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Smackdown Results 10/26/12

Smackdown Results from Providence, RI:

Smackdown opened with Rand Orton coming to the ring.  Orton starts a promo on the mic saying Del Rio picked the wrong superstar to mess with on Sunday.  Orton promises Del Rio "the beating of his life" at the PPV.  Del Rio's music hits and he comes out to interrupt.  Del Rio speaks from the stage saying he will show the world why Orton is "not a Viper."  Del Rio acts as if he is ready to get into the ring and fight, but then says he'll do it on his own terms and time, Sunday.  Orton's distracted, allowing Wade Barrett to attack from behind.

Backstage, Del Rio gets approached by Teddy Long with Wade Barrett.  Long says Booker T has ordered Barrett to face Orton later on tonight.

Kane defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall.  Cody had a late dropkick in the match and kicked Kane in the knees, then making him drop to one leg.  Kane managed to fight back and then hit a chokeslam to get the pinfall win.

They showed video footage of the Lumberjack Match on Raw.  Big Show is approached by GM Booker T in the locker room, with Booker asking him to show some professionalism tonight.  Shows says he's proved what he needed to and won't cause trouble tonight.

The Miz defeated Yoshi Tatsu by pinfall.  Late in the match, Yoshi was on a tear hitting a variety of kicks.  He got shut down by The Miz out of nowhere, who hit a DDT, and then followed with Skullcrushing Finale.

They showed the Raw Rebound focusing on Ryback and CM Punk.

Video footage was shown of Paul Heyman giving comments on WWE Main Event regarding CM Punk vs Ryback at HIAC PPV.

They showed footage of Kaitlyn confronting Eve on Raw.

Backstage, Eve Aksana, Kaitlyn and Layla were in Booker's office.  Booker asks who sent the email.  Teddy shows up and says that Eve told Aksana to take out Kaitlyn.  Eve denies it, swearing she had no part of it.  They all start arguing and Booker tells them to quit bickering.  He sets up Eve to defend the divas title at HIAC vs. Layla and Kaitlyn in a Triple Threat.  He also books Eve and Aksana vs. Kaitlyn and Layla for a divas tag tonight.

Wade Barrett defeated Randy Orton via pinfall.  Late in the match, Orton hit a series of moves including several clotheslines and his powerslam.  Wade managed to get his own takedown in for a 2 count.  Orton hits the patented DDT from the ropes, then gets down on the mat to prepare for the RKO.  As Orton gets ready to strike, Del Rio comes walking down the ramp.  The distraction allows Barrett to hit the Souvenir Elbow from behind for the victory.  Post-match, Del Rio got into the ring to beat up on Orton.  Orton ducked a kick from Del Rio and went for the RKO, but Del Rio escaped the ring to flee.

Eve & Aksana defeated Layla & Kaitlyn via pinfall in a divas tag match.  Kaitlyn hit a reverse elbow late in this one.  At one point, all four divas got in the ring to fight at once.  Kaitlyn holds Eve for Layla to hit.  Eve ducks though and Layla hits Kaitlyn in the head.  Eve pins Kaitlyn for the win.

They show the real Raw Rebound featuring the AJ Lee resignation due to some sort of affair with John Cena.

Damien Sandow defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall.  Late in this one, things got intense outside the ring.  Bryan managed to launch himself over the ropes onto Sandow with a diving move.  Cody RHodes got up from his commentary position at the announcers table, then Bryan shoved him.  Sandow attacked Bryan from behind.  Kane gets up from commentary to chase Sandow.  Meanwhile, Rhodes shoved Bryan into the steel ring post.  Back in the ring, Sandow hits his finisher for the win.

The final segment had Josh Matthews in the ring.  He introduced the World Champion Sheamus, and then Big Show.  Security is in the ring and forms a line in the middle of the ring to keep the two competitors apart.  Show talks about how his KO Punch is more devastating than the Brogue Kick.  Show has footage shown of Sheamus trying to Brogue Kick him on Raw and getting shoved out of the ring.  Show says Sheamus got his boot to chest level.  He says he's a giant and Sheamus can't kick him in the head.

Sheamus responds saying he started salivating when Show became the #1 contender, because Show's a legend, but he's ready for the challenge.  Show acts like he's scared.  Sheamus says he'll choke Show down to size if he has to and hit him with as many Brogue Kicks as needed to win.  Sheamus says the time for fighting is now, and jumps Show across the security line.  They clear out all the security guards.  Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Show ducks it and exits the ring.  They staredown to finish Smackdown.

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