Monday, August 27, 2012

Raw Preview 08/27/12

Tonight's episode of Raw comes just a week after CM Punk committed yet another heinous act which shocked the WWE Universe.  During the final segment of Raw on August 20th, Punk had called Jerry Lawler into the ring for an apology over saying he turned his back on the WWE Universe.  Lawler gave the apology and went to leave the ring, but Punk stopped him for one more thing.  Punk demanded that Lawler announce to everyone that Punk is the "best in the world."  Lawler refused and as he tried to leave the ring, got kicked in the back of the head by the WWE champion.  This has led to speculation that the two might meet in the ring on tonight's episode of Raw.  Will a match be set up between Jerry Lawler and CM Punk on tonight's show?

Speaking of Punk, the current champion was set to decide who he will choose as his #1 contender at Night of Champions 2012.  On Raw, John Cena came to the ring, suggesting that Punk needs to consider the PPV's location - Boston, MA, since it's Cena's hometown.  Cena let Punk know that it could be a career-defining moment if Punk defends the title successfully against him in Boston.  Punk had tried to make Cena call him "Best in the World," but the former WWE champion refused, saying he has to believe that about himself, or else "there's the door."  With that in mind, a #1 contender still needs to be decided.  Will Punk make his decision or announcement on tonight's show?

And finally, several other interesting situations developed on last week's Raw.  In one scenario, Daniel Bryan once again enraged the Big Red Monster Kane, by slapping him.  Kane attempted to track Bryan down backstage, but had no luck.  Instead, he tossed interviewer and commentator Josh Matthews across the hallway, leading to Matthews' being taken off the air.  In another situation, Dolph Ziggler won a huge match over Chris Jericho, causing Y2J to have to leave the WWE.  Not to mention, Brodus Clay and Damien Sandow may still have unfinished business, and the Big Show seems to be becoming an angrier giant by the moment.  What's in store next for these superstars and the rest of the WWE roster on tonight's episode of Raw?

Catch all the action when Raw goes live at 8PM EST on USA!

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