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Smackdown Results 11/9/12

Smackdown Results from Birmingham, England:

The show started with a video package about the big news from Raw about Survivor Series which would be covered during Smackdkown.  Also, tonight's main event will feature Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Michael Cole introduced Sheamus, who came to the ring looking upset.  Cole talked about Sheamus and Regal going to a pub and getting attacked by Big Show.  They showed the footage which was a WWE exclusive.  Sheamus took the mic away to speak about it.

He talked about how Show didn't do a very good job because he's still standing.  He said at Survivor Series it's about winning the title back, but right now it's about kicking Show's ass.  Show appeared up on the big screen and called Sheamus an "ungrateful ginger" and asked him if Regal thinks it was a good idea to fight.  Show threatened to take out Sheamus permanently, but Sheamus called him scared.  Show said Sheamus has nothing to offer him.  Sheamus called out Show, but instead Wade Brrett came to the ring.  Sheamus told Barrett he's tired of talking and ready to fight.  Barrett dropped his mic and headed to the ring, then stopped halfway down the ramp before heading back up.  Sheamus' music played in the ring to end the segment.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.  Late in the match, Kofi hit the Boom Drop and went for Trouble in Paradise.  Miz countered and went for Skullcrushing Finale, which Kofi countered.  Later, Miz put a single leg Boston Crab on Kofi, but Kofi managed to get to the ropes to break it.  The close saw Miz trying for a suplex off the top rope, but Kofi shoved him off.  Kofi hit a crossbody from the top rope for a winning pinfall.  Post-match, Miz circled inside the ring, then offered a handshake to Kofi.  Kofi punched him in the mouth to knock him down.

The Prime Time Players defeated Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara via pinfall.  Late in this one, Sin Cara hit the enziguiri on Titus O'Neil.  Rey tagged in and fought off Young despite Titus being the legal man.  Titus managed to hit his finisher on Rey for the win.  Post-math, Matt Striker tried to interview Prime Time Players.  They made fun of him and his new moustache, and also shoved him away after asking him to do their dance.

They replayed footage of Vickie's latest evidence against AJ and Cena on Raw.  Vickie sent out a new tweet that she has more evidence for this coming Monday's Raw.

Wade Barrett & Big Show defeated Sheamus & William Regal by pinfall.  Late in this match, Regal took a seated boot kick from Big Show.  Regal managed to fight off Show and Barrett then finally got a tag to Sheamus.  Sheamus knocked Show off his feet then hit a flying shoulder from the top rope.  Barrett got involved as Sheamus set up a Brogue Kick.  Show speared Sheamus and Regal tagged back in, but only to get a KO punch to lose the match to Show.

Del Rio was talking to Ricardo backstage when Striker came up to ask if what happened in the catering area last week is a precursor of things to come this week.  Del Rio denied that.  He brushed off Striker's question about getting RKO'd on Raw, then promised to beat Orton all over the arena tonight.  Rosa Mendes came up to wish Del Rio good luck for later.

They showed footage of Brad Maddox's interview on Raw, with Mr. McMahon setting up a match between him and Ryback.  If Maddox wins he gets a $1 million contract for WWE.

Striker interviewed Randy Orton backstage.  Orton said he's not worried about what Del Rio said, and tonight he'll have to get a little sick and twisted.  He says everyone knows just how sick and twisted he can get.  Orton's music started up as he left the interview, then made his entrance for the main event match.

Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.  Late in this one, Orton rammed Del Rio into a steel chair then prepared for an RKO.  Instead, Del Rio hit the Backstabber on him.  Del Rio had a 2 count there.  A table set up near ringside was Orton's target for a suplex on Del Rio, but Del Rio kicked Orton in the head causing him to crash down through the table.  Del Rio took a pinfall which Orton kicked out of.

Del Rio then got a mic and told Orton to stop trying to be the Apex Predator because he's been replaced, by him.  He told Orton to prepare to tap out.  Del Rio dropped the mic, then put on the cross armbreaker.  Orton grabbed the mic with his free arm and clocked Del Rio on the head to break his hold.  Del Rio recovered as Orton was still suffering the effects of the hold and crashing through the table.  He tossed Orton shoulder first into the ringpost, then Del Rio tried for Orton's DDT move on some steel steps in the ring.  He couldn't get it, so he sent Orton head first into the steps.  Del Rio then when to hit Orton in the head with a chair, but missed.  Orton surprised him with an RKO on the steel steps for the pinfall win.  Smackdown closed after the replay review and Orton having his hand raised in victory.

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