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Raw Results 10/29/12

Raw opened with the still shot images of last night's Ryback vs. CM Punk Hell in a Cell match.  

Punk was introduced and came to the ring limping with his ribs in bandages.  Punk talked about proving everyone wrong who said Ryback was unbeatable.  He said he's defeated every single hero there is during his reign, including Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and John Cena.  He said Ryback isn't part of the conversation.  Punk also brought up the referee getting involved last night and says he wasn't involved in it.  He says that ref, Brad Maddox, was hired by AJ Lee and that's all the people need to know.  Punk also brings up beating Vince McMahon and Triple H before.

Mick Foley's music hit and he arrived out to interrupt.  He talks about how he challenged Punk to do something at Hell in a Cell the last time he talked to him in the ring.  He said Punk blew it last night.  Punk brought up again his reign as champ for 344 days.  Foley challenged Punk to a traditional Survivor Series match, Team Foley vs. Team Punk.  Punk accepted and as he was starting to talk, Ryback's music hit.  He came to the ring, and Punk and Heyman retreated through the crowd.  The crowd did a "Feed Me More" chant with Ryback standing with Foley in the ring.

Ryback defeated JTG via pinfall.  Ryback dominated this much as expected.  He missed a clothesline in the corner, but then connected on a press to slam JTG.  He slammed his head to the mat several times.  In the end, Ryback hit his meathook clothesline and then Shellshocked for the win.

Josh Matthews got into the ring to interview Ryback post-match, asking if he's got an appetite for revenge after last night's incident.  Ryback says "revenge is an admission of pain, and he's not hurting."  He says when he feasts again it will be on Punk.  A "Feed Me Punk" chant starts up.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall.  Barrett focused an attack on Orton's arm during the match.  Orton battled back towards the end with a few clotheslines and a powerslam.  Barrett went to the outside apron, with Orton bringing him back in with the DDT from the ropes.  Orton dropped down to prepare for the RKO, but when he went for it, Barrett blocked and hit Winds of Change for a near fall.  He went for the Souvenir Elbow but Orton ducked it and hit the RKO to win.

Backstage, AJ Lee is shown, with Vickie Guerrero walking in to talk to her.  She says she'll have a chance later to explain her affair with John Cena.  AJ says she didn't have an affair.  Vickie says the WWE Board has asked Vickie to consider hiring AJ back as one of the divas, and Vickie will determine if she's eligible.  AJ says she wants to be a performer again.  Vickie asks AJ her biggest weakness and she says becoming too emotionally attached to her job.  Vickie tells AJ she needs to give her one good reason to give her a contract to come back. Raw goes to commercial.

Team Hell No defeated Prime Time Players via submission in a non-title matchup.  In the late part of this one, Kane went to the top rope and came off with a big clothesline on D-Young.  Titus comes in but Kane sent him to the outside.  Young attacks Kane, but Kane grabs hold of him and hits a chokeslam.  Titus came back in the ring, but Kane grabbed him again and sent him back out of the ring.  Bryan makes a tag to Kane blindly, then comes in and puts the No Lock on Young to win the match.  Post-match, Bryan celebrated the win holding both tag titles.  Kane looked upset by it and makes the ring corners explode with pyro, before yanking his belt away from Bryan and arguing with him a bit.

Vickie Guerrero arrived out to the ring to reveal her evidence that AJ and Cena had an affair.  She calls Cena out to the ring.  She shows footage from three weeks ago in the ring when Cena asked AJ out on a date during one of his in-ring speeches.  Cena says it was just a joke.  She shows AJ and Cena hugging last week, and Cena says he was giving a friend a shoulder to cry on.  She has a photo of Cena and AJ out for dinner, and Cena says that was a business meeting.  He says he had dinner with AJ to discuss his elbow condition.  Finally, Vickie had footage of Cena shown with AJ at a hotel elevator.  AJ enters the elevator and rides up with Cena.  Cena looks worried after the footage, then says AJ was going to confront Vickie, but he convinced her it was a bad decision.  He says he simply walked AJ to her hotel room and that was it.  Vicke suggests AJ allowed Cena to come into her hotel room and more happened.  Vickie started berating AJ over it all, and Cena cut her off to defend AJ.  Dolph Ziggler arrived out.

Dolph says everyone's seen enough to draw their own conclusions.  Cena grabbed Ziggler by the collar, getting right in his face.  He tells him never to mention his name with AJ in the same sentence again.  Cena shoves Ziggler down on the mat and then walks backstage.

Kofi Kingston won due to disqualification of Antonio Cesaro in a non-title matchup.  Late in the match, Kofi fought out of an arm hold by Cearo.  Kofi hit a dropkick to send Antonio out of the ring.  Cesaro yanked him outside, but Kofi hits a huge punch from the steel steps.  Miz gets up from the commentary area to have words with Kofi.  Cesaro attacks Kofi from behind to continue their brawl.  Kofi throws Cesaro across the announce table into Miz.  Kofi tosses Cesaro back in the ring, but as he gets on the apron, Miz yanks him off to attack, causing the DQ.  Post-match, Kofi got double teamed by Cesaro and Miz.  R-Truth ran down to the ring to make a save with Miz escaping.  Truth unloaded on Cesaro and sent him to the outsidee with Miz.  Kofi and Truth stand together in the ring, with Miz and Cesaro on the outside.

After a commercial break, Vickie walks in to talk to AJ again, this time taunting her over a relationship with Cena.  AJ says nothing is going on between them.  Vickie promises she'll put AJ on the divas roster if she admits she cares about Cena.  AJ refuses saying she won't lie to get a job like that.  Vickie says she's hired AJ back.  She tells her if she ever lays a hand on her though, she's done.  She tells her her first match is against Beth Phoenix.  AJ thanks her and leaves.

Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal defeated Zack Ryder and Santino Marella via pinfall.  Late in the match, Santino got control against Slater.  Drew McIntyre ran distraction from the outside.  Santino hit him with the Cobra but was distracted enough that Slater was able to hit his finisher for the win.

They announced that Jerry Lawler will return to Raw in two weeks from now.

AJ Lee defeated Beth Phoenix via pinfall.  Beth tried to bully and intimidate AJ early on, shoving her to the mat and trash talking her.  AJ snapped and started to unload on Beth.  Beth slammed AJ down and then started to kick her around.  Beth took things to the outside and kept beating up AJ.  She brought her back into the ring and had a near fall.  Moments later, AJ managed to roll up Beth for a surprise win.  Post-match, Vickie comes out and says she was expecting more out of AJ.  She has the match restarted.

Beth Phoenix defeated AJ Lee via pinfall.  After the match was restarted, Beth hit a quick Glam Slam to get the pin on AJ.

Sheamus came to the ring to discuss losing at Hell in a Cell.  He says he still has a smile on his face despite the loss.  He admits Big Show was the better man last night.  He says he didn't come to WWE to always win, but to always fight.  He talks about how bad he wants the rematch to happen, saying it will be an all out war, and when it's over, he'll have the title back.  Big Show's music hits to bring out the new champ.

Show comes to the ring gloating and said he thinks Sheamus is hiding, because he knows he gave everything he had last night and came up short.  Show said he did everything he promised to, he walked into HIAC, knocked Sheamus out, and won the title.  Show talked about how he's going to enjoy knocking the smile off Sheamus' face.  He continued to insult and taunt Sheamus calling him a redheaded ginger snap, saying "you can't beat me and you will never take this championship from me."  Sheamus told Show it was a great speech and asked if he's ever seen a ginger snap?  From there, Sheamus dropped the mic and picked up Show for the White Noise slam.  Sheamus left the ring and backed up the ramp smiling as Show stood up glaring at him.

Backstage, Cena talked to AJ telling her to keep her chin up.  He gave her a hug.  Vickie is seen watching from behind a curtain.  AJ walks off and Beth walks up to Vickie to thank her for re-starting her match.  Vickie told her if she had done her job the first time, she wouldn't have had to.  She fired Beth on the spot and walked off.

Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes defeated Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio via pinfall.  In the late part of this one, Cara had a near fall on Sandow.  Cara followed that with some kicks and the big arm drag on Sandow.  He dropkicked Sandow to the outside, with Cody getting into the ring.  Cara sets him up for a 619 for Rey.  Cody slides out of harm's way as Rey comes in.  Things move to the outside, with Cody sending Rey into the steel steps.  Cara hits a corkscrew spinning move out onto Rhodes.  He kicks Sandow in the head, then climbs to the top for a move.  Cara goes for it, but Rhodes pulls Sandow out of the way form the outside.  Sandow follows up with his finisher The End for the win.

Backstage, Mick Foley is showing Kaitlyn the new WWE 13 video game for Xbox 360.  Paul Heyman comes in to taunt him about how he shouldn't be playing video games, but should be choosing superstars for Team Foley at Survivor Series.  Foley says he doesn't have to because they were lining up.  Heyman says they need to be backing him up because he has a target on his back.  He says the target was put onto Foley's back by the reigning WWE Champ CM Punk.  He says Punk's made it his mission to personally victimize Foley at the PPV.  The teams are scheduled to  be revealed later on tonight.

Vince McMahon was up on stage with most of the divas and superstars in street clothes.  Vince introduced Cena who was in the ring with two members of the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Cena talked about their campaign to have fans buy the special WWE gear to help them raise money for the cause.  He said "and you did, oh you did."  Cena presented a big item which was under a cloth, pulling it down to reveal a check for one million dollars.  Dorothy Jones of the Komen foundation was speechless as she said this money will help them work to eradicate breast cancer.  She thanked Cena, the Cenation, Vince McMahon and the WWE Universe.  Cena introduced the true breast cancer survivors in the audience and their families.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Justin Gabriel via submission.  During the match, Del Rio used his strategy of attacking Gabriel's arm, leaving him vulnerable later on.  Towards the end, Gabriel unloaded with kicks on Del Rio, and had a near fall after countering ADR on a move.  Del Rio was able to make a comeback though and landed his kick on Gabriel in the corner, before locking on the cross arm breaker to make Justin tap out.

The main segment had Paul Heyman in the ring to boast about the WWE Champion and WWE 13 cover wrestler, CM Punk.  Punk came to the ring still limping but laughing.  He got in the ring and then they had pyro go off before a huge WWE 13 banner dropped down over the ring.  From there, Heyman introduced all of the members he assembled for Team Punk: The Miz, Teams Rhodes Scholars, and Alberto Del Rio.  They all came to the ring and Punk gave a speech about how at Survivor Series he will teach Mick Foley about respect and how to survive.  That brought out Foley who came to the ring to answer.

Foley asked Punk if he really refers to what happened in the cell as "surviving," and says he calls it "weaseling."  Foley says he has no problem referring to Punk as the WWE champ, but he does have a problem referring to him as a man.  Foley says Punk enlisted a crooked referee to help him weasel out of the cell.  Punk asked Foley to open his good ear and said again he had nothing to do with that referee last night.  Punk told Foley to bring out his team already.  Foley introduced all of his team member: Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Ryback.

Punk said he was impressed with the team, but said the strategy will be to eliminate all of his other team members and then leave Foley for last to teach him a lesson in respect.  Foley said normally he'd be the weak link on the team at Survivor Series, but he won't be competing, he'll be standing ringside to help manage his team.  Instead, this man will be competing…out came Ryback to the ring and a huge brawl started up.  Heyman helped lead Punk up the ramp with Ryback staring out at him from inside the ring.  Meanwhile, Foley's team cleared out Team Punk, leaving Ryback to stare down Punk as he held the championship belt up from the top of the ramp.  A "Feed Me More" chant started up and Ryback leveled Rhodes with his Meat Hook clothesline then stared at Punk some more, before picking up Rhodes to hit Shellshocked.  Ryback's music hit and the "Feed Me More" chant started up some more.

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