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2012 Hell in a Cell Live Online Results

Welcome to live results coverage for the 2012 WWE Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View. The latest edition of WWE's annual event takes place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, October 28th. Among the superstars in action will be Ryback, CM Punk, Sheamus, Big Show, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane and many more!

The Pay-Per-View begins at 8PM EST, although a free live streaming pre-show will be featured online at 7:30PM EST. During this show, the matches will be previewed and interviews will be conducted. John Cena will also appear live on this show to address the WWE Universe regarding recent allegations of his affair with former Raw GM, AJ Lee.

 At 8PM EST, the latest results for the Pay-Per-View matches will be provided below.  One of the big stories of the night will be the "undefeated" Ryback as he takes on CM Punk inside Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship.  Punk is looking to extend his title reign which is approaching a year in length.  Also, Big Show attempts to KO Sheamus for the World Championship, while Dolph Ziggler will be lurking with the Money in the Bank briefcase so he can cash in on someone and become champ.

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Live Hell in a Cell Pre-Show

The special live stream pre-show kicked off at 7:30PM EST on YouTube.  Matt Striker and Scott Stanford were at the commentary table in the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.  They immediately hyped up the main event with plenty of questions to be answered about "respect."  Stanford fed to a video of Raw highlights regarding the AJ Lee scandal with her resigning due to allegations she fraternized with a superstar on the Raw roster.

Striker fed to Michael Cole in the ring who introduced John Cena to come out and talk about the AJ scandal.  Cena was met with a mix of cheers and boos as he rushed to the ring with 23 minutes until the Pay-Per-View.  Cena sat in a folding chair next to Cole for the interview, as Cole talked about Vickie claiming she has proof of the affair that she'll bring to Raw tomorrow night.  Cole brought up tweet and tout questions.  One of which was "are you passing the torch to Ryback?"  Cena said Ryback is a monster and he wants to see what he's doing in the cell tonight.  Another asked Cena to give Ryback advice for going into the Hell in a Cell match against Punk.  Cena talked about Punk claiming he's the best in the world.  Cena told Ryback that brute strength tonight alone won't get it done.  Cena said if anyone can expose a weakness it's CM Punk.  Another question asked Cena if he can beat Ryback in Hell in a Cell.  Cena polled the crowd and got a mixed reaction, then said if Ryback becomes new WWE champion, he wants to be the first to challenge for the title.

Cena received a Tout from Dolph Ziggler who had some insulting remarks, saying he's the only real man left.  Cena threw the chairs out of the ring then told Ziggler to come out and prove he's real, because he'll fight right now.  Ziggler's music hit but Vickie Guerrero came walking out with a loud "Excuse Me!"  Vickie got into the ring and distracted Cena talking about the scandal, which allowed Dolph Ziggler to sneak up from behind and try to attack.  Cena ducked the attack and put him up in the Attitude Adjustment, but Dolph escaped.  Cena knocked him out of the ring to the ramp, with Vickie going out to comfort her wrestler.

Stanford and Striker started to review the other matches ahead for tonight's PPV event including a video package on Big Show vs. Sheamus.  Josh Matthews talked to Sheamus backstage about being an underdog against Big Show.  Sheamus called it the biggest match of his career, and said he's not surprised at being the underdog.

Hell in a Cell PPV Results

The PPV opened with a video package and the narrator starting with "Tonight…is gonna be….Hell."  They showed Big Show vs. Sheamus and talked about how each has their own brand of hell.  Next up, they promoted the Ryback vs. CM Punk Hell in a Cell match.

After they noted that the PPV is presented by the WWE 13 video game, they showed the pyro inside Philips Arena.  Michael Cole welcomed fans to the event in Atlanta, Georgia, as the camera showed off the Hell in a Cell structure hanging above the ring.  He talked about Punk defending later inside the cell against a seemingly unstoppable and unbeatable Ryback.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Del Rio first after ADR drove out in yet another car.  JBL was also on commentary with Cole, along with Jim Ross.  They showed a exclusive from last month with Del Rio attacking Orton after a match and locking a hold on him outside the ring as Booker T and referees intervened.  They showed more footage from 3 weeks ago when Del Rio tried to mock Orton in the ring, but Orton snuck in behind him to attack, beating ADR up outside the ring.  Del Rio escaped and Ricardo ended up getting RKO'd on the announcer's table.

Things started on the outside early, with Orton gaining control, including smashing Del Rio face first on the announce table and then putting JBL's hat back on the commentary table.  Orton kept pounding away on Del Rio in the ring , with Del Rio able to gain an advantage with Orton on the apron.  Ricardo distracted The Viper from ringside, allowing Del Rio to attack Orton and hit his arm against the ring post and apron.  Back in the ring, Del Rio locked onto Orton's arm and hung outside the ring for a 5 count before letting go.  

Del Rio continued to attack the arm, softening Orton up for a finish.  Orton went for a powerslam at one point, but Del Rio avoided it then put the Armbreaker on.  Luckily for Orton, he was close enough to the ropes to break it.  Orton responded with his backbreaker move for a nearfall.  Orton went for the DDT from the middle rope, but Del Rio escaped it, then dropped Orton against the top rope to hurt his arm more.  Del Rio started to taunt by doing Orton's trademark moves, and went for the RKO, but Orton shoved him off, then got the DDT from the ropes.

Later, ADR threw Orton shoulder first to the ring post, but Orton stopped himself short.  He elbowed back as Del Rio charged at him.  Ricardo Rodriguez got up to yank Orton's arm against the ring post.  Del Rio then went for the Cross Armbreaker and locked it in, with Orton grabbing his hand to try to block it.  However, Del Rio broke Orton's hands free and then kept the move on.  Orton shifted his weight and rolled over to pin Del Rio's shoulders down, but ADR kicked out.  Moments later, Del Rio shoved Orton towards the corner and went for his jumping kick move, but Del Rio avoided it, then hit the RKO for a big win.

Winner: Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall.

Backstage, Paul Heyman tried to talk Vickie Guerrero into stopping tonight's CM Punk match against Ryback in HIAC.  Vickie said she's not canceling the match.  Heyman snapped saying Punk isn't afraid of anyone.  Then he told Vickie that AJ got what she deserved and suggested Vickie's doing a good job, so she probably doesn't want to mess things up.  He left Vickie to ponder that.

Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No
WWE Tag Team Titles

Bryan was introduced first, followed by Kane.  Rhodes Scholars came out and said by the end of the night they'll be able to say "We Are the Tag Team Champions."  Cole questioned if it was a smart idea to anger the tag champs before the match, but JBL said it was a good idea to try to get into their heads.

Early on the champs worked to isolate Rhodes, keeping him from a tag to Sandow.  Rhodes managed to eventually get away, tagging Sandow in.  The two worked on Kane to isolate him from Bryan.  Kane managed to get back on track, as he knocked down Sandow after a jump off the ropes.  Bryan made the hot tag in and started to take apart Sandow and Rhodes.  He eventually knocked both down outside the ring and did the suicide dive through the ropes to take down Sandow.  Rhodes distracted Bryan on his attempt to get back in the ring, allowing Sandow to shove him off the apron to the floor.

Bryan managed to finally escape from being isolated by Sandow as he hit a drop toehold in the corner.  Both men tagged their partners in, but Kane got the upperhand on Rhodes, hitting his sidewalk slam for a near fall.  Kane had Rhodes ready for a chokeslam, but Bryan reached over the top rope and tagged in.  He went for a move off the corner and hit it for the pinfall, but Kane yanked him off Rhodes.

Kane and Bryan had an argument on the outside after Bryan went for a flying move off the apron towards Rhodes and kneed Kane instead.  Later in the match, Bryan got hit by Cross Rhodes but Kane got in the ring and hammered on Rhodes to break it up.  A furious Kane started to beat up Rhodes in the corner, with the ref warning Kane to stop.  Since Kane didn't, the ref called for the DQ.  Kane and Bryan kept arguing post-match, with Kane letting his pyro explode in anger from the ring posts.  Bryan yelled at Kane and left him in the ring.  

Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars wins due to disqualification against Team Hell No.  Team Hell No retains the tag team titles.

They had an advertisement for the new "Doomsday Preppers" TV show from National Geographic.

Josh Matthews interviewed The Miz backstage about his rematch with Kofi Kingston.  Miz said with Kofi as the IC champ, the bar has been lowered, and that could lead to society crumbling, making a comparison to the new Doomsday show.  He said civilization could end as they know it.  Miz said he has one secret to prevent Doomsday: continue to be awesome.  He told Matthews to excuse him while he goes and beats Kofi for the title, and saves the world.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
WWE Intercontinental Title

During the match, both stars had back and forth offense, with Miz locking on a submission at one point.    Miz managed to yank Kofi off the corner and hurt his left leg, then later exposed the injured leg by taking his boot off.  He kept favoring his left leg from the earlier injury.  Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise late, but Miz countered and put on Skullcrushing Finale.  Kofi managed to escape and kicked Miz out through the ropes.  Miz got back in the ring and Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere to end the match and retain his title.

Post-match, Striker interviewed Kofi Kingston in the ring.  Kofi said he has to thank Miz for unleashing the wildcat.  Kofi also mentioned his idol is Shawn Michaels, and said he's proud to be the latest Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Team Hell No was backstage arguing about who lost the match or who saved the championships.  Bryan called Kane impossible, then Kane said "No, I'm the tag team champions!" before leaving the locker room.  Bryan softly said, "I'm the tag team champions."

Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro
WWE United States Championship

During this impromptu championship match, both guys traded offense in and out of the ring, with JBL talking up the current US champion, as well as Gabriel's heritage in Capetown, South Africa.  Late in the match, Gabriel went for a huge springboard move off the top rope.  However, Cesaro hit a huge uppercut as Gabriel came at him.  With Gabriel knocked out, Cesaro tossed him back into the ring.  From there, he hit the Neutralizer finisher and collected the pinfall.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro wins via pinfall over Justin Gabriel to retain the United States Championship.

A video package was shown to showcase how "unstoppable" Ryback has been during his undefeated streak in WWE.  He was shown beating various opponents with "Feed Me More" and "Finish Him" featured as his catchphrases with the crowd chanting "Feed Me More" at various spots.

Vickie Guerrero was speaking to a guy backstage about what special items to get for her office.  Paul Heyman came up to her again, saying the WWE champion is so happy that Heyman could kiss her.  Heyman talked about how proud he is of her canceling the main event match, and said he and Punk are going to catch a flight to Chicago.  Vickie asked who told him the match was canceled, because it's still on.  She told Heyman if he has a problem with that, he knows where to go.  Heyman gave her a look and walked away.

Michael Cole thanked Fozzy for the song "Sandpaper," the official theme song for Hell in a Cell PPV.

Cole talked about Lilian Garcia who was in a recent car accident, wishing her the best to get well soon.  He said fans can get more details at website.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Players

Another impromptu match for the Pay-Per-View came up.  Michael Cole said there was breaking news for Raw tomorrow.  Cole talked about how Vickie will present evidence on Raw of AJ's affair with Cena.  Cole said AJ Lee will show up at Raw to check out Vickie's "evidence" in Charlotte, NC.

Mysterio went for an early 619 on D-Young, but Young escaped from the ropes and slammed Rey down, before tagging in Titus O'Neil.  Titus beat up Rey a bit, before Young tagged in to help with a double team takedown.  Titus kept taunting fans, yelling "cheer for him now!"  Rey managed to fight off Young and Titus enough to crawl under O'Neil's legs and then tag in Sin Cara.  Cara took down Titus with a flurry of offense.  Titus tried to throw him over the ropes, but Cara landed on the apron, kicked Young and then kicked Titus as he came at him near the ropes.  

Moments later, O'Neil stopped Cara on a move off the ropes and slammed him into the corner of the ring.  Young and Titus started to isolate Sin Cara for a majority of the match.  Titus kept working on Sin Cara, taunting him to "speak English."  Rey tried to rally his partner by getting the crowd to chant for him, but the PTP's kept beating up Cara more.  Titus went for a football player style rushing move at Cara in the corner, but Cara moved out of the way.  Moments later, he countered Titus on a move, and eventually made the hot tag to Rey.

Rey came in on fire, taking it to D-Young with a variety of fast paced and high-flying moves including a Tilt-a-whirl DDT.  Sin Cara managed to take out Titus on the outside.  Meanwhile, D-Young got Rey up on his shoulders for the finisher, but Rey flipped out and sent Young into the ropes for a 619.  He followed up with the diving splash move off the corner for the win.

Post-match, Sin Cara was still down on the outside of the ring with trainers and medical staff checking on him.  The commentators said it was a potential neck injury.  Cara got back in the ring with Rey who hugged him and the two raised their arms up.  They showed a replay of how Cara landed bad on his head when he did a flip over Titus and brought him to the mat.  However, he was still able to celebrate the win with Rey, getting up on the ring corner to pose.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara win via pinfall over The Prime Time Players.

They showed a video package to showcase Sheamus as the World Heavyweight Champion, and Big Show as the toughest and biggest challenger he's faced yet.

Big Show vs. Sheamus
WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Big Show had an early advantage, beating up on Sheamus in the corner.  JBL talked about how everyone Big Show has touched, he's knocked out.  Dolph Ziggler was shown watching the match on a flatscreen monitor backstage with his briefcase in hand.  Show kept beating up on the champion, but took too long preparing some chest slaps and Sheamus started to fight back.  Moments later, Sheamus clipped Show in the leg to take him down.  Show went to the outside to recover as the ref counted him out for a bit.  Back in the ring, Show fought off Sheamus as he charged at him and managed to toss him to the outside.

Show continued to dominate, beating Sheamus around the ring like a rag doll.  JBL talked about how all you can do in the ring against Show is "survive."  Show yelled at the champ to get up near the ropes then punched him down again.  JBL said at some point Sheamus is going to get tired of being beat on.  Later on, Show tossed Show over the announce table, with Cole and JBL clearing out of the way, but Sheamus' leg hitting JR.  JR appeared OK afterwords as Show brought Sheamus back in the ring.

Show took down Sheamus with an elbow drop to try a pinfall.  Sheamus managed to kick out though.  Later on, Sheamus did his battering ram move over the ropes from the apron to take down Show.  Sheamus began punching away on Show only to get booted down to the mat for another near fall.  Sheamus seemed worn down as Show kept beating him up in the ring, simply shoving him to the mat.  Sheamus got up and started to fight back, punching away again.  Show put him into a bear hug.  Show went down to a knee as Sheamus tried to withstand the hold.  The champ fought out with Show slamming him down to the mat and then hitting a splash off the corner for the near fall.

Show went for the chokeslam, but Sheamus countered with a DDT on him.  The Celtic Warrior had a pinfall, but Show tossed him off causing Sheamus to fall to the outside of the ring.  However, as Sheamus got on the apron he grabbed Show's head and yanked him neck first against the ropes to gain control.  Moments later, Show grabbed Sheamus around the neck on the top rope for a chokeslam.  Show managed to grab the champ and hit that chokeslam just moments after with Sheamus barely kicking out.  Show put on the Colossal Clutch submission, but Sheamus got out of that and started some offense.  Sheamus tried for the Clover Leaf and had Show's shoulders pinned for a 2 count before Show kicked him out of the ring.

Sheamus managed to start a comeback, hitting White Noise to the crowd's surprise for a near fall.  Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Show grabbed his leg to block it.  Show immediately hit his KO punch and Sheamus hit the mat.  Show with the pinfall and Sheamus barely kicked out of it to everyone's surprise.  Show prepared for another KO punch as Sheamus pulled himself up near the ropes.  Sheamus ducked the punch attempt and hit the Brogue Kick.  He pinned Show with Show able to kick out at the last moment.

Sheamus set up for Brogue Kick again as Show got up near the corner across the ring.  He rushed over for the Brogue Kick, but Show sidestepped it and hit another KO punch to get the pinfall for the  championship win.

Post-match, Sheamus was helped up the ramp by officials as he held his jaw. 

Winner: The Big Show won via pinfall over Sheamus to become new World Heavyweight Champion.

 Booker T was shown watching the conclusion of the match backstage.  Eve came in with her championship to talk about her match.  Booker said he couldn't right now and had to go check on Sheamus.  Teddy Long came into the scene saying Eve has tried to make him look bad but he got his revenge, because now Kaitlyn and Layla get their revenge after she screwed them out of the divas championship.

Zack Ryder came in dressed as a witch and said he was dressed up as Eve.  He and Teddy made a joke about Eve being a witch.  Santino came in dressed up as Lady Gaga and did some song and dance to mock her.

Vince McMahon was shown on the phone backstage talking to someone about the Big Show win in the previous match.  CM Punk came up to Vince asking him to call off the title match later on.  Vince questioned if Punk's afraid or fearful of Ryback, but Punk shook his head and said no.  Vince suggested that Punk go out and prove to everyone that he's the best there is by defeating Ryback to retain the title.

Kaitlyn vs. Layla vs. Eve
WWE Divas Title Triple Threat

Late in the match, Kaitlyn hit a move on Layla, but Eve stole the pinfall to retain her championship.

Winner: Eve Torres wins via pinfall over Layla to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Josh Matthews interviewed Big Show backstage.  Show said no more 45 second championship reign.  He said everyone's worst nightmare has come true and he dares anyone in the locker room to come try to take it form him.

Backstage, a doctor was checking on Sheamus, flashing lights into his eyes. Striker was standing by saying they'd have an update as soon as they know more about Sheamus' medical condition.

Cole announced Survivor Series is Sunday November 18th at Indianapolis, IN.

Ryback vs. CM Punk
WWE Championship in HIAC

The Hell in a Cell structure lowered around the ring.  CM Punk arrived out first with Paul Heyman wishing him good luck as he got inside the cell.  Ryback made his entrance.  Punk went over to the side of the cage wall to talk with Heyman as Ryback got into the cell.

Justin Roberts introduced Punk first, and then Ryback.  Ryback started up a "Feed Me More" chant with the crowd.  A referee padlocked the cage door shut for the match to begin.  JR said the match must end by pin or submission only.  As the bell rang, Punk cowered around the outside of the ring before coming up the steel steps and sliding into the ring.  He eluded Ryback's grasp then slid out of the ring towards Heyman.  Paul told Punk, "I believe in you, best in the world!"

Ryback finally got his hands on Punk and kicked him down with a big boot.  He did a huge power bomb slam, then slammed Punk multiple times against the mat before throwing him hard into the corner.  Ryback went for a charging move in the corner, but Punk got a boot up.  Punk tried for a DDT from the corner, but Ryback threw him to the mat, then clotheslined him over the rope to the cage wall.

On the outside, Ryback tossed Punk wall to wall.  Punk crawled under the ring to hide though.  Heyman started to taunt Ryback telling him Punk is the best in the world.  Ryback lifted the ring apron cover to get Punk, only to get sprayed in the face by a fire extinguisher.  Punk used that to wage an attack on Ryback and went for a steel chair.  Ryback kicked him down and threw the chair aside, then pressed Punk over the ropes.  In the ring, he pressed Punk up again and let him drop to the mat.

Punk finally got some momentum and managed to hit a move from the corner ropes.  He hit a double axe handle to Ryback's skull, then went to the corner again for another and got Ryback to one knee.  He went for a third and Ryback caught him in a bear hug, before slamming him against the corner.  Moments later, Punk managed to land a lariat kick after going against the ropes.  With Ryback on the outside, Punk flew through the ropes into Ryback against the cage wall, but Punk seemed to hurt his own shoulder more.  He used a chair on Ryback, then did a neck breaker on the floor.

Ryback tried to rush at Punk on the outside, but ended up hitting shoulder first into the steel steps.  In the ring, Punk seemed to gain confidence and momentum, doing his running knee on Ryback, and then a bulldog, before hitting a flying elbow off the corner.  Punk went under the ring and grabbed a kendo stick for more punishment.  Punk kept smashing the stick against Ryback, but Ryback got revved up from it, grabbing the stick and throwing it out of the ring.  He hit a combo of moves including a big backdrop.  The crowd started up a "Feed Me More" chant as Ryback went for the big clothesline and hit it.

Ryback yelled out "Finish It" and went for Shellshocked.  He got Punk up in the move and was ready to hit it, but the ref started to motion to Ryback to pause him from doing the move.  Then out of nowhere, the ref went down and hit a low blow on Ryback, causing him to fall to the mat.  Punk got the pinfall which the ref counted fast, giving him the win to retain.

Post-match, Ryback completely lost it as Heyman yelled at refs to unlock the cage door for him and the crooked ref.  Ryback managed to come over and grabbed both guys, after Punk hid behind the ref.  Punk got thrown hard against the cage wall.  The ref, who looked like the same one that got yelled at by Punk and Heyman on Raw weeks ago, got completely destroyed as Ryback threw him out of the ring against the wall.  Heyman tried to yank Punk out through the cage door, but Ryback went over and put a foot on Punk's back.  Heyman took off up the ramp and went backstage to get out of harm's way.

Punk rushed over and jumped onto the outside cage wall and started to climb up to escape Ryback.  Ryback gave chase climbing up as well, and eventually got a hold of Punk up there to hit Shellshocked on him for the crowd.  The PPV ended with Ryback pulling down his wrestling gear chest straps and raising his arms up as his music played.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Ryback to retain the WWE Championship.

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