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Raw Results 08/27/12

Raw Results from Milwaukee, WI:

The show opened with a video package recapping what went down at the end of Raw last week.  Punk demanded an apology from Jerry Lawler, was interrupted by Cena who told him why to choose him as #1 contender for the WWE Title.  After Cena left the ring, Punk got an apology from Lawler, but when the King wouldn't call him "best in the world," Punk kicked him in the head.

Cole welcomed fans to the show and then started to read Lawler's tweet after Raw went off the air last week, saying Punk shouldn't have to kick someone in the back of the head if he's "best in the world."  Lawler put down his headset and got into the ring to talk about it.  Lawler said last week he apologized to CM Punk, so this week he wants one for Punk kicking him in the head.

Punk came out and told Lawler he turned his back on the WWE Universe by slandering the WWE champion.  Punk said it was due to King pushing past him to leave the ring that he kicked him.  Punk apologized, but said he was sorry for how easy it is to get in the WWE Hall of Fame by beating nobodies from Memphis, and that when King had his big Wrestlemania moment he couldn't beat Michael Cole.  Punk called Lawler the WWE's "circus seal" ready to bark back any opinion fed into his ear.  Punk said he was sorry about the man Lawler's become.  He backed up then got back on the mic asking "do you want to fight me Jerry Lawler?"

Lawler said he came out for an apology, not a fight.  Punk said he could see it in Lawler's face though and asked what would happen in the ring.  Punk asked Lawler if he wants to find out who the best is.  He challenged Lawler to a fight saying he'll leave the arena embarrassed one way or another tonight, either because he lost bad to Punk, or because he wouldn't accept his challenge.  Punk dropped the mic and left the ring walking up the ramp yelling "Respect!"  Lawler stopped him and yelled "Hey Punk, I'll think about it."

Ryback defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall.  Late in this one, Swagger went for his Vader Bomb from the corner but Ryback put both boots up.  Swagger tried for his Ankle lock, but Ryback kicked him away, then regained control of the match.  A "Feed Me More" chant started up as he prepared for a huge clothesline and took down Swagger.  He followed with his move loading Swagger onto his shoulders and then dropping back for the big slam to get the win.  Post-match, Swagger recovered near the crowd barrier as Ryback marched up the ramp.

Cole announced that tonight the WWE Universe will find out if it's "Game Over."  He also hyped up Cena vs. The Miz for later on, and asked Lawler if he's going to face Punk tonight.  Lawler said he'd think about it.

Layla defeated Natalya by pinball in a non-title match.  Vickie Guerrero came out to the ring saying to hurry up the match because she has a special announcement to make.  She stood up on the steel steps with her hands on her hips waiting for the match to finish.  Natalya tried for a Sharpshooter, but Layla kicked her away.  However, Nat came right back and kicked the champ in her gut.  She went for a Suplex, but Layla dropped out of it on her feet, then hit a roundhouse kick for the pinball win.

Post-match, as Layla was celebrating, Vickie got in the ring and told her she was done now, so she should leave the ring.  Layla circled her and stared at Vickie, then left the ring.  Vickie talked about AJ's match last week she made with Jericho vs. Ziggler and the stipulations of either Jericho getting his contract terminated, or Dolph losing his MITB contract.  Vickie said that was an abuse of power by the GM, and nobody on the WWE roster has the guts to speak up against AJ.  Vickie pleaded with the WWE Board to put an adult back in charge instead of a mentally-deranged child.

AJ came skipping out to the ring to respond.  The crowd started up a "Yes" chant.  AJ took the mic from Vickie, but instead of speaking, she slapped Vickie in the face then pounced on her to start fighting.  They rolled around a bit on the mat, before Vickie crawled out and left, running up the ramp.  AJ had a crazed look on her face, but smiled about it, then stood up to compose herself.

They introduced a video package of the various antics involving Triple H and D-Generation X over the years, as a tribute to The Game possibly hanging up his wrestling boots tonight.

When Raw returned, Cole said Daniel Bryan has been ordered by AJ Lee to attend anger management classes.  They showed a video from last week, with a doctor starting the session.  Bryan raised his hand saying he isn't one of these losers like the rest of the group who needs help, he said he's perfectly in control.  The guy leading the session said they were waiting for one more participant, then moments later a kid walked in with a goat mask on.  Bryan started yelling "No No No" at him and then asked if the doctor arranged this stunt.  The doctor came over and said it was his son, who is playing a goat in the school play for Noah's Ark.  He told his son it was ok because this man needs help.  Bryan went over and sat back down.  The guy next to him, patted him on the head with Bryan telling him "don't touch me Harold."

Dominic Monaghan was announced by Cole as the social media ambassador tonight. Cole brought a tweet to Lawler's attention that CM Punk made during the show about "respect."  Cole asked Lawler if he's going to fight once again, with Lawler standing up and getting up on the commentators tablet with a mic.  He talked about the guys he beat in Memphis before including Superstar Billy Graham and Jesse "The Body" Ventura.  He said he is in the WWE Hall of Fame, and that means he stands up when the time is right to do so.  He told Punk he accepts his challenge for a fight, then got off the table and walked up the ramp to get ready.

John Cena defeated The Miz by pinfall in a non-title match.  At the start, Cole was alone on commentary for the match due to Lawler leaving to get ready for the match.  After a commercial break which had Cena in control, Josh Matthews joined Cole on commentary.  Late in the match, Miz was in control and had multiple moves where he ran against the ropes and booted Cena down on the mat.  He had several failed pins.  On the third kick attempt, Cena tripped Miz down and put the STF on.  Miz managed to get to the ropes to break it.  He went for Skullcrushing Finale moments later, with Cena slipping out and trying for his own move.  Miz escaped it and DDT'd Cena for another near fall.  Moments later, Miz missed on a corner move, allowing Cena to go through his move set including the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He followed up with the Attitude Adjustment for the big win.

Cole said Raw GM AJ Lee is allowing the WWE Universe to vote on what sort of match Lawler vs. Punk will be, Tables Match, Steel Cage Match, or No Disqualification match.  Fans could go on Twitter using various hashtags to register their votes for which match they want to see.

They had another segment from Daniel Bryan in anger management group.  He complained to the guy next to him who was saying his boss makes him mad.  Bryan brought up how his boss is his former girlfriend/fiance and he defeated a demonic red monster in the ring but still had to come to this group.  The doctor interrupted saying their last guest has just arrived.  The door opened and in walked Kane wearing his welding mask.  He took a seat next to Bryan who yelled "NO" as the other group members moved their chairs away in fear.  Bryan said "you see what I have to deal with?"

Santino Marella defeated Heath Slater via pinfall. Slater gained control of the match, but the fans started up "Bor-ing" chants midway through.  Slater got lured in by Santino playing possum on the mat, and as he went over to attack, Santino tried for a quick pin attempt.  He came back to life and eventually hit his diving headbutt move.  Santino pulled out his Cobra sock for the finisher, but Aksana's music hit and she came out onto the stage.  Santino got pulled towards the ropes as the Cobra was drawn towards Aksana.  Slater tried for the win, but as Santino turned around he hit the Cobra punch on him for the win.  Post-match, the Cobra kept pulling Santino towards Aksana, and he ran up the ramp like he had no choice.

Sin Cara & Brodus Clay defeted Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes via pinfall.

R-Truth defeated Daniel Bryan due to countout.  A "Goat Face" chant broke out before the match got started, but then R-Truth led the fans in a "Yes! YES!" chant which distracted Bryan.  Bryan went to the outside to yell "No, No, No!" at fans and eventually got counted out.

Triple H arrived out to the ring saying his loss to Lesnar has made him question, "Am I Done?"  Hunter said he's not sure if he'll compete again and said "time is one thing you can't fight, time will win."  HHH said he's never wanted to be the guy who hung around past his prime and said he hopes the fans will never forget him.

Randy Orton & Sheamus defeated Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.  Late in the match, Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker and had the pinfall, but Del Rio rushed in to break it up.  The action broke down with everyone in the ring and the ref distracted as Ziggler prepared to take out Sheamus with the MITB case.  Orton intervened and hit a backbreaker on Ziggler, setting him up for Sheamus to score a Brogue Kick and the pin.

Backstage, Jerry Lawler was telling someone off camera he understands he's always had his respect and he has his.  Lawler told Cena he doesn't need his help tonight with CM Punk.  He said he's not fighting Punk for Cena, but for himself.  Cena wished hm good luck and walked off.

Kane came down to the ringside area and walked over to the commentary table.  Josh Matthews got up and dropped his headset, then walked through the crowd to get away.  Kane sat down and took his place, with Cole standing up and backing away from the table, but still commentating and trying to talk to Kane.  Kane stayed silent though.

Zack Ryder defeated David Otunga by pinfall.  Ryder ducked a clothesline late and came back to hit the Rough Ryder for the win.  After getting the victory, Ryder was slow to get up and celebrate.  Kane got up and into the ring then went after Ryder.  Instead of chokeslamming him, he went and grabbed Otunga to hit the chokeslam.  Ryder backed up the ramp holding his throat.  Cole said maybe Kane is making some progress with anger management.

Josh Matthews was in the ring and revealed that the Lawler vs Punk match was overwhelmingly voted on Twitter to be a steel cage match.  AJ came out to the ramp and said CM Punk will defend his WWE title at Night of Champions against her choice - John Cena.  They showed the camera shot of the steel cage before a backstage shot of Lawler on his way out to the ring.

CM Punk defeated Jerry Lawler by submission in a steel cage match.  Late in the match, Lawler gained momentum and started hitted big punches and other moves, eventually drawing blood from Punk.  Punk continued to bleed profusely.  In the late stages he locked the Anaconda Vice on Lawler, forcing him to tap out.

Post-match, Punk locked up the cage door with himself inside with Lawler.  He kept beating up Lawler and demanding he say on the mic that he's best in the world.  Lawler refused so Punk kept attacking.  Cena rushed down to the ring and yelled at Punk that he crossed the line.  They finally raised the cage up and Cena slid into the ring to chase Punk off.  Raw ended with Cena and medical personnel looking at Lawler on the mat.

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