Monday, October 29, 2012

Raw Preview 10/29/12

With WWE Hell in a Cell results now in the books, Raw will be an interesting aftermath for the latest Pay-Per-View event.  In the main event, Ryback finally got his hands on the WWE champion, and nearly defeated him for the title.  However, the referee helped Punk cheat to secure the win, hitting a low blow on Ryback which allowed Punk to get the pinfall.  The post-match chaos saw an angry Ryback toss the referee around the ring and out against the cage wall.  Ryback was also able to chase Punk up to the top of the Hell in a Cell cage and hit Shellshocked on him, to get some sort of revenge.  However, he will leave the PPV without the championship belt.  Will Ryback get a rematch on tonight's episode of Raw?

One championship did change hands, and that was the World Heavyweight Championship.  The Big Show was able to hit 2 KO punches on Sheamus at different spots in the match.  After the first one, The Celtic Warrior managed to get out of the pinfall.  However, on the second one, it left Sheamus down for the count.  After the match, Sheamus required medical attention, while Show put the WWE Universe on notice.  He told everyone he'll no longer be viewed as a 45 second champion, and everyone should be afraid of him as the champion.  Will Sheamus get a rematch with Show on Raw or SmackDown?

One other big story continues as the John Cena and AJ "affair scandal" was featured on the live pre-show before Hell in a Cell on Sunday night.  During the show, Cena appeared to discuss the allegations with the fans, or at least answer questions from fans via tout and Twitter.  It was also learned that on tonight's episode of Raw, Vickie Guerrero will have some evidence to present regarding AJ and her "fraternizing" with Cena.  AJ has tweeted that she'll be at Raw to see the evidence herself.  What will Vickie have to present to the WWE Universe, and what will AJ and Cena's reactions be?

Catch the latest episode of WWE Raw beginning at 8PM EST on USA Monday night!

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