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Raw Results 08/06/12

Raw Results for 08/06/12:

Raw opened with AJ in the ring to announce matches for tonight's show: Show vs. Orton, and John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan.  She's about to announce something else, but CM Punk arrives to the ring to interrupt.  He tries to get AJ to cancel the Triple Threat match at SummerSlam, but she says it will stand, and he'll defend the title there vs. Show and Cena.  Out comes Cena who talks about how Punk keeps demanding respect, but needs to earn it.  Big Show comes out to get involved, with AJ telling them she won't let things get out of hand.  Punk demands to be in the main event.  AJ says he will be in a match, but she is letting the fans vote for his opponent: Rey Mysterio, The Miz, or Kane.

CM Punk defeaed Rey Mysterio by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Punk went for GTS but Rey fought out and hit a 619 on the champ.  However, Punk blocked Rey on his move moments later, then hit the GTS to win it.

They showed Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez arriving backstage in a Ferrari with ADR looking angry.

A promo was shown for the return of Wade Barrett, whose barrage has just begun.

Del Rio went into AJ's office and complimented her then talked about not competing until SummerSlam.  AJ said he isn't scheduled for any match tonight, and walks away.  Del Rio starts to run his mouth, so AJ comes back and tells him he's now in a match, and it's next.  Del Rio sends Ricardo to go get his bags.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian via submission.  Christian prepared for a Spear late in the match, but Del Rio superkicked him.  The two kept fighting with Ricardo getting involved to run interference.  Del Rio ultimately locked on the Cross Armbreaker for the win.

Post-match, they show Sheamus backstage with Del Rio's Ferrari.  He says Ricardo left the keys in it so he's going to take a drive around San Antonio in it.

Big Show and Randy Orton fought to a double countout.  During the final moments of the match, Orton slid out of the ring then shoved Show into the ringpost.  Big Show avoided the RKO on the outside and hit a spear to take down Orton outside.  Both guys got counted out.  However, post-match, Orton got back in the ring and nailed the RKO on Show.

Ryback defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins by pinfall in a 2-on-1 Handicap match.  In the late part of the match, Reks and Hawkins worked the tags in and out to try to work on Ryback.  He dumped Hawkins out to the floor on top of Reks.  Hawkins got back in the ring, only to have Ryback drop him on his back.  Ryback followed with a big clothesline and his finisher, Shellshocked, for the win.

Primo & Epico defeated Titus O'Neil & Darren Young by pinfall.  Titus pulled his partner out of the ring to try to save him from the loss.  AW and his team started backing up the ramp, but Kofi Kingston's music hit, bringing out the tag champs.  The fight eventually gets back to the ring, where Epico hits a Backstabber on Young to get the win.

Brodus Clay and Damien Sandow fought to a no contest, match never started officially.  Sandow attacked Clay from behind on stage, and then fights him off the ramp to the side of the stage area.  Clay tries to defend himself but Sandow injurs him.  Sandow keeps attacking Clay's leg.  Officials come out to check on Clay as Sandow smiles from the ramp looking down at Clay.

Kelly Kelly defeated Eve Torres by pinfall.  WWE Diva Kelly Kelly made her big return to the ring on tonight's Raw.  In the late part of her return match, Eve made a comeback, with Kelly getting dropped on her face and then choked in the corner.  Eve worked a headlock on Kelly, however, the diva made her own comeback and eventually got the big win.

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels made his return to Raw to talk about SummerSlam and the Lesnar vs. Triple H match.  Paul Heyman and Lesnar came to the ring to ask Michaels' opinion of the match, saying Lesnar isn't going to SummerSlam to entertain, because he's a fighter.  HBK says he believes Triple H will win this match and plans to be there in his corner.  Lesnar takes the mic saying Michaels only believes HHH will win because HBK has never been in the ring with Lesnar...until now.  Lesnar goes to stare down HBK, but The Game's music hits and he comes out ready to go at it with Brock.  Triple H stands in the ring next to HBK ready to fight.  Lesnar gets back on the mic smiling, then tells HHH he'll see him at SummerSlam.  He tells HBK he'll see him before then, and then leaves the ring.

Alex Riley defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.  Chris Jericho was on commentary ringside for the match.  Ziggler kept taunting Jericho from in the ring.  Ziggler has a 2 count that Riley gets out of.  Riley gets a surprise pinfall later on though.  Jericho records a Tout video at ringside to mock Ziggler's loss.

Kane defeated The Miz by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Miz connected with a kick to Kane's head for a 2 count. Kane made his comeback and got a scoop slam on Miz.  Kane got a kick to Miz's head and a near fall of his own. Mizwent for the Skull Crushing Finale but Kane blocked it. To finish things, Kane dropped Miz in the corner on his face and then nailed a chokeslam for the win.

John Cena defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall.  Late in the match, Cena started up a comeback hitting the shoulder tackle takedowns on Bryan, and eventually Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He went for AA, but Bryan countered it and started a submission hold on Cena.  Cena eventually got him to the corner to break it.  The two exchanged submission attempts and pinfall attempts.  Bryan landed a roundhouse kick and had a 2 count on Cena.  Moments later, Bryan hit a huge headbutt from the top rope across the ring.  Cena still kicked out of the pin.  In the end, Cena esaped Bryan's Yes Lock, and hit the AA for the big win.

Post-match, Cena celebrated in the ring, until CM Punk's music hit.  The champ came walking down to the ring with his championship belt in hand.  Punk held up the belt as he stared at Cena.  Cena smiled and started taunting that he'd be wearing the belt soon.  All of a sudden, Cena grabbed Punk and shoved him across the ring.  Big Show rushed into the ring and Cena went to fight.  He got the upperhand and put Show up for the AA, but an angry Punk attacked from behind causing Show to topple down on Cena in the ring.

Punk left the ring and walked over to the commentators table.  He got on the mic saying he's been pushed around too long and won't be anymore.  Punk said this Raw will end just like the past two shows have.  He said anyone else who stands in his way will be lying on the mat just like Big Show and John Cena.  Punk got in the ring as Show was getting to his feet.  Punk went for the kick to take down Show, but Show blocked it and hit the KO punch on him.  Show saw Cena standing up and then delivered a KO punch on him as well.  Show picked up the WWE belt and put it on his shoulder, then raised his arm up as his music played.  Cole and Lawler reviewed a replay of what Show did before Raw ended.

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