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Raw Results 11/26/12

Raw Results from Lafayette, LA:

The show opened with Ryback making his way to the ring for the opening match.  Before that, they showed a video about the AJ and John Cena scandal, as well as Ryback, CM Punk and the 3 attackers: Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.

Ryback defeated Titus O'Neil via pinfall.  Late in the match, Ryback threw O'Neil into Young who was up on the apron.  From there Ryback slammed Titus, then hit the Meat-hook clothesline.  He followed with Shell Shocked to get the pin.  Post-match, Ryback got on the mic talking about CM Punk and the 3 attackers.  He said he'll stand there all night until he gets what he wants.

After break, Ryback was still in the ring as security came down.  He tossed one guy out of the ring who went towards him.  Ryback begins to face off with the others, but Vickie comes out.  She says he cannot put his hands on security.  She is about to say she has no choice but to - Ryback interrupts saying he wants CM Punk at TLC in a Tables, Ladders, Chairs match.  Vickie agrees to it, but says Ryback must leave the ring.  He scares the security guards off and drops the mic before leaving.

They showed footage from earlier today with Rosa Mendes confronting Hornswoggle over spraying her with water last week on Raw.  Alberto Del Rio came up and made fun of Hornswoggle, then said he'd be more than happy to give Rosa revenge.  Great Khali came up and told Del Rio to leave his family alone.  Del Rio backed away, and Khali walked off with Hornswoggle.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Great Khali by submission.  Late in the match, Hornswoggle bit Ricardo Del Rio's behind and the two ran off.  Del Rio took advantage of the distraction and put the armbreaker submission on Khali to make him tap.  Rosa was shown cheering backstage.

Paul Heyman and CM Punk complained to Vickie backstage about booking Punk in another title match with Ryback.  She says it's because of what happened at Survivor Series.  Punk says he has nothing to do with the three guys who attacked Ryback.  Vickie then tells him he'll face whoever wins tonight's fan poll: Kane or Daniel Bryan.

Michael Cole interviewed Dean Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns in an earlier taped segment.  They talk about how they did what they did to right wrongs, they called themselves "The Shield."  They said it was unfair that Punk had to defend his title, and they would have done the same thing if it had been Cena or Ryback in that spot.  They say they aren't nWo or Nexus, but The Shield.  Cole starts to ask something but Reigns tells him the interview is over, and they walk off.

They showed another vignette for Fandango.

Tamina Snuka defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall.  Before the match they showed an earlier video of Tamina saying this match will be a warning to AJ not to mess with Vickie again.  Late in the match, Tamina hit a big clothesline and then a Samoan Drop, followed by the Superfly Splash to win.

They had a segment with John Cena coming to the ring to talk about what happened with him and AJ last week.  Cena was interrupted by Vickie who comes out saying she has a gift for Cena and AJ.  It's matching bath robes.  She says Cena and AJ's world is about to come crashing down.  She talks about all of AJ's crazy moments as GM in the past.  AJ comes out to interrupt.

AJ says she has had issues in the past but is learning from her mistakes to become better.  She says she can date whoever she wants now that she isn't the Raw GM.  AJ shows Vickie things she can do now like touching Cena, or smacking him on the backside.  She goes to kiss Cena, but Vickie interrupts and they get into a war of words.  Dolph Ziggler comes out.

Ziggler talks from the ramp about how the real story last week was him tackling Cena through a bathroom wall.  He says Cena hit him with a cheapshot on Smackdown, and he realized why.  He said when AJ kissed Cena in the ring last week, the whole time she was thinking about Ziggler.  Cena says that's funny, and goes to fight with Ziggler but Vickie intervenes.  She says they can settle it in a match later on.

Kofi Kingston won via pinfall over Tensai in a non-title match.  Wade Barrett was on commentary during this one.  Late in the match, Tensai blocked Trouble in Paradise.  He blocked a kick from Kofi in the corner, then hit an elbow drop on him for a near fall.  Tensai tried for a splash from the second rope with Kofi moving away.  Kofi kicked Tensai in the head, then did a springboard crossbody to get the pinfall win.

Post-match, Barrett snatched the IC title belt and b rings it into the ring.  He hands it over to Kofi then walks out of the ring and backstage.  Kofi stands in the ring looking puzzled.  They hype up how these two meet at TLC PPV for the title.

Backstage, Kane and Bryan were arguing over who will win the fan's vote to face Punk.  Kane eventually grabs Bryan around the throat, but Josh Matthews comes in.  He reveals the results that Kane has won the poll with 58% vote.  He says Bryan will face Rey Mysterio next.

Rey Mysterio defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall.  Late in the match, Bryan goes for the No Lock, but Rey gets to the ropes to break it up.  Bryan kicked Rey multiple times and tried another submission, but Rey escaped.  He catapulted Bryan into the ropes and hit 619 around the ringpost area.  From there, Rey hit the diving splash to get the win.

Backstage, Del Rio was shown with Ricardo Rodriguez.  Rosa Mendes walks up and thanks Del Rio for beating Khali earlier.  He tells her whatever she needs, winks at her, and then walks off.

Josh Matthews interviewed Dolph Ziggler.  He said he can't wait to see the look on AJ's face when he beats up her boyfriend tonight.

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  Late in the match, Ziggler tried to remove one of the turnbuckle covers, but AJ ran down to the ring area to stop him.  They begin arguing as Vickie comes down to the ring.  She grabs AJ off the apron and they argue.  Meanwhile, the ref is distracted trying to get Vickie to leave the ring area.  Dolph tries to hit Cena with the MITB briefcase, but Cena ducked it and hit the AA to get the win.

Post-match, AJ gets in the ring.  Cena celebrates on the ring corners, but then turns around to AJ smiling at him.  AJ makes out with Cena in the middle of the ring.  The two raise each others hands up and take a bow to the crowd, then leave the ring together to go backstage.

Sheamus defeated Antonio Cesaro due to countout.  Late in the match, Cesaro went for his Neutralizer move with Sheamus countering.  He then hit a Brogue Kick which sent Cesaro out of the ring.  The ref started counting out Cesaro and Big Show came out to the ramp with a steel chair.  Big Show started to walk backstage, but Sheamus grabbed a mic and dared Show to use it.  He said at TLC he's going to retire him.  Sheamus keeps on talking on the mic, angering Show.  Show destroys the chair before going backstage.

Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall.  Late in this one, Ryder had control and went for a Broski Boot.  Sandow rolled to the outside to avoid it.  Ryder goes out and hits him then brings Sandow back into the ring.  He goes to the top rope for a move but Sandow gets up to knock Ryder off balance to the mat.  From there, Sandow hit his neckbreaker to finish Ryder.

Backstage, Josh Matthews gets comments from Paul Heyman, who notes that Punk has passed Randy Savage on the all-time WWE Champion reign list.

CM Punk defeated Kane via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Kane had control and hit a chokeslam.  He went for the winning pin, but Heyman put Punk's foot on the bottom rope.  Kane went for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Heyman screams from ringside.  Punk slid out of the move, just as Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose are shown in the crowd.  Punk hits the GTS to get the win.

Post-match, The Shield attacked Kane in the ring with Punk back into a corner.  Punk snuck out of he ring as D-Bryan rushed to the ring to try to make the save of Kane.  The Shield beat up Bryan sending him to the outside so they could keep attacking Kane.  Ryback's music hit and he came out as Punk ran off through the crowd.  Ryback hit the ring with The Shield attacking him.  He fights back, powerbombing Rollins and then hitting a big clothesline on Ambrose and Reigns.  Punk then rushes in to attack Ryback from behind.  Ryback fights him off and goes to Powerbomb Punk, but gets speared by Reigns.  The three Shield guys start beating on Ryback again and eventually hit a triple powerbomb on him.  Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose stood over Ryback then look over at Punk.  They leave through the crowd, as Punk gets into the ring and poses over Ryback.  Raw closes with Punk standing tall.

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