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2012 WWE Summerslam Results Coverage

Welcome to 2012 WWE SummerSlam results coverage from WWE Characters the Blog! The latest edition of the annual summer Pay-Per-View comes live Sunday night from Los Angeles, CA with plenty on the line including championships, and maybe even careers.

One of the biggest matches of the night will feature Triple H battling Brock Lesnar. On the recent episode of Raw, Lesnar beat up HHH's friend Shawn Michaels and then snapped his arm in the ring. This has led to news reports that HBK won't be in HHH's corner at SummerSlam. Can The Game get it done without the support of Michaels, or will Brock continue his reign of barbaric actions?

Also on the card, CM Punk puts his WWE Championship on the line against Big Show and John Cena in a Triple Threat match. These three have been trying to one up each other for weeks now. The most recent incidents saw John Cena win a tag team match even though Punk left him by himself. Now Cena will go into the PPV and try to win the championship yet again. Don't count out Show who wouldn't mind a title reign either!

The other story to keep an eye on for Sunday night involves Dolph Ziggler, one of the 2012 Money in the Bank winners.  Ziggler still has the briefcase which he can cash in at anytime, any place for a title match.  Will Ziggler cash in during SummerSlam, or will he wait for another time?  Will he even be able to, or will Chris Jericho take the fight to him and prevent it from happening?

It all starts at 8PM EST, and results with match recaps will be presented below.

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Scott Stanford and Matt Striker opened the pre-show at Staples Center, showing fans still filtering in.  Stanford and Striker hyped up their match involving Santino and Antonio Cesaro.  They brought up the Triple Threat for the WWE title and rolled a video package from the past months.

Josh Matthews interviewed Big Show backstage.  Big Show said it's not a triple threat, he's the only threat in the match tonight.  Show said he's an angry, bellowing giant, not a made-up superhero.  He promised to crush Cena and obliterate Punk to become WWE champion.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella
United States Championship

This match was shown free of charge, live streaming online as part of a WWE SummerSlam pre-show special on YouTube.  Antonio Cesaro arrived out first with Aksana on his arm.  Aksana presented the future US champion Antonio Cesaro, to describe his "greatness" in five different words from different languages.  After his speech, the champion was out next to cheers.

The match started with just over 20 minutes until the main PPV started.  Santino locked up around Cesaro's waist early, but Antonio broke it by grabbing the ropes.  He made a comeback and started to hammer away on Santino.  However, Santino started up a bit of comedy and managed to get a quick hip toss afer a near fall.  Cesaro took over again in the corner.

Santino tossed Cesaro to the corner early and Cesaro hit the mat hard.  Santino pulled out The Cobra sock, but Cesaro was back up and smashed Santino down, before kicking The Cobra away.  Aksana moved it over to the corner of the ring.  Cesaro continued to beat up on Santino, getting a near fall before putting a hold on the champ.  Santino kept trying to crawl over and grab the Cobra sock, but Cesaro stopped him.

At one point, Cesaro tore the Cobra sock apart.  Santino became enraged and started hitting multiple moves but then missed on the diving headbutt.  Cesaro set up a move but Santino did a backflip to dump him the mat.  Santino reached into his tights and got another Cobra sock out, but Aksana got up on the apron as a distraction.  When Santino finally turned around, Cesaro was ready and hit him, then landed his Neutralizer finisher for the big win.  Aksana got in the ring with a cell phone to tweet or take a pic of her and the new champ.  The two kissed for a while in the ring to celebrate.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro wins via pinfall over Santino Marella to become the new United States Champion.

Triple H was having a talk with the referee backstage in the locker room.  He said this match won't have a DQ or end on a countout.  Triple H said either someone taps out or gets pinned, that's it.  He asked the ref "you got it?" and he nodded at Triple H.  Triple H told the ref to look at him and told him bluntly, "let us fight."

A video package was shown for the World Heavyweight title fight.

They had Touts from various celebs and WWE fans talking about Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.

Scott Stanford talked about HBK's tweet earlier telling referee Scott Armstrong to "shut your pie hole" and let them fight.  They went straight to a video package to highlight how the Triple H vs. Brock fed came about.

SummerSlam Results for Main PPV:

The PPV opened talking about the 25-year history of SummerSlam.  It said in the city known for its stars, a "storm is brewing," as they showed Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman's comments over highlights of his destructive nature.

After the pyro went off, Michael Cole introduced the show, along with Jerry Lawler at ringside for commentary.  Cole brought up the first ever SummerSlam with the Mega Powers vs. the Mega Bucks.  Just then, their conversation was interrupted as Vickie Guerrero started yelling "Excuse Me!" on the mic.  She introduced Dolph Ziggler.  As Ziggler walked down to the ring with his briefcase, hey showed highlights from last month's MITB PPV, where Ziggler came out of nowhere to win it.  With Ziggler already in the ring, Jericho arrived out next with taped ribs.  The damage was done on Friday's Smackdown after a sneak attack from Ziggler who rammed a big cart into Y2J.

Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

Early on in this one, Jericho missed badly on a move which caused him to hit the outside, hurting his taped ribs.  Ziggler had a near fall back in the ring, and then kept attacking Y2J by the ropes, yelling at him.

Ziggler kept taking advantage of the rib injury on Jericho.  Jericho started a comeback after landing a boot to Ziggler's face in the corner, and then an axe handle from the corner.  Jericho kept regaining control and had a near fall after landing a kick to the back of Dolph's head.  Lawler noted that Jericho's ribs "gotta be killing him."

Ziggler managed to jump on Jericho's back with a sleeper hold as Vickie screamed "finish him!"  Jericho managed to gain some strength and back Dolph to the corner to break it.  He fought Ziggler on the corner to prevent a high risk move.  Jericho hit 10 shots to Ziggler's head then did a Hurricanrana from the top to bring Dolph down.  Jericho with another near fall.  Later on, Jericho went for a Lionsault, but Ziggler got his knees up.  Ziggler hit the Zig Zag and thought he had the win, but Jericho amazingly kicked out.  Moments after, Jeriho hit the Codebreaker, but Ziggler rolled to the outside to prevent a pin.  As Jericho brought Ziggler back in, Vickie grabbed Y2J's leg, and Dolph tried to steal the pin, but couldn't.

Moments later, Jericho managed to grab Dolph and lock on the Walls of Jericho.  After just a few brief seconds, Ziggler tapped the mat to submit.  Lawler and Cole talked about how Jericho "finally won the big one."

Winner: Chris Jericho wins over Dolph Ziggler by submission.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Kane got early control, but Bryan managed a comeback later on, hitting a missile dropkick from the corner turnbuckle.  After a near fall, Bryan got upset by the "Yes" chants and started kicking away on Kane yelling "No!"  However, Kane came right back with a huge clothesline, and then another few on Bryan from corner to corner.  Kane hit his sideslam for a near fall.

Kane continued his momentum and almost got the chokeslam, but Bryan jumped away and out of the ring.  Back in the ring, Bryan made the mistake of slapping Kane in the face.  Kane started to pound away on Bryan in the corner, and then kick away on him.  The ref said he was going to DQ Bryan, so Kane finally stopped.  When he went back, Bryan with a trip move to knock Kane into the bottom corner area.

Bryan went for the No! Lock, but couldn't get it on Kane who flung him away.  Bryan did hit a huge roundhouse kick to knock Kane to the mat.  Another "Yes" chant started up, as Bryan went to the top rope.  He went for a huge headbutt but Kane reached up and grabbed his throat then chokeslammed Bryan down.  Kane was slow to make a cover and instead signaled for another finish.

Bryan got up and Kane went for a Tombstone.  Bryan blocked, countered and rolled up Kane for the surprise win, before scrambling out of the ring and up the ramp.

Kane was incensed as he stormed backstage.  They cut away from Cole and Lawler talking to show Kane throwing t hings around backstage.  Josh Matthews tried for an interview, only to get thrown to the wall as Kane kept looking for Bryan.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via pinfall over Kane.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

Intercontinental Championship

Late in the match, Miz went to the top rope but Mysterio threw him off balance and started a move set.  However,  Miz managed to counter Rey's attempted head scissors throw by Powerbombing him for a near fall.

Later, Miz grabbed Mysterio on his shoulder, but Rey countered for a big DDT and near fall.  Later still, Rey tossed Miz into the ropes for his trademark 619.  Rey sent up top for the diving headbutt, but Miz sat up, then stood up and went for the Skullcrushing Finale.  Rey countered into a surprise near fall.

Moments later, Miz managed to toss Rey over him head first into the corner.  From there he finally hit SKF to get the win and retain his title.

Winner: The Miz wins via pinfall over Rey Mysterio to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

They showed a door with Raw General Manager written on the front.  Eve came out dressed in a purple skirt, with Teddy Long talking about how great a job AJ is doing as the GM.  Eve pretended to agree before they walked off.

CM Punk was shown next and opened the door to go talk to AJ.  Punk brought up how he's in a match where he can lose his title without being pinned.  Punk asked if this was because she got down on one knee and he humiliated her by saying no.  AJ started to stare blankly away almost ignoring him.  Punk said "you're disrespecting me like everyone else," then vowed to win tonight and force everyone to show him some respect.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus
World Heavyweight Championship

Early on, both men traded offense for some near falls.  Sheamus took control after his and started punching away on Del Rio in the corner.  Del Rio made a quick comeback to take it to Sheamus in the corner, but then got picked up for a rolling senton and a near fall from the champ.  Later, Del Rio managed to knock Sheamus to the outside, then went out to try to beat him up more.  Sheamus fought back, only to get shoved into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, ADR kept up the attack on the Celtic Warrior, choking him against the ropes and then putting a headlock on for a bit.  Sheamus stood up to headbutt his way out but got kneed in the gut by Del Rio.  Del Rio started to mock Sheamus yelling "Brogue" and setting up something in the corner.  However, Sheamus avoided it, but then got tossed shoulder-first to the corner.  Del Rio landed a huge move from the corner to further hurt Sheamus' arm.

Moments later, Del Rio looked like he was about to win as he got the cross armbar move on.  However, Sheamus demonstrated sheer power as he stood up holding Del Rio and then slammed him to the mat.  Sheamus followed with White Noise for a near fall.  He managed to get his move on Del Rio through the ropes, beating on his chest.  Moments later, the top turnbuckle cover became undone as Sheamus was beating up Del Rio.  ADR had a near fall moments later.

Ricardo Rodriguez got on the apron to complain and ADR yanked him in the ring in what appeared to be anger.  It looked like Ricardo tried to throw his shoe over for ADR as the ref ushered him out of the ring.  Sheamus grabbed the shoe as the ref was distracted and clocked Del Rio in the head, then hit the Irish Curse for the pin.  During the 3 count, Del Rio got a foot up on the ropes, but the ref didn't see it.  Sheamus knocked Del Rio's foot away so the ref wouldn't see it.

Sheamus left as champion with ADR furious in the ring about the result.  He finally left the ring and went up the ramp saying "he's not a champion, he's not a champion."

Winner: Sheamus wins by pinfall over Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Prime Time Players vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston
WWE Tag Team Championship

During this one, a "Little Jimmy" chant started up which Lawler pointed out.  Late in the match, Kofi dumped Titus out of the ring and then flew over the ropes onto him.  Darren Young tried to steal a schoolboy pin on Truth, but R-Truth kicked out.  Moments later, Truth with the Lil Jimmy for the big pinfall win to retain.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth win via pinfall over THe Prime Time Players to retain the WWE Tag Team championships.

They showed highlights from all of the big events leading up to SummerSlam in Los Angeles.  That included a visit to a children's hospital, Be a Star campaigns, DJ Pauly from Jersey Shore doing his thing at a party, and more.

John Cena vs. Big Show vs. CM Punk
WWE Championship Triple Threat

Michael Cole said CM Punk will surpass previous WWE title reigns of John Cena, JBL and Yokozuna if he lasts one more week.  CM Punk is the 13th longest reign out of 110 all-time champs.  Cole also noted it's been 293 days since Cena's been champion, and tonight he's got a chance to win it for his 11th time.  Lawler said based on the crowd reaction it doesn't seem like he's not getting respect.  Cole noted that Punk hasn't had a main event match in a while on a PPV though.

Big Show dominated early on, tossing Punk and Cena around like rag dolls, and slapping them near the ropes and corner after telling the crowd to shush.  Punk and Cena started to doubleteam Show but then a double suplex from Show took them both back down to the mat.  Cena got tossed to the outside, and Punk managed to ground Show with a kick move, and actually signaled for GTS.  Punk tried to hoist him up with the crowd getting revved up, but Show was too much and then slapped Punk down.  Cena was back in and got Show up for the AA, but Punk rushed over to knock them both down.  Show regained control from there and started beating up Punk.

Moments later, Show had both Cena and Punk lined up in the corner area, then climbed up to the second tunrnbuckle.  Punk managed to roll out of the way, but Cena didn't do it quick enough and Show landed on him.  Punk managed to break up the pinfall with a springboard move where he jumped onto Show's back with both feet.

At one point, Punk slapped the Anaconda Vice on Big Show, and then Cena rushed over to put on the STF.  Show ultimately tapped, but there was confusion over who the winner was.  With the match seeming to have ended in a tie, General Manager AJ Lee came skipping down to the ring.  Punk told her to let the fans decide the winner as they were clearly chanting for him.  AJ told them to restart the match and right after the bell rang, Show hit both guys with a double chokeslam.

Show had a pin on Cena who barely kicked out.  He tried one on Punk who also escaped.  Later still, Cena hit the AA on Show, but Punk managed to toss Cena out of the ring and steal the pinfall to retain.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Big Show to retain the WWE Championship.

They showed stars in the crowd including CNN's Piers Morgan and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, David Arquette, Maria Menounos, and legendary producer Rick Rubin.

They showed a trailer for the new movie, "The Day" in theaters August 29th, rated R.  Cast members from the movie were shown in the audience.

Lilian Garcia introduced Cash Money recording artist Kevin Rudolf to perform the SummerSlam theme song, "Don't Give Up" live.  Most of the WWE divas roster came out on stage to dance to the music.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Right as the bell rang, Lesnar backed Triple H into the corner and started to ram him hard.  He tried to pull HHH's arm back with the Kimora lock, but Triple H countered and brought him down.  Lesnar went for it again, but HHH grabbed the ropes.  Lesnar jumped up straddling HHH's waist and the ref didn't stop it due to HHH's earlier comments.  Moments later, HHH knocked Lesnar out of the ring, surprising Brock.  He came right back in and continued to ram The Game in the corner, until HHH hit a high knee and then clotheslined Lesnar out of the ring.  HHH taunted him about UFC and WWE, enraging Brock more.  Brock got bak in the ring and tossed off his UFC MMA gloves, smirking as he went over and tackled HHH down.

Lesnar hit an illegal shot to the back of HHH's head, then the two battled outside the ring.  Lesnar gained the control of things and slammed HHH onto the commentators table on top of his hurt arm.  Cole noted that move may have given Lesnar the advantage, as he slammed HHH in the ring on that arm again.  Lesnar went for the F5 but HHH countered it.  Still, Lesnar landed a German Suplex to toss HHH across the ring.  Lesnar was beginning to bleed as he smirked about it.  Brock went over and stood on HHH's arm.  The Game rolled out of the ring then yanked Brock against the top rope to gain some control back in the ring.

Triple H hit a huge DDT, but once again, Lesnar went after HHH's arm even more.  Moments later, Lesnar smashed HHH's arm against the steel steps.  Lesnar continued to bring the pain as later he delivered a huge driving fist, jumping from off the commentators tablet to smash down HHH against the crowd barrier.

Later in the match, HHH tried for the Pedigree, but Brock countered and tossed him hard to the corner.  HHH flew over the top and out of the ring to hit the floor.  Outside the ring though, HHH rammed hard into Lesnar's gut.  Later, Lesnar said "Ow my stomach," prompting Cole to bring up how Lesnar's had stomach problems throughout his career.  Cole said it may have given HHH some life.

HHH got in the ring and Lesnar went for the arm lock again, but HHH started kneeing his gut.  A running knee to the gut took down Lesnar.  He got up and continued to clutch his stomach, so HHH kept kneeing away at him.  HHH hit the patented Spinebuster, then got all riled up.  He went for the Pedigree yet again, but Lesnar picked him up to go for an F5.  HHH countered that and this time hit the Pedigree.  Lesnar kicked out of the pinfall though.

Moments later, Lesnar connected on a blatant low blow to take down The Game.  The ref considered calling for a DQ, but Heyman yelled "he wanted to fight!"  Scott Armstrong checked on HHH and asked if he ws ok, then continued the match.  Moments later, Lesnar conneced on the F5, and had a big near fall on The Game.  Heyman questioned "what does it take" from the ringside area.

Lesnar managed to lock on the Kimora Lock finally and brought HHH down to the mat.  HHH made it to the ropes to break, but due to HHH telling the ref earlier to let them fight, Brock didn't have to break.  Instead, HHH punched away on Brock's midsection to get him to release it.  Triple H with a second Pedigree moments later and crawled over for the pinfall.  Lesnar countered it with the Kimora Lock again, with Cole yelling "he's gonna break his arm."  HHH finally was forced to tap out to the move.  Cole and Lawler questioned whether or not Brock broke Hunter's arm again.  Lesnar walked up the ramp smiling but holding his midsection as Heyman congratulated him.

Winner: Brock Lesnar wins due to submission over Triple H.

Post-match, The Game was still down on the mat, holding his arm limply.  Triple H shoved away a medical staffer, then stood up to a "You tapped out" chante from the crowd.  HHH mouthed "I'm sorry," but got applause and a "Triple H" chant from the fans.  Triple H walked up the ramp, walking over to some fans near the barrier.  He shook a young kid's hand saying "I'm sorry buddy."  He turned and looked again towards the crowd, seeming frustrated.  Michael Cole questioned, "You have to wonder, if this is the end of Triple H."  He gave a wave to the crowd looking upset, then walked towards the back in disbelief over the loss as the PPV ended.

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