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WWE Raw Results 07/16/12

Raw Results from Las Vegas, NV:

CM Punk came out to celebrate still being champion and talked about how a year ago he "dropped a pipe bomb" there in Vegas with his speech sitting at the top of the ramp.  Big Show came out to interrupt and they bantered a bit, before Show told Punk when they meet in the ring tonight he could give Cena the opportunity to cash in that MITB case on Punk.  Show dropped the mic like a pipe bomb and left the ring.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defeated Titus O'Neil and Darren Young by pinfall to retain the tag team titles.  Young and O'Neil were keeping Kofi isolated late in the match with a series of attacks.  Kofi managed to make the tag to Truth who came in and took down Titus with a DDT for a near fall.  Moments later, Truth clotheslined Young to the outside.  Kofi connected on a Trouble in Paradise on O'Neil, then Truth hits his finisher on him for the win.

They had a backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and AJ.  They apologize to each other for everything.  Bryan is about to say something but Eve comes up to interrupt.  She mentioned Bryan ditched her during last week's tag match, so she spoke to the Board of Directors.  Tonight Bryan and AJ will face Eve and a partner of her choice.  AJ asks Bryan what he was going to say, but he tells her he'll let her know after the match.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder via submission.  Del Rio and Ryder ended up on the outside in the late part of this, with Del Rio stomping on Zack's head.  He unloaded some more on Ryder, with Zack ramming ADR into the apron.  When Ryder gets back in the ring, Del Rio is angry and attacks Ryder, then puts on the cross armbreaker to make him tap.  Post-match, Del Rio kept up the attack on Ryder.  Rey Mysterio's music hit and he rushed to the ring to attack Del Rio.  He ultimately hits the 619 and sends ADR out to the floor.

Rikishi defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  They had a video highlight reel of the various legends who've defeated Slater.  This time, it was Rikishi who came out to a pop.  In the match, he dominated hitting a superkick, then the trademark stinkface, followed by a huge punch.  Rikishi finished off Slater with a sit splash from off the corner to get the pinfall.  Post-match, Rikishi started up his dance.  The lights went out in the arena, and then when they came back his sons, The Usos, were in the ring and danced with him.

AJ and Daniel Bryan defeated Eve Torres and The Miz by pinfall.  When Bryan came out he started up a huge "Yes" chant with the Vegas crowd.  Late in the match, AJ managed to hit her finisher on Eve, but Miz ran in and the ref was too distracted to make a pin count.  AJ ran over and kicked Miz out to the floor from the apron.  Later, Miz ran in again while Eve had AJ rolled up, but the ref was distracted.  Bryan comes in and helps AJ to get the pin as the ref is distracted by Miz.

Post-match, Bryan got the mic and tells AJ he loves her, admitting he lied last week about wanting to get married because he wanted to win the WWE title.  He says he's for real this week, drops to one knee and proposes.  Bryan puts a ring on her finger, and AJ says "Yes."  Bryan starts up his "Yes" chants with the crowd doing "no" chants.

Ryback and Jack Swagger fought to a no contest.  Late in the match, Swagger went for an Ankle Lock but Ryback fought him off.  Ryback connected on a huge clothesline, then slammed Swagger down hard.  He did three Powerbombs on Swagger, then kicked him out of the ring.  Ryback's music hit and he started yelling "feed me more," as a ref went to check on Swagger.  There was no decision made.

Vickie Guerrero brought Dolph Ziggler out, who was wearing a suit and carrying his MITB briefcase.  He promised to become the next World Heavyweight Champion, saying it's only a matter of time before he cashes in on Sheamus.  Ziggler keeps going on about how he'll be a better champ than Bret Hart, Stone Cold, or The Rock.  As he's continuing to rant, out comes Chris Jericho to interrupt.

Ziggler kept talking as Jericho got in the ring, saying he's not going to steal his spotlight now.  Ziggler said he won his MITB match and Jericho didn't.  He asked when the last time Jericho won anything was.  He called Jericho all hype, asking the last time he won an important match.  It ended as Jericho hit a surprise Codebreaker to leave Ziggler down on the mat.

Brodus Clay defeated JTG via pinfall.  Before the match began, Cole and Lawler discussed the official invitation to the wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ on next week's Raw.  Also announced are AJ and Bryan as guests on Christian's Peep Show this Friday for Smackdown.  In the match, Clay dominated until JTG was able to take out his knee.  JTG kept attacking, then mocked Brodus' dancing moves.  Clay made a comeback though, hitting a clothesline, then suplexing him across the ring.  Clay finished up with a headbutt and then his big splash.

CM Punk defeated Big Show due to disqualification in a non-title match.  Show was dominating most of this matchup, but Punk managed comeback late in the contest.  He hit multiple kicks and running knees to Show.  At one point, he finally managed to get the big man to fall to the mat from the corner.  Punk connected on his Macho Man elbow drop, but only got a 2 count.  Show started pounding away on Punk in the corner, then shoved the ref away at one point, causing the DQ.

Post-match, Show kept up the attack, slamming Punk around the ring.  John Cena's music hit and he came rushing out with his MITB briefcase in hand.  Show backed off and out of the ring.  Punk looked like Cena was gonna cash in on him, but Cena got on a mic to talk about his big announcement.  Big Show got on another mic to say everyone knows he's going to cash in now, he'd be a fool not to.  Cena said he's not doing it now.  He gave CM Punk one week to prepare for the biggest match of his life.  On Raw 1,000, Cena will face Punk for the WWE title, cashing in his MITB contract.  Cena said his big announcement was - and then he dropped the mic, ran across the ring and smashed Big Show in the head with the briefcase.

Cena held up the MITB case overhead, as Punk got his WWE title belt, walked up to face Cena and posed with the WWE belt held up as Raw ended.

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