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Raw Results 08/20/12

Raw Results from Fresno, CA:

The show opened with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman arriving to the ring to talk about last night's big win over Triple H.  Heyman talks about how Triple H is strong, but Lesnar stopped him.  He said Lesnar forced HHH to quit on his family, fans and everyone else.  He said Brock stripped him of his dignitiy and manhood.  Heyman said nobody should feel sorry for Triple H, then calls out last night's referee, Scott Armstrong.

Lesnar backs Armstrong into a corner while Heyman talks about how Triple H got Scott to bend rules for the match last night.  Heyman says Lesnar has two words for him.  Brock pats Armstrong on the head and shoulder and says "good job."  Heyman says Lesnar is the "King of Kings," "Master of the Brock-tagon," and "Conqueror of the WWE Universe."  He says they are all know loyal subjects to Brock, Master of the WWE Universe.  The duo leaves the ring.

Sin Cara, R-Truth & Kofi Kingston defeated Cody Rhodes & Prime Time Players by pinfall.  Late in the match, Cody and Cara both tagged in.  Cara hits several of his moves including a big kick from the apron and a crossboy for a near fall.  Everyone gets in the ring to brawl, with Kofi and Truth clearing out Titus and Young.  Kofi gets thrown to the outside.  Cody tries to pull of Sin Cara's mask, but gets rolled up by him for the pin.

They had GM AJ Lee backstage with Matt Striker, when David Otunga showed up.  He said he's back on RAW now and suggested she might need his legal counsel as the GM.  AJ tells him he can use his services in the ring tonight, against an opponent of her choice.  Otunga leaves, and Striker asks AJ about Punk picking his own #1 contender for the WWE title.  AJ says it's fine with her, as long as she approves of it.  She skips off.

Ryback won due to disqualification over Mike Spinner and Andy.  During the match, Jinder Mahal ran into the ring to attack, causing the DQ.  Post-match, Mahal kept the attack up, but Ryback fought out of his Camel Clutch.  Mahal ran up the ramp, and Ryback took out his frustration by slamming both of the amateur wrestlers in the ring.

Chris Jericho was backstage, and Dolph Ziggler congratulated him on his SummerSlam win, then said he wants a rematch, tonight.  Jericho says he knows how to win the big one and asks if Ziggler does.  AJ comes into the scene and schedules the rematch.  She adds stipulations: If Jericho loses, his contract is terminated.  If Ziggler loses, Y2J gets his Money in the Bank contract.  AJ leaves with Ziggler trying to chase after her.

Alberto Del Rio came out to the ring demanding a World Championship rematch.  AJ comes out and puts him in a match, against Randy Orton.

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio by pinfall.  Sheamus was on commentary during this one.  Late in the match, Ricardo got up on the apron to distract.  Orton lunged at him, with Sheamus also getting up to make Ricardo run off.  Orton and Sheamus lock eyes, and Del Rio hits a Backstabber on Orton from behind.  However, Sheamus put Orton's foot on the bottom rope to break up Del Rio's pin.  Del Rio starts arguing and yelling at Sheamus, then turns around to get hit by an RKO, followed by Orton's pin.

Damien Sandow defeated Brodus Clay by pinfall.  Sandow comes to the ring with a video playing in the picture-in-picture of Sandow saying he'll send Funkasaurus back to extinction tonight.  Clay had control late in the match, hitting a huge splash in the corner, and then a headbutt to the chest later.  Clay missed on a huge splash attempt and Sandow rolls him up for a quick pin.  Post-mtch, Clay grabs Sandow and hits a big suplex on him, then splashed on him.  Clay, his dancers and kids from the crowd all dance in the ring to celebrate.

They had Shawn Michaels live via satellite to discuss what happened with Triple H last night.  Michaels says it's tough to contemplate your career ending and he knows what's going through HHH's mind.  He says he wonders if the outcome might have been different if he were in Hunter's corner.  He said he should have admitted the truth to HHH, that he didn't think he could beat Brock.  He says Triple H has nothing to be ashamed of and is one of the greatest superstars to ever live.  Shawn says he's always respected him and will always be proud of and love him.  He thinks HHH for all he's done for the WWE Universe, before the interview fades to commercial.

Big Show defeated David Otunga by pinfall/KO punch.  Show was angry after last night's loss and came to the ring ready to fight.  He pretty much beat Otunga around the ring, with shots to the guy, stepping on him, and headbutting him.  The final moments saw Show knee Otunga in the head, slam him, and then hit the KO punch for the win.

Zack Ryder & Kane vs. The Miz and Daniel Bryan ended by double countout (or no finish).  During the match, Bryan kept making sure he wasn't in the ring when Kane was legal.  Late in the conest, Bryan missed a clothesline in the corner on Ryder and accidentally sent Miz off the apron.  Moments later, Ryder tagged in Kane, but when Bryan went to tag Miz, he dropped off the apron to leave Bryan to face Kane.  Bryan ducks Kane and smacks him, then takes off and runs into the crowd.  Kane goes to chase him, then stops and grabs Ryder instead of a big chokeslam.  Kane starts tearing up everything at ringside, then grabs a WWE crew member and throws him over the barrier.  Kane gets back in the ring to hit Ryder with a Tombstone Piledriver.  Kane then runs off to the back, while officials come out to check on the WWE crew member.

Backstage, Sriker interviewed CM Punk about choosing his next #1 contender.  Punk said he's already beaten everyone there is.  He says he'll name Cena #1 contender, but only on one condition.  He says he'll call out Cena later to see if he accepts.  He says he is going to demand respect tonight.

Kaitlyn won a #1 contenders divas battle royal by eliminating Eve last.  The final moments saw Natalya, Alicia Fox and Tamina eliminated.  Eve tried to rush Kaitlyn behind and toss her out, but Kaitlyn hangs onto the ropes and then comes back with an uppercut and clothesline on Eve.  After another clothesline, Kaitlyn eliminates Eve.  Lalya is shocked by the winner and claps for Kaitlyn as she celebrates in the ring.  Eve appears to have sustained a cut on her face during the fight.

They showed still shots from Brock Lesnar defeating Triple H at SummerSlam.  Then they showed a replay of some of the opening segment with Paul Heyman and Lesnar in the ring.  It ended with a new Tout video from Lesnar saying "he is leaving WWE for good."

Dolph Ziggler defeated Chris Jericho by pinfall to terminate Jericho's contract.  Late in the match, Ziggler hit a DDT for 2.  Jericho blocked the Zig Zag and went for Walls of Jericho, but Dolph counters.  Jericho had a near fall then hits a clothesline on Ziggler.  The two go back and forth with Y2J hitting a Bulldog.  Dolph blocks a Lionsault attempt and then hits Zig Zag for the win.

Post-match, Ziggler grabs the MITB case and starts celebrating in the ring with Vickie.  Jericho looks to be recovering, as Vickie takes the briefcase in hand.  Y2J snatches the case from Vickie and then hits Dolph in the gut and over the back, before hitting a Codebreaker on Dolph.  Vickie screams at ringside as Jericho walks up the ramp greeting a few fans, before looking back at the crowd from the top of the ramp.

CM Punk came out and tried to demand an apology from Jerry Lawler at the commentators' table.  He said a few weeks ago Lawler claimed that Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe, and he wants him to admit it's a lie.  He tells Lawler to apologize now.

Suddenly, John Cena's music hits and out comes Cena.  He comes down to the ring to talk about the #1 contender situation, with CM Punk talking about how he doesn't get respect, even though he's been champion for 9 months now.  He told Cena he can be #1 contender at Night of Champions if he tells him he's "the best in the world" right now.  Cena refused, saying he has to believe that about himself.  He told Punk to choose whoever he wants, but to think about the fact it's in Cena's hometown of Boston, and will be a huge stage where Punk can get vindicated.  He told Punk if he doesn't choose him, he's not respecting the title or himself.  Cena dropped the mic and walked backstage.

Punk demanded Lawler get in the ring to finish their business.  Lawler said what he previously said about Punk was a misunderstanding and if he needs an apology, he apologizes. Punk stopped him and told Jerry since he's the master of propaganda for the WWE Universe, to tell them all that he's the best in the world.  Lawler refused, and said he was going to go do his job now.  He turned to leave the ring, and Punk delivered a huge kick to his head, laying out Lawler near the ropes.  Raw closed with Punk kneeling down with the WWE championship belt, staring at Lawler.

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