustrated with how he messed things up.  AJ shakes it off, saying he never cared about her.  She says she can't wait to win her match tonight and then run to the arms of the man who everyone sees as her soulmate.  She bites the rose flower off and spits it out then walks off.

They had Paul Heyman appear live on satellite to address Triple H's challenge to Brock Lensar.  Heyman said Lesnar will show up at the 1,000th episode of Raw with his answer.  Heyman says if Brock accepts it will end HHH's in-ring career.  He says it won't be a match if he accepts, but a mercy killing.

AJ and Sheamus defeated Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  In a match booked by Raw's GM Teddy Long, he got some revenge on Vickie this week.  The close saw Sheamus hit White Noise on Ziggler.  He prepared for a Brogue Kick, but Ziggler tagged out to Vickie to avoid it.  Due to that, Sheamus had to tag in AJ, but first punches Ziggler off the apron.  AJ comes in and connects on a kick on AJ, then hits her finisher for the pinfall win.

Post-match, AJ started doing a "YES" chant and rushed up the ramp to the back.  The cameras go backstage where AJ finally finds CM Punk on the phone.  He tells her to hold on, and she seems frustrated about it.  Punk finally hangs up, saying he was talking to his sister on the phone.  AJ asks if Punk saw the match, and he said no he didn't know she had one because he was on the phone.  AJ gets irritated about it and walks off mad, with Punk shrugging his shoulders.

Heath Slater defeated Doink the Clown by pinfall.  Prior to the match, they showed footage of Slater's recent losses to various legends from Raw and he made a remark about being considered a clown.  Doink came out for the "legends" match.  The match went back and forth for a bit, with Slater able to hit a surprise neckbreaker to capture the pinfall win.  Post-match, DPP's music hit and out comes Diamond Dallas Page to a loud response from the crowd.  He gets in the ring and does his Diamond Cutter symbol. Slater mocks it and the fans boo.  DDP offers a handshake, then pulls Slater to him and hits the Diamond Cutter on him.

Michael Cole talked about how excited he is that the "No Holds Barred" movie finally hits DVD tomorrow, for the first time ever.  They show the trailer featuring Hulk Hogan and Zeus in the older film.

They showed a video package about John Cena and Alicia Fox paying a visit to troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center just last week.

Big Show defeated Kane by pinfall in a No DQ match.  The match went to the outside late, and both guys battled near the announce table.  Kane went for a chokeslam, but Show fought out of it then dropped Kane with a kick.  He put him back into the ring and got a steel chair, but Kane fights him off.  Kane hit a DDT for a 2 count, then tried for a top rope move.  Show moved out of the way.  Kane got the steel chair to use, but Show then spear tackled him down, before chokeslamming Kane onto the chair to get the pin.

They had a backstage segment with Eve and Teddy Long.  Eve tried to kiss up, but Teddy told her to save it.  He pulled out a huge "EVE" name tag and put it on her before leaving, laughing.  Irritated, Eve tears off the name tag.  She walks up on AJ and starts to taunt her.  AJ asks her what she's gonna do now that she can't kiss up to John Laurinaitis.  AJ says she'll show Eve and everyone else how to get attention.  She walks off with Eve shaking her head.

Tyson Kidd defeated Lord Tensai by pinfall in a very quick match.  Tensai had Kidd in the corner earlier and tried to unload on him, but somehow Kidd made a surprise roll up pin for the win.  Post-match, Tensai beats up Sakamoto in the ring, tossing him to the floor and then continuing the beatdown outside for a bit.

They had a segment with Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan backstage.  The two will team up to face Punk and Cena in the main event.  Jericho makes fun of Bryan's beard and jacket then suggests they get on the same page to defeat Punk/Cena.  Bryan starts up a big "YES" chant so Jericho starts doing his "Evvvveerr Again" as loud as he can with Bryan's chant.

They cut to Punk and Cena getting ready backstage, with Punk telling Cena to follow his lead.  Cena made a wisecrack and patted Punk on the back then left.

Josh Matthews tried to get an interview with Tyson Kidd backstage.  Lord Tensai attacked Kidd, tossing him into the lockers and leaving him layed out on the floor.

John Cena and CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho ended in a double DQ (or no finish).  Late in the match, Cena and Jericho started to battle outside the ring and then up the ramp.  Later, Punk hit a huge superplex from the top on Bryan for a 2 count.  Soon after, AJ's music hits.  She comes to the ring and starts skipping around it, but nobody is paying attention as Bryan and Punk continue their fight.

AJ then gets up on the apron to try to get attention, but still no luck.  Finally, she goes under the ring and retrieves a table which she sets up at ringside.  She goes up the ring steps and then onto the corner, as if she is going to jump through the table.  Bryan starts to beg her not to.  Punk goes up to the top rope and tries to get her down, but AJ plants a big kiss on him.  AJ then shoves Pun down onto Bryan and both guys crash through the table.  AJ laughs as she surveys the scene from the turnbuckle.  AJ starts chanting "YES" and a replay is shown.  Raw ends with AJ up on the corner smiling at what she's done.

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