Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Money in the Bank PPV Live Viewing Info

Sunday night is the 2012 Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, live from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  This will be the third straight year for the event, with the main event of the card still to be determined.

Fans will be able to see a free match live streaming online via the WWE's Facebook and YouTube channel starting at 7:30 PM EST ahead of the PPV.  This match will be a tag team championship match with current champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defending their titles against Hunico and Camacho.  The match will be included on WWE's live pre-show via their WWE FanNation YouTube channel, as well as the WWE Facebook, and website.

The main Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View gets started at 8PM EST and includes the two MITB ladder matches, as well as two championship matches on the card.  Sheamus defends the World Championship against Alberto Del Rio, while CM Punk defends the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan with AJ as special guest referee.

Fans can watch the 2012 Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View live streaming online by ordering through WWE's website ahead of the event, or during.  It will be viewable on both PC and MAC computers, and works on multiple browsers through high speed internet.

The Pay-Per-View can also be ordered on popular services such as DISH Network, DirecTV, Comcast, Verizon FIOS and Time Warner.  One final option is to check the WWE website for "Blast Areas," which are restaurants showing the PPV inside their venues during the live event.  Some of these include Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, and other bars or grills in various states.

WWE's Money in the Bank 2012 officially begins at 8PM EST with a run time of approximately 3 hours.

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