Monday, July 2, 2012

Raw Preview 07/01/12

On tonight's episode of Raw, it's expected that Brock Lesnar will finally have an answer for Triple H.  For weeks since he was attacked, The Game has been dealing with legal actions and battles from Lesnar and Heyman.  However, HHH decided he had a simple way to settle things: a Summerslam PPV match between him and Lesnar.  Paul Heyman was responding on behalf of Brock and tried to avoid having a match, but with HHH recently KO'ing Heyman in the ring, it seems Lesnar is ready to respond.  Will Brock accept Triple H's challenge for Summerslam?

Last week's episode of Raw saw four superstars announced for one of the two Money in the Bank matches.  John Cena, Chris Jericho, Big Show, and Kane will all be competing in the MITB ladder match for the briefcase hanging above the ring.  That briefcase contains a contract for a WWE Championship match at anytime, anyplace for up to a year.  John Cena has already gone on record to announce he plans to stop Big Show from winning, by winning the match.  It's his first time in  the match, with Kane, Show, and Jericho all competing before.  What will go down next between these stars two weeks ahead of the Pay-Per-View?

Also on tonight's Raw, Theodore Long gets control of the show, as he will be General Manager for the night.  Long will also be in charge of Smackdown, the following night.  For weeks, Teddy was subject to all sorts of humiliation at the hands of John Laurinaitis and Eve Torres.  However, now he gets to call the shots.  Will Teddy Long get any revenge on any particular superstars or divas on tonight's show?  What sorts of plans does he have in store for Raw?

Check out WWE Raw starting at 9PM EST on USA, Monday night!

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