Monday, July 9, 2012

Raw Preview 07/09/12

Tonight's Raw will be the final episode of the show before this week's Money in the Bank PPV arrives.  With that in mind, there's plenty going on leading up to the big event and its matches.  That includes the ongoing love triangle involving AJ, Daniel, Bryan and CM Punk.  While AJ will serve as special guest referee for the WWE Championship match, the mind games are in full effect as she's been playing both sides.  As Bryan and Punk attempt to enter this situation with the odds in their favor, who is AJ leaning towards?  Will she be able to serve as a fair referee at the match on Sunday?

Heading into the Pay-Per-View, the World Heavyweight title situation is also ramping up.  Alberto Del Rio was named #1 contender for the title, and has responded with attacks on Sin Cara on Raw, and Sheamus on SmackDown.  In one situation he unmercifully applied his submission hold on Sin Cara's arm.  In the other, he smashed the hood of one of his fancy cars down on Sheamus' back multiple times.  How will the champion respond to this attack?  Will he be able to fight at Sunday's PPV?

One other big question lingers for Monday's show.  It's already known that Zack Ryder will be the man in charge for SmackDown on Friday, due to his big win in the Great American Bash Battle Royal.  Ryder outlasted his fellow competitors, including Kane, in the final moments, to become the official head honcho for Friday's show.  Meanwhile, there's been no official news made about who will host or be the GM for Raw.  Will it be another superstar, or a member from the WWE headquarters?

Find out when Raw goes live at 9PM EST on USA Monday night!

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