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Raw Results 10/15/12

Raw Results from Nashville, TN:

The show opened with video highlights from last week's main event of Punk vs. McMahon, with Punk looking to put Vince away until Ryback arrived to the ring.  Punk escaped, only to be thrown back in by Cena.  Ryback nearly hit his finisher on Punk, who escaped the ring and into the crowd.  Vince got on a mic telling Punk he has a decision to make by next Monday: Ryback or Cena at Hell in a Cell PPV.

Michael Cole welcomed fans to the show, and Jim Ross chimed in, talking about a tweet Punk sent earlier saying he had made his decision on who he'd be facing at Hell in a Cell.  Big Show's music hit to bring him to the ring first.

Show talked about Sheamus and the challenge they had on Smackdown between the Brogue Kick and his KO punch, which he won.  Show said in 2 weeks at HIAC he won't be hitting a machine, he'll be KO-ing Sheamus to become the largest World Heavyweight Champion.  The fans started a "45 seconds" chant on Show, who got angry demanding Daniel Bryan for a match to prove he's better than that.

Backstage, a bunch of superstars including Bryan and Kane were watching the flatscreen, with Truth asking Lil' Jimmy if he just saw that.  Bryan asked everyone what they were looking at.  Bryan said there's no way he's going out there.  AJ came into the scene and told Bryan she thinks Big Show has a great idea.  She told Bryan he called her "quirky and unpredictable" before so he should get out there now.  Kane started laughing in his face and yelled "NO" then Kane responded "YES."  Bryan kept up the "NO" yelling at other superstars and even Lil' Jimmy as the "YES" responses kept coming all the way out to the ring.

Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall.  Bryan made a comeback late in the match with a series of kicks to "YES" chants from the crowd.  He went to the top rope for a big move, but Show caught him in a chokeslam and then pinned Bryan for the "statement" win as Cole said.  Post-match, Show's music played until pyro exploded at the top of the ramp and Kane's music hit.  Kane came to the ring laughing and pointing as Show looked confused.  Kane was outside the ring laughing about Bryan.  Show let out a roar and got his big punch ready for Bryan.  Kane slid into the ring got ready to fight in front of Bryan, so Show left the ring.  Kane shook his head and started to argue with Bryan who was down in the corner.

After video highlights of what happened between Del Rio and Orton on Friday's Smackdown, they announced the two will fight at Hell in a Cell in two weeks.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Brodus Clay via submission.  Clay had the early advantage, but at one point Del Rio wisely snapped his arm against the top rope to soften him up for later.  Clay missed on a big corner move later on, and Del rushed over to deliver his kick to the head.  He followed that with the Cross Armbreaker which had Clay tap out quickly.

Prime Time Players defeated Santino Marella & Zack Ryder via pinfall.  Late in the match, Ryder had momentum after hitting a Broski Boot, but he only got a 2 count pinfall.  Santino came in, with Young taking him down on his knees to the guy move.  Ryder knocks Young out of the ring, but that momentary distraction allows Titus to grab him for a winning powerslam.  Post-match, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal arrived to the ring and beat up Santino and Ryder before tossing them out of the ring.  They announced that they'll be called "3MB."

Punk complained to Heyman backstage about Vince taking away his power to decide about HIAC.  Heyman said he warned him about this last week.  Punk told Heyman to go tell Vince he will fight him again tonight.  He said Vince needs to beat him if he wants to decide who he'll face at HIAC.  Heyman questioned him, but Punk told him "go now!"

Ryback defeated David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall in a 2-on-1 handicap match.  Otunga and Ziggler had been arguing before the match about how Ryback shouldn't be #1 contender for WWE title, but they should be.  AJ came out and told them they could take on the guy they were talking about.  Ziggler bailed on the match, and Ryback got the easy win with the Shellshocked on Otunga.

Backstage, Paul Heyman pitched Punk's challenge for a match to Vince McMahon.  Vince liked the idea but before he shook on it, he changed a detail; it will be Vince vs. Heyman with the stipulation that if Heyman wins, Punk can choose his opponent at HIAC instead of Vince choosing.  Heyman said no, and left the office.  Vince said he loves being himself.

AJ was walking backstage when Matt Striker came up to her.  He said he tried to interview Daniel Bryan and Kane recently but got put into the No Lock and then chokeslammed too.  He said he's not going to go to the Board of Directors, but thinks an apology is in order.  AJ started laughing hysterically.  She composed herself, then agreed and said Striker should ask for one, after his match with Kane.  Striker looked bewildered as AJ walked off.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Gabriel went for the 450 Splash and hit it, but Cesaro turned to the side to cause Gabriel to hit his shoulder.  Gabriel went for the pin, but Cesaro got a foot on the bottom rope.  Gabriel went for a leaping move but Cesaro hit a huge uppercut to drop him, then followed with the Neutralizer to win the match.

Kane defeated Matt Striker via pinfall.  Kane gave Striker a hug early on, but then turned it into a bear hug.  Kane followed with a chokeslam to get the pinfall victory.  Post-match, Kane kneels down near Striker trying to interview him, then yells "I'm the tag team champions," before leaving the ring.

They had a MizTV segment with Kofi Kingston as the guest.  He and Miz got into a war of words with Kofi promising he'd win the IC title at Main Event this week.  Kofi proposed a match between then tonight, and Miz accepted.  Kofi tackled Miz at the end of the segment and started beating him up.

Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett due to disqualification in a non-title match.  During the match, Big Show came out with a steel chair and sat up on the ramp to watch.  Later on, he got involved after Sheamus had the Cloverleaf on Barrett.  Sheamus went for White Noise, but Barrett blocked it.  Show pulled down the top rope causing Sheamus to fall out of the ring, causing a DQ.  Post-match, Sheamus took out Barrett with the Brogue Kick, then tossed Show over the top rope.

Backstage, John Cena talked to Vince McMahon about the doctor's prognosis for him.  He says he's felt better,  but has also felt worse before.  He says he belongs out there in the match with Punk, and if Vince picks him, he'll do what he does.

Eve Torres defeated Layla via pinfall to retain the Divas Championship.  The close saw Eve managed to yank Layla off the corner, causing her to hit the mat hard.  Eve made the pinfall near the ropes.  Layla got a foot on the ropes but the ref missed it and gave the match to Eve.  The commentators reviewed and noted the ref's mistake.

Backstage, Kane and Bryan talked about earlier when Kane was laughing at him losing to Big Show.  Bryan says next week Kane needs to take on Big Show if he thinks it was so funny.

Backstage, Vince had Ryback in his office.  He asked him if he realizes what people are saying about him, that he's "heartless, cold blooded, unstoppable and king of the mountain."  Ryback keeps staring ahead then turns towards Vince and says "Feed Me Punk."

Before the tag match started, "3MB" (Drew, Mahal, Slater) crashed a local bar and got on stage to do some sort of performance.  However, security came over waving a pair of handcuffs at them and forced them to leave the place despite them protesting it.

Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes defeated Epico & Primo via pinfall.  Before the match, Jim Ross and Cole talked about Rey Mysterio having the flu, so the tag team tournament finals will happen on next week's show.  During the match, the action broke down towards the end with Rhodes and Epico winding up on the outside.  Sandow took advantage of Primo being distracted and hit his finisher on him for the win.  Post match, Rhodes helped Sandow do a cartwheel.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz by pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Miz was charging towards Kofi.  Kofi sidestepped it and shoved Miz against the ropes.  As Miz bounced off them, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.  Cole and Ross hyped up how we could see a new Intercontinental Champion on Main Event based on that big win.  WWE staff attended to Miz post-match who was bleeding on the forehead.

Vince McMahon came out for the big decision carrying a black notebook.  The ring was set up with a table covered in a black cloth with 3 mics on it.  Vince said he had the contract in hand and would announce who will be competing at Hell in a Cell.  He introduced CM Punk, the man who will defend his WWE title at HIAC.  Punk arrived out looking upset, with Paul Heyman walking behind him carrying the WWE title.  Punk got in the ring and stared at Vince before talking some trash.  Next, Vince introduced Ryback, a man with an insatiable appetite for competition.  Ryback got in the ring and started at Punk from the other side of the table.  Finally, Vince introduced Cena to a big crowd reaction.

Vince started discussing how he made his decision, but Punk interrupted him calling him an "ego maniac."  Punk blindly signed the contract without knowing his opponent, saying he'll do what he did to Vince McMahon last week.  Punk kept ranting on with Cena finally yelling "Enough!"  He talked about Punk holding the title for 330 days, saying he respects his achievement, but from one man talking to another Punk "needs to shut the hell up."

Vince said they all need to shut up and get this over with, but Cena had more to say.  Cena said he wants nothing more to go to HIAC against CM Punk, but when he looks at Ryback he wonders if he even cares about winning the title.  Cena said he thinks Ryback just wants to "kick someone's ass" and Punk needs his ass kicked.  Cena said Punk will be haunted by 3 words over the next several weeks, "Feed Me More!"  Cena led the crowd in a "Feed Me More" chant as Ryback kept huffing and puffing in the ring.  Ryback walked over and signed the contract, with Vince saying it's official, CM Punk vs. Ryback at Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View.  Cena and Vince left the scene, with Ryback continuing to stare down Punk in the ring.  Another "Feed Me More" chant started up as they came face-to-face.  

Punk started to talk trash at Ryback, then started poking him with a finger.  Ryback allowed it for a few seconds then grabbed Punk and slammed him face first into the table.  As Punk was hunched over, Ryback got the crowd going with a "Feed Me More" chant.  He kicked Punk in the gut, then hit the Shell Shocked on him, to get riled up before Raw ended.

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