Monday, November 12, 2012

Raw Preview 11/12/12

Tonight's episode of Raw will bring plenty of big matches and new devolpments to the WWE Universe. For one, Brad Maddox, the referee who wanted to make a name for himself by screwing over Ryback at the WWE title match for Hell in a Cell, will be competing.  He'll be trying to win a $1 million WWE contract personally signed by Mr. McMahon.  However, he'll be up against tough odds as he'll be competing against none other than the guy he screwed over - Ryback!  Will Maddox be able to find a way to win the match and get a WWE contract, or will Ryback get revenge once again?

Also on tonight's show, there are several big developments to keep an eye on.  Vickie Guerrero has promised to reveal even more evidence to implicate AJ Lee and John Cena in the affair scandal.  Last week she revealed camera footage from the hotel that Cena and AJ were apparently staying at.  Cena said in their defense that it was footage from separate cameras and the two didn't go into one another's hotel rooms.  However, now Vickie has even more evidence to try to prove her case.  What's next from the supervising manager of Raw, and will Cena or AJ have proof against it?

With Survivor Series on the way, Team Ziggler has been formed as CM Punk has to defend his title at the PPV in a Triple Threat against John Cena and Ryback.  The opposing team, captained by Mick Foley, is still in need of a final member, now that Ryback has been assigned to the WWE title match.  Who will get this major spot?  Also, with Ryback and Cena teaming up last week, the two ended up face-to-face in the ring to end the show.  Will there be a showdown between these two on tonight's episode?

And finally, tonight marks a huge return for one WWE legend.  Jerry "The King" Lawler will make his return to WWE Raw for tonight's episode.  It all starts at 8PM EST on USA for the latest live episode of Monday Night Raw!

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