Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ryback vs. CM Punk Teased on WWE Raw

An interesting conclusion came to Monday's episode of Raw after CM Punk tried to attack a one-armed John Cena in the ring.  Punk got hit by a lead pipe that Cena had been concealing, causing the champ to flee the ring and leave to the backstage area.  Punk was then shown disgraced and humiliated backstage, and passed by Mick Foley.  He stopped after walking by him, then went back over and kicked Foley down.  As Punk started to walk away, he stopped again, then turned to say something, only to be shocked.  After several moments, Ryback was shown there staring him down.

So what's to come of this latest incident?  Is WWE contemplating a Punk vs. Ryback feud possibly?  It would be a strange one to start up all of a sudden, but with Cena possibly unable to wrestle at Hell in a Cell, some think it could happen.  Most believe that Cena will end up taking on Punk at HIAC, only to lose yet again, further solidifying Punk's lengthy title reign.  The consensus right now seems to be that Punk is going to hold onto the WWE title through 2012 and then lose to Rock at the Royal Rumble.  However, what if WWE throws a major swerve, giving Ryback the title at the Rumble, with Rock defeating Ryback instead?  Ok, maybe not.

So what will happen with Ryback?  He's clearly the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title, but seems more interested in CM Punk right now.  It's always possible these two will meet in a match, where CM Punk leaves the ring, or gets disqualified, keeping Ryback's "streak" in tact.  The WWE has wisely kept Ryback out of matches where fans would expect him to win, such as the Battle Royal for the US Championship match at the last PPV.  However, now he's getting thrust into the scene more and more.  Is Ryback the WWE's next big thing?

WWE clearly needs to do something big with Ryback, but the question is what?  He's rolled through all sorts of mediocre opponents, but recently squashed The Miz.  Maybe he'll decide he doesn't want the title shot from Miz but instead wants the top prize from CM Punk.  This all could make next week's episode of Raw rather interesting.  Ryback isn't known for his mic skills, but does his talking and yelling in the ring.  Will he get "fed" CM Punk, or was that just a simple tease by the WWE?

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