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SmackDown Results 08/24/12

Smackdown Results from Bakersfield, CA:

Michael Cole is joined by Teddy Long on commentary because Josh Matthews is out this week (after being thrown across a hallway by Kane).

Randy Orton arrives out to the ring to talk about what recently happened on Raw.  He says he wants a World Heavyweight Championship match and makes the challenge, asking if anyone has a problem with that.  The champion Sheamus comes out and says he agrees Orton should get a shot.  Alberto Del Rio comes out saying he also wants a title shot.  GM Booker T arrives out to say it'll be Orton vs. Del Rio tonight with the winner getting to face Sheamus.

Ryback defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall.  Jinder actually got control of things after Ryback missed when rushing him in the corner.  He dropped knees on Ryback on him, and managed to keep him grounded, but couldn't get a pinfall.  At one point, Mahal went for a kick with Ryback seated on the mat, but Ryback grabbed his foot to block it.  He made the comeback from there.  Ryback with a huge clothesline as the crowd was chanting "Feed me more!"  He finally finished Mahal off with his backslam finisher to get the win.

Layla defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall  in a non-title match, with Kaitlyn on commentary.  During the match, Alicia tried to target Layla's hurt knee.  Alicia ducked a clothesline by Layla, but the champ then delivered a roundhouse kick for the win.  Post-match, Kaitlyn and Layla faced off in the ring, then shook hands.  Eve rushed to the ring and after a few moments, raised up both divas' arms.  They both looked shocked by her actions, with Eve smiling and then applauding them.

The Raw Rebound was shown focusing on what went down this past Monday involving John Cena and CM Punk, as well as Punk kicking Lawler in the back of the head since he wouldn't call him "best in the world."

They had a backstage segment with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero discussing how AJ had him put his MITB contract on the line against Jericho on Raw.  Sheamus shows up and dares Ziggler to try to cash in tonight on him.  As they're arguing, Teddy Long comes up saying he's booked them in a non-title match, and said maybe Dolph will get a chance to cash in, or maybe not.  Dolph and Vickie leave and Sheamus tells Teddy first pint's on me.

Heath Slater defeated Sin Cara by pinfall.  Cody Rhodes was on commentary during the match.  At one point, Slater was warned by the ref for attacking Cara at the ropes.  As the ref was distracted talking to Slater, Rhodes rushed over and tried to pull of Cara's mask again.  In the process, he twisted it around causing Sin Cara to have trouble seeing through it.  Slater capitalized and hit his finisher.  Rhodes rushed into the ring post-match and tried to pull off the mask until 3 referees intervened.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler due to disqualification.  Sheamus got control of the match towards the end, kneeing Ziggler in the gut, and then tossing him over the ropes to the apron to pound on Ziggler's chest 10 times.  He hit White Noise, and set up for a Brogue Kick.  Ziggler dropped to the mat and clutched the bottom rope to avoid the move.  He yelled to Vickie, who handed him the MITB case.  As the ref was backing off Sheamus, Ziggler got up and bashed him with the case to cause the DQ.  Post-match, Ziggler kept up his attack and was about to cash out, but Sheamus gets back up, so Ziggler left.

A new Wade Barrett return promo was shown.

Santino Marella came out to the ring to discuss his former reign as US champion of about 160 days.  He said every moment of the week he's been feeling less American now.  Santino said he feels he let everyone down by losing the championship.  He said once again The Cobra and Santino Marella can be on the same page.  He pulls out the Cobra sock and puts it on, then starts talking to it, saying Aksana is hard to resist, and the Cobra cost him the title.  Santino does a "Rocky" quote and gets all fired up saying they can become US Champion again.  Antonio Cesaro and Aksana came out to interrupt him.  Santino tries to attack Cesaro up on the stage, but when he goes for the Cobra, Aksana distracts him.  Cesaro hits Santino down from behind and leaves him laying on the stage.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Primo and Epico in a non-title match by pinfall.  Titus O'Neil and Darren Young joined Cole on commentary for the match.  Things broke down in the late stages, with Kofi getting tossed out of the ring.  Truth threw Epico out of the ring, and then Primo tried for a Backstabber.  Truth held onto the ropes then came back to hit the Lil Jimmy for the win.  

Matt Striker talked backstage with Kofi and Truth, but then the Prime Time Players interrupted to say they're going to become the new champions.  The Usos, Epico & Primo, and Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd all showed up to claim they should be top contenders for the titles.  A huge brawl broke out between them all.

Backstage, Booker and Teddy were talking about the tag team title scene.  Eve comes in saying she's done research on the next title contenders and has everything organized for Booker's shedule for the next two weeks.  Booker was impressed by it.  Booker walks off, and Eve tells Teddy "I didn't even notice you there."  Cole says it looks like Eve might be moving up the corporate ladder.

Cole introduced a video package regarding the ongoing feud between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

They recapped the situation involving Brock Lesnar defeating Triple H at SummerSlam, and what went down the next night on Raw.  They showed Lesnar's Tout video saying he was done with WWE, then Cole said Triple H will address the WWE Universe on Raw this coming Monday.  Is it "Game Over" for Triple H?

Alberto Del Rio defeated Randy Orton via submission using the Cross arm breaker to become #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.  After commercial break, Del Rio had control kneeing Orton in the gut, and kicking him again for a near fall.  Del Rio shoved Orton against a corner, but then missed on his jumping side kick to the head.  Orton clotheslined Del Rio down multiple times, then hit his huge scoop slam.  Orton tried to do his through the ropes DDT but ADR yanked his rope against the ropes and dropped out of the ring.  As Del Rio rushed back in, Orton immediately hit a backbreaker for a near fall.  Del Rio dropped Orton with a move on his hurt arm, for a near fall.  Del Rio went for a move off the corner, but Orton connected on a dropkick mid-air.  Moments later he avoided a move from ADR and did the through the ropes DDT.  Orton prepared for the RKO and went for it but Del Rio grabbed th top rope to save himself.  Del Rio followed with the Cross Arm breaker and Orton had to tap out.

Post-match, Del Rio celebrated becoming new #1 contender, then pointed out at Sheamus.  Sheamus stood up and Del Rio shoved down Ricardo Rodriguez.  He pulled off one of Ricardo's shoes and tossed it at Sheamus, causing the champ to rush in.  Sheamus tackled Del Rio down, but then Ricardo rushed over and tackled Sheamus off.  He held onto Sheamus' leg and ADR came over with a huge kick to Sheamus' head.  Del Rio followed with a shot from the shoe to knock SHeamus down, before he and Ricardo left the ring.

All of a sudden, Dolph Ziggler rushed down the ramp with the MITB case.  He got in and told the ref he wanted to cash in, as he was handing the case over, Orton was back up and hit an RKO on Ziggler to leave him layed out on the ring.  Orton smirked as he layed on the ring.  Sheamus was shown recovering in the corner as SmackDown ended.

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