Thursday, August 23, 2012

WWE Superstars Results 08/23/12

Damien Sandow defeated Yoshi Tatsu by pinfall.  Prior to the match, Sandow got on the mic to "beg the audience's indulgence for a moment."  Sandow said everyone suffers from ignorance, but it's his duty to save us, as our savior and martyr.  In the match, Sandow started off with a vicious attack on Yoshi.  Yoshi made a comeback, and had a near fall.  He hit chops and knees on Sandow, then hit a reverse kick on him.  However, Yoshi missed on a move from the top rope.  Sandow followed up with a legsweep and his neckbreaker finisher for the win.

Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre via pinfall.  Drew had on special gear for his wrist injury.  He got in some early offense before Riley hit a dropkick on him.  Drew had to get out of the ring to regroup a bit.  Riley went after him, leaping off the steps, but Drew countered it and put Riley back into the ring.  He continued to kick and choke Riley in the corner, before going for a backslide pin for just a 2 count.  He continued to unload on Riley in the corner, but A-Ry came out of nowhere with a rollup pinfall for the win.

They showed the latest edition of the Raw Rebound.

Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall. Early in the match, Cody slapped Gabriel and Gabriel started chopping away at him.  Cody got sent over the top rope, and then Gabriel splashed onto him before a commercial break.  After break, Justin still had control.  He gets pushed off the top ropes though and Cody works on his hurt arm.  After a faceplant, Cody gets a 1 count.  Later on, Fabriel got control of things after an ardrag, but he missed on a springboard moonsault.  Cody put on a submission hold which Gabriel fights out of.  Justin with the momentum as he used kicks and a clothesline for a near fall.  He followed with a sitdown spinebuster for another near fall.  The finale saw them trade offense, with Cody able to counter a movie by Gabriel and hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

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